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  1. Welcome to Open Grow! Greetings SiCKNeSs
  2. Yes, leaves fried by the sun that's very usual here. I know this symptoms very well Greetings SiCKNeSs.
  3. Yes, now he sell that seeds at tropical seeds company. Greetings SiCKNeSs.
  4. I don't know but all plants are good for compost! Greetings SiCKNeSs.
  5. Welcome to OpenGrow! Greetings SiCKNeSs
  6. SiCKNeSs

    New toy

    Yes Greetings SiCKNeSs.
  7. They've very good genetics with a lot of growth vigor, very sturdy plants 100% recommended, their boss og is a fucking yield monster! For me dark heart is a win horse. Greetings SiCKNeSs.
  8. Welcome back! Greetings SiCKNeSs.
  9. Welcome to OpenGrow! Greetings SiCKNeSs
  10. Welcome to OpenGrow! Greetings SICKNeSs
  11. Welcome back! Greetings SiCKNeSs
  12. Hi SmokyHH! Welcome to OpenGrow Greetings SiCKNeSs.
  13. Welcome to OpenGrow! Greetings SiCKNeSs
  14. Welcome to OpenGrow! Greetings SiCKNeSs
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