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  1. I thought this could be deceiving if someone followed a link from somewhere. You only need to have a signature if you choose that option to cover your samen. Good smoke report though, I was salivating just thinking about some nice outdoors.
  2. I can't speak for Bodhi, but a few breeders that I have had good luck with are: Sensi Seeds, DNA, THSeeds, older Nirvana gear, Humboldt Seeds Org... I'm sure I'm missing a few. But one thing is certain, no matter how alluring riot seeds are STAY FAR AWAY! lol I had some of those riot beans given to me kostenlos and I wouldn't run them again no matter what the result.
  3. Grow strong everyone. I learned my lesson on overgrow, see you around.
  4. Having people be cautious is not wrong. YOU took it to this level. I am 100% legal and I invite anyone who questions that to come on over. Because instead of crying like a little girl you could have just let it go. Instead lies and personal attacks abound. This will be my last response to such childishness. Good luck with your commercial interests; you do the people who need this medicine and the movement a great disservice.
  5. I've purchased from so many seed banks I can't remember them all. My honest opinion? Stick with Sannie and the brreeders here. I know there are alot of strains on the Badittude but the vast majority...I'm not sure they're even f1 lol. I've had so many crazy results that even 10 free beans couldn't sway me to buy again. Did anyone buy from *someone I won't name* during their holiday sale? A freebie 10 pack with every order. Figured I'd get 2 packs and 2 freebies, well that's 30 beans; guess how many popped? GOOSE EGG, not a damn one. You're right about them being like kids toys though, it seems every time I buy my daughter a "my little pony" I find myself browsing the selection again. Guess I'll pick up 20 Jacks.
  6. Thank you everyone! I'm excited to be here, gardening truly is therapy, you're right manna. @GreenAngel Sounds like you're speaking from experience. If you have the nightmares then I'm sure you have "the full package". Thank you for your sacrifice and know that if you ever make it to RI you'll have a rack. @Robogro Thanks for the suggestion. I've tried BHO/wax/budder and it was definitely a treat, but I think alot of people making the stuff don't care about CBD content etc so not everything I've tried has been on target. The scene here in RI is out of control. We have no dispensaries, no collectives, and I'd say, roughly 70% of the patients are just cash croppers. Poor genetics, shitty, greedy people and a "me first" attitude are why patients have to pay outrageous prices for subpar medicine. The only thing that is even remotely close to a collective is run by a heroin addict who tries to get patients to trade him their narcotics for cannabis. That's not hearsay, I was involved in the day-to-day operations of the place until I walked in on the dude with a spike in his arm. Needless to say, that was the end of that for me. The guy still runs it though, charging sick people $400+ for garbage he has packed and shipped from Cali. I tried righting a bad review on that website "leafly" but the dude and his minions just flagged it down. I'm no snitch so he'll just keep doing what he's doing. I'm sorry for these long rants but I don't really have any friends anymore. After I came home it was as if the whole world had....moved on. Now Im pretty much a loner, ride the shit out of my Harley, grow the best meds I can for as many people as I can while staying in the limits and take care of my 3 year old daughter. This plant has saved my life, no bs. Ich bin Gefahrlich mit kein Kiffschen. lol
  7. Usually when it's played off like that, it's the truth. Trust no one.
  8. I'm in love, tell me all about her!
  9. Hey there! Greets from Rhode Island. Patients down here have quite a headstart on our northerly neighbors as far as legal grows. Does mass have anything set up like RIpatients? Good luck with your garden, New Englands meds are highly underrated imo.
  10. Goodnight son! What is that pic that has me drooling uncontrollably?
  11. Hi from RI. I've got some buddies in Cleveland and they say Johnny Law is all over grass out there, how's the scene?
  12. Welcome from the US! We are all speaking the same language, I think this by looking at your gallery. faire un salut
  13. Greetings Ak, plenty of us "new to og" lately it seems. I guess it's just too good to lurk.
  14. Welcome to OG, I'm a new guy too. But here it comes. Are you a cop? Are you trying to induce us into helping you break the law in "red state hell"? I mean, you blatantly say that you hope your growing can help because "we are struggling a bit". I'm legal where I am and when people come around talking like this they're shown the door. Sorry if this is harsh, but what a strange, strange, way to show up.
  15. Hello OpenGrowers! My name is Matt and I'm from Rhode Island in the USA. I am a medical patient due to injuries sustained while in Afghanistan with the Army. My whole lower back and hips are destroyed and I experience incredible nerve pain in my legs due to the damage above them. The Veterans Administration also diagnosed me with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which is arguably more disabling than my physical wounds. I am a legal medical marijuana (I prefer cannabis) patient in Rhode Island and I grow quite a few different strains not only for myself but for others at low or no cost depending on their situation. I remain legal at all times and do not interact (in regards to cannabis) with anyone who is not authorized to use cannabis no matter how badly they "need it". This last part of my situation really presents a problem, there are sick people (cancer, ms, etc) that didn't get sick through any fault of their own, and their doctors have no problem throwing hands full of narcotics at them, but refuse to sign off on palliative cannabis. It's a big problem here, especially when you see big pharmaceutical reps buying these doctors and their employees lunches that run in the hundreds of dollars, sometimes more than once a week. And all so they are influenced to continue prescribing and using those meds. It is a terrible thing, the current situation in the US with the level of influence that pharma companies exert over doctors, policy makers and even patients. The Veterans Administration has had me on every antidepressant antipsychotic and benzodiazepine you have ever heard of, and some that aren't even approved yet! Even when I decided that I didn't want to take their poison anymore I COULD NOT break the hold that these drugs had on me! With the help of some Simpson oil I was able to break free from the last mental cold-cock and level myself out with nothing but all natural, organic cannabis that I grow myself. Unfortunately the physical injuries still need to be quieted sometime and I have not found a strain potent enough to replace ALL of my painkillers. If you read my whole intro I thank you. If not, you're not reading this, so no big deal. All compliments and questions are welcome, it's easy to talk to me if you're not in person. I'm glad to be here at OpenGrow as the last community I was involved with was shuttered a number of years ago. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for all the passion, love, and intelligence that goes into each and every one of our grows, it truly is a labor of love. Matt
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