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  1. i have changed 2 of my HPS rooms to Leds... the production of resin is way faster under the leds but it also means that because I ave also high humidity.... bud rot comes faster in annual weight I think I wont be able to beat HPS
  2. hello El, in closed system the biggest enemy is high humidity, opticlimate has pro4 15.000 water-cooled with inverter it can dehumidify when not cooling and has way bigger capacity than aircos.. also custom dehumidifiers compressors die very fast in growing environment because ideal temperature in flowering room if u give CO2 is over27 Celsius, on this temperature the pressure is too big in the compressor.. you will need some hotbox ( sulfur in it) for sure till you cant manage humidity... and a good fogger!!! full face mask etc... yes I know how you feel yourself in this gear hahah but do think it is the best job on EartH:) ps: around u cant u get some tested clones? karma up hidro
  3. this week I will try to change mapito under led. very bad to loose a good clone but there are 1000s of new ones.. whooo it was 3 years ago ... time is running haha
  4. more red will fasten up resin making and for this you will get for free sooner the bud rot if you cant control climate... hard to say which is the best ratio ( i think strain .. pheno dependent)... but i cant mix the colors on my bars so I paln to quit mapito.. because under led at the first weeks they use much less water... but if I not watering every 3 rd day .. ph is climbing up! do you have the non canna smelling clone yet? happy growing
  5. just seen u can set the color ratio during the grow:) smart!!!
  6. hello Skunk:) with leds you dont need it at all... and dualspectrum dimming also was not efficiant because when you dimmed them you lost the warm colors... it is good to wake up but a big loss if u want to put the girls to bed hahha oh ...with leds you will get rot faster because of the terrific amount of leaves... what you never got under HPS (it is only true for most EU elit clones because they were selected under HPS) Karma up, and happy growing!!
  7. Rhino Happy New Year my friend! this year I will manage to meet again!! keep up the good work!!! karma up!
  8. you can buy free BUT prepare for search if you go outside from the country!!! for sure u will be stopped! swiss custom will look for cash... but they can report for the germans. etc..i always go to the austrian border!! next problem in Switzerland mostly u can order via internet to your home paying with bankcard but if you have a date of visit let me know I will try to help you if it is urgent.. if you can wait.. read my mail:)
  9. RSO has very strong effects from CBD also... make you calm relaxed but focused on body... making sex oil is also good haha
  10. Hello old friend, happy I see you here, yes I keep her it is my highest CBD content strain if you have to heal cancer I make RSO from high THC strain (amnesia) and if patient get Chemotherapy we add RSO pills from CBD strains also I have an AC DC clone lower CBD but higher medical values ( as I heard)
  11. I can share her with anybody who is in need lab test is at the bottom of the page
  12. I have told you... calcinit is N Brown is K Just these.. are not ok for Cannabis I use Yellow +Mg for the first weeks than raise Brown
  13. share the readings of ur test please ph: in, out ec in, out
  14. @Mavaca if you restart a room.. after flipping the crates ... old top (unused salts) will be at the bottom...and lot of roots will be the new top yes? because old top is full of K what I dont need at the beginning (root making..) I simply "soak" it out ... maybe u and the medium need a day or just some hours... it depends how fast u work and the size of ur project yes?...and of course how much salt was built up ( smaller or bigger plants..lot of leaves or less.. winter or summer all affect how much girls will use from the nutes... If u measure ... you will see EC 3.0 or more:) Please dont follow my writing as a rule.. try to understand WHY I do that. when clones starting to stretch... Im in a hurry.. I have to chop and plant at he same day...with the flushing solution I prepare the top... but I let soak the bottom till the next day. So clones growing and during that time Im "flushing":) it is not a rule it is just common sense....I have to deal with the smaller pain in my ass hahha if I have more time between rounds...I add 35% H2O2 800 ml /1000l tank and I put in an Ozone generator to disinfect the room..H2O2 makes O2 and Ozone generator can make more strong.. in this case u must have 48 hour minimum break before planting.. about yara brown and calcinit....AND YOUR YELLOWING LEAVES and BROWN SPOTS...please think a little bit... and write me the reason...and from ur answer I will know...are u a good student or not happy growing hidronesia
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