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  1. hidronesia

    Mapito diy questions

    share the readings of ur test please ph: in, out ec in, out
  2. hidronesia

    Mapito diy questions

    @Mavaca if you restart a room.. after flipping the crates ... old top (unused salts) will be at the bottom...and lot of roots will be the new top yes? because old top is full of K what I dont need at the beginning (root making..) I simply "soak" it out ... maybe u and the medium need a day or just some hours... it depends how fast u work and the size of ur project yes?...and of course how much salt was built up ( smaller or bigger plants..lot of leaves or less.. winter or summer all affect how much girls will use from the nutes... If u measure ... you will see EC 3.0 or more:) Please dont follow my writing as a rule.. try to understand WHY I do that. when clones starting to stretch... Im in a hurry.. I have to chop and plant at he same day...with the flushing solution I prepare the top... but I let soak the bottom till the next day. So clones growing and during that time Im "flushing":) it is not a rule it is just common sense....I have to deal with the smaller pain in my ass hahha if I have more time between rounds...I add 35% H2O2 800 ml /1000l tank and I put in an Ozone generator to disinfect the room..H2O2 makes O2 and Ozone generator can make more strong.. in this case u must have 48 hour minimum break before planting.. about yara brown and calcinit....AND YOUR YELLOWING LEAVES and BROWN SPOTS...please think a little bit... and write me the reason...and from ur answer I will know...are u a good student or not happy growing hidronesia
  3. hidronesia

    Green Manalishi Searching for the Best CBD Strains

    Im so so happy for you:) you are my proof hahah
  4. hidronesia

    Mapito diy questions

    @Mavaca first u have to understand water absorbed Rockwool Granulate act like sponge... u can mix it with any kind of material to it (some use coco) .... micro beads make it more airy... so the "mapito" will hold less water.... what is essential if u use crates 27 liters or 60 liters like me.. If you would like to know..why we grow in crates instead of pots? Answer is simple... on EURO crates you can walk.... so you dont waste any place in the flowering-room.. hope it helps... happy growing Hidro
  5. hidronesia

    King Hydro(hidronesia)

    @GregShe is more racy than the core cut... 2 big breath from Mao's volcano and I was seriously overdosed.. my body was shaking and vibrating for long enough ..not to suggest any newbie... (for sure they will call the ambulance... because the matrix will collapse around them hahah)
  6. hidronesia

    2018 NAW christmas party

    Happy new year NAW
  7. hidronesia

    The adventures of Captain Redbeard.

    have u got my mail Mr?
  8. hidronesia

    Happy New Year OG'ers

    @Hamme lets try to make everybody happy!! with our buds:) happy growing my friend!!!
  9. hidronesia

    Happy New Year OG'ers

    Happy Happy growing and New Year for all of you!!!!
  10. hidronesia

    Searching for THCV starins

    here is the lab test if anyone is interested in it
  11. hidronesia

    Searching for THCV starins

    Hello guys, If any of u have THCV dominant strain please PM me. I can offer from my CBD line: THC 0,7% CBD 16% I will upload the lab tests soon thanks for ur help!!
  12. hidronesia

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    @Indicalicious woow at week 3? she looks like a keeper!! Wappa Roman Cut.. she is a fast flowering hard hitting indica with frutty flawor and perfect bag appeal.. (but week branches and low resistance against insects) on this pic she got some zoo: (spidermite and thrips:)
  13. hidronesia

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    @Indicalicious haha hope you keep that clone!! 10 years ago around us Serious Seeds had a very good reputation..they BubbleGum and Chronic was No1. but several years of hard breeding.. they lost the potency hahah. so I can imagine that your cross could bring back for them the glory again:)
  14. hidronesia

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    @Sunnyvale Thanks my friend!!! And I have to say that SANFune look 100% perfect:)Indicalicious @Indicalicious your girl looks like my old Chronic clone from Serious Seeds @Trichohisme LTD beautifullll:) gsc forum cut (in the middle smaller one)
  15. hidronesia

    SANta's back !! (xmas giveaway)

    Hey Santero, We wish u Merry Merry Xmass for you and your family! You were the first who helped me when our GrandDaddy got cancer and doctors said we got 2 monthes till the end He is still with us !!!! Thank you for that! I feel my self the luckiest man on Earth to have this hobby and get connected with people because of it. Im soo soo happy you keep the "HD" spirit alive!! karma up! hidro