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  1. hidronesia

    Attic Grow Cherry Gorilla Mapito

    Nice to see you again!!! karam up my friend:)
  2. hidronesia

    Mapito diy questions

    hempy will explain everythig for u better than me:) But read back the topicks and make a try...u will learn much more! and enjoy the learning process,,, be open and brave to change... u will find ur own way soon!
  3. Hope all is well hydro and still growing strong :)

  4. hidronesia

    Mapito diy questions

    granulate bag is 20kg from 1 bag u can fill 8 or 9 crate... it depends how full u press them dry... wet it will collapse a bit. so granulate we dont count by litre... rather weight..2,5 kg/crate or deviding to 8 parts by looking the pressed bag.. everything u put in the mix is only making the medium as wet as dry as u want... (eg.. frequency og waterings) hope u understand more
  5. hidronesia

    Mapito Run : Exodus Cheese Autoflower - GHS

    Hello Mucker4you, I try to be short but infomative.. with autoflowers indoor u cant make faster turnover than photoperiod clones.. if u choose to start from seeds the stupid proof method is planting them into soil ( you can transplant them to mapito.. but never flood up to the soil level) never ever flush mapito with tap water.. IT ACTS LIKE A BIG SPONGE. if u fill it with water...u need to dry it.. to make it possible to hold any nutes (please make a test...if it is wet and u water 1 liter of nutes... all will drain out) (so it is waste of time) ( Esko topic is old... and people can easily missunderstood the reason and process of the flush) If u have to flush because of the high EC.. you should do it with low EC and PH 5.4 ur seedlings stems are purple ...it might be the problem of ph... moisture.. or nutes allways plant well rooted seedlings or clones to the crates till clones or seedlings are small they dont have too much water uptake....so waste of energy and nutes watering a crate. If I will have time I will try to help you more. save this 4 seedlings... water them from top till they dont have roots at the bottom dont put water to the the stem... better around it. BUT If u can get some more clone or fem seed...I would start them in the same tent to practise... wasting 10 weeks with a bad grow is a pain BUT TAKE IT EASY.. AND U WILL LEARN IT!! hidro do u have holes at the bottom of the crates? it is a must!
  6. hidronesia

    King Hydro(hidronesia)

    I m always happy when I see her. nice work Mao! (credits and karma up for Smilystyle also:)
  7. Hey, Hydro, i have posted some pictures of King Hydro soil, i fucking love soil now, hahahhaha

  8. hidronesia

    0,2 thc strains with high cbd

    if u come to austria I can help u!
  9. hidronesia


  10. hidronesia

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    She looks exactly like my amnesia cut:)
  11. hidronesia

    Hamme Hydro's Phototopic

    hey Hamme, for me 1 amnes/crate works fine only problem if u pregrow her this long she will make more leafes than u want. u can cut some big fanleaves out.. she wont mind!!
  12. hidronesia

    Buyer Beware: Hemp Depot Seeds

    @San karma up for helping out Snookster!
  13. hidronesia

    RipT Genetics Perkins Cut BX Seed Run

    hello Shoe, on my experiences cannatonic related strain are likely will be pale green on soil.. try sts to reverse.. I tried CS but for me not possible to spray 2x a day..but STS worked nice.
  14. hidronesia

    Show ur resin stems:)

    Wooow Saxo! @weederstand whats thaaat mutant cristalmaker:) beautiful !!
  15. hidronesia

    What is the best AK -47?

    around me there is still an old clone from serious seeds, I will ask for u it is still competitive.. among the "new" super hybrids..if they say it worth I will take with me for.