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  1. SiCKNeSs

    Argos office a work in progress

    You can find them in amazon, target... the blue or purple ones looks cool. Greetings SiCKNeSs.
  2. SiCKNeSs

    Hamme Hydro's Phototopic

    Yes but controlled by mafias and criminal organizations and this isn't good because it harms the self cultivation. Greetings SiCKNeSs.
  3. SiCKNeSs

    pretty projects in progress

    Try with something like neudorff spruzit or other natural pyrethrin and kill those bugs. Greetings SiCKNeSs.
  4. SiCKNeSs

    Howdy OGrĀ“s :D

    Welcome to OpenGrow ZenShade! Greetings SiCKNeSs
  5. SiCKNeSs

    pretty projects in progress

    Easy solution, you should cut the big plants and try to kill the bugs with a treatment for the clones. You can also put sticky yellow traps! Greetings SiCKNeSs.
  6. SiCKNeSs

    pretty projects in progress

  7. SiCKNeSs

    pretty projects in progress

    What do you want buds or seeds? The rot is a big problem... Take a scissors and don't think more! Greetings SiCKNeSs.
  8. SiCKNeSs

    Epicgenetic searching the truth

    I have never tasted the bhut jolokia pepper... I'm satisfied with the caribbean red and habaneros Greetings SiCKNeSs.
  9. SiCKNeSs

    Epicgenetic searching the truth

    I didn't know that plant but it seems very interesting Greetings SiCKNeSs.
  10. SiCKNeSs

    Epicgenetic searching the truth

    Indicalicious on right side, what kind of plant is that? Greetings SiCKNeSs.
  11. SiCKNeSs

    Hello Again Opengrow

    Welcome back! Greetings SiCKNeSs
  12. SiCKNeSs

    What is this bug?

    Do you have pyrethrins or a safe insecticide? Those bugs reproduce very fast, try to eliminate them as soon as possible! Greetings SiCKNeSs.
  13. SiCKNeSs

    What is this bug?

    That looks like an aphid, you should check the back of the leaves. Greetings SiCKNeSs.
  14. SiCKNeSs

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    Who did that? Is he a member of this forum? If you don't want to say his name send me a pm. Greetings SiCKNeSs.
  15. SiCKNeSs

    email notification disable

    Try this, go to Account Settings and click on Notification Settings and check what options are enabled. For pm go to Messages and pushing the Option button and clicking on Turn notifications off. Greetings SiCKNeSs.