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  1. Welcome to OpenGrow Sky420 Greetings SiCKNeSs
  2. Shrooms I haven't grown them for a long time and I don't know the current suppliers but you should look for the PES Amazonian! They are easy to grow and really strong compared with other shrooms that are for kids. Greetings SiCKNeSs.
  3. Basil is also good against bugs Greetings SiCKNeSs.
  4. What's the other plant? It seems like a salad vegetable. Greetings SiCKNeSs.
  5. Very nice colas oldschool! Greetings SiCKNeSs.
  6. The sir of fire is back! Greetings SiCKNeSs.
  7. Toker, people aren't the problem, the problem are the politics and their stupid egos that poison at people with terrible lies. By the way the more famous forum members are germans Weed and politics... bad mix! Greetings SiCKNeSs.
  8. Welcome to OG Zeus! Greetings SiCkNeSs
  9. Welcome to OG Spunk! Greetings SiCKNeSs
  10. Welcome to OG madkevin! Greetings SiCKNeSs
  11. SiCKNeSs


    Welcome to OG Ceebee! Gretings SiCKNeSs
  12. Welcome to OG Mimmi! Greetings SiCKNeSs
  13. Welcome to Open Grow! Greetings SiCKNeSs
  14. Yes, leaves fried by the sun that's very usual here. I know this symptoms very well Greetings SiCKNeSs.
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