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  1. Thanks a lot for taking the time to reply with all that info Feroce, it's really appreciated!
  2. Thanks man It sucks that we don't get Promix HP here, there doesn't appear to be anything similar either. Why do you PH your water to 6.0? I've always PH'd mine to 7.0 for soil.
  3. Scopse

    Back on Track

    Dude! Either you've got some sick ass photography skills or that is one beautiful momma! Or maybe both!? Do you know who was the breeder of the mother for your HK clones?
  4. Hey Rev, what medium were you growing in?
  5. I have only have one word to some up how I'm feeling now La Vie.... Jealousy.
  6. Hey feroce, just wondered if you minded answering a couple of questions regarding your grows? It's your impressive speed of growth that has sold me and I'd love to know what you're doing to get such impressive results. What's your current preferred mix of medium? How big are the pots you use for flower? What are you feeding them with because they look like they're on steroids!? How long are you typically vegging them for? Sorry for asking such noob questions! I'm a out and out soil guy and have fairly respectable results so this seems totally new to me and I've seen someone use Coco before and they totally fucked it up! I'm talking 8 week old plants that are about 6" tall and look totally fucked. If there are any other tips you can give it'd be so appreciated man! Keep up the great work. Peace.
  7. Ok so I looked at those recent pics, then I looked at them again, and then again, and again. Haha! It looks so magenta, beautiful colour! It must be those LEDs!
  8. All I have to say is: WOW! I almost can't believe you got so much from so little power.
  9. Esko! Is there any other way to get more SM fem seeds? (I got some freebees with my order) The 2 I've got are just theeeee most sweet and tasty smelling plants I've ever come across, it smells like an intense lemon lime combination. Not only this but they vegged with super close internode spacing which I'm always fond of and didn't stretch much at all so I haven't had to bother LST'ing them.
  10. Looking impressive! I'm really interested to see your average weight per plant of Kolossus.
  11. Haha thanks Santero! She was one of 10 very easy to grow White Widows by Seedsman, my first ever grow back in 2009 infact. I am sure I will go back and grow WW again, once I have exhausted Sannies and friends seeds, the only problem, there is such a fine selection and always new seeds by these fantastic breeders. My current grow of Hericules, Killing Fields, Kolossus and Santa Maria is blowing me away for real. I feel like I've learnt an exceptional amount from lurking on this forum so I must thank you all for that.
  12. I realised this just after I made the post and saw next to my picture a very meager 11 posts I think I am too much of a lurker, and yes you're right a bit "tender".
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