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  1. My New Mission Quest and an S.O.S

    Sessions is a republican, if we just throw money at him he will see the light. What kind of space are you hanging whole plants in while they await trimming. If you have the space and can control it, you could have a staged drying system where whole plants hang for the usual two or three then a more humidor like space, perhaps even nitrogen storage like apple growers use so the plants can sit there waiting till your crew has the time to trim, and only hand trim. The idea is that the large space is used as a harvest buffer like a room sized turkey bag with a bovida pack in it. Any product trimmed ahead of orders can then be stored as inventory for use later on in a smaller space holding the dry screens or turkey bags or whatever. This way the crew can be trimming a little all the time as available, and not be burned out on it while they are working.
  2. Chance for upcoming breeders

    A pre mixed set of plant femenizer juice.., Great Idea, I would totally rather to that than guess with the raw active agents. This takes something that is a pain in the butt, and makes it less so. Pollen set doesn't make sense to me, I put allot of work into selecting both male and female plants before breeding.
  3. Strain Names

    Made mine with Jackhammer Same thing, crossed Silverfields back into it for that flavor Ohhhhh That Flavor It's strong woody minty licorice flavored green pot that reminds me of Absinthe in more ways than one I call it Wormwood
  4. Shrinking Is Not Easy

    It's half way to week Nine This is coming out really good Real Frosty Too Some of the tops are almost done, it should all look like this by the end of the month, maybe sooner Did I mention how Frosty this stuff is
  5. misc

  6. Growing Stealth, Collection of stealth micro grows

    Never thought of how LED can help dresser or mini fridge grows happen I was using HPS in dressers Took em completely apart, and built an insert then some Scroggin hapmnmemn
  7. Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

  8. Where'd everyone go?

    The reality is facebook and instagram have gutted the whole community. attention has become an addiction.
  9. Where'd everyone go?

    Remember Overgrow?
  10. Show ur resin stems:)

    edit> This plant up here is Jack Hammer / Silver Fields' 'Woody Haze" That one down there is (Killing Fields / Madonna) 'KMFDM' / Blue Hammer // (Chocolate Rain / Green Manalishi) 'Betty Page' / Blue Hammer) Those two were named Fucktopia and Betty Rage, I used a male Betty and..., 'Schrodinger's Catnip' When I can see the stems, they are all kinds of frosty.
  11. Shrinking Is Not Easy

    It's not really an indica. Straight hybrid made with blue hammer killing fields chocolate rain green mamalishi and madonna. The smell is haze and candy the high is up all night peering out the blinds.
  12. Shrinking Is Not Easy

    Still flowering, its about week 8 ish now I still don't really know how long this plant wants to flower I've only really run it once, and I took it at nine weeks too early Still its packing on the frosty It's pungent and smells of pez candy or those smarties ones And packing tape Really strange smell
  13. Let me guess. They didn't want to pay for security, changed vendors, and got pooched.
  14. Which HPS is the best ?

    It's better than finishing early, its finishing harder. Should let em go the usual time. They just look finished sooner when you have more blue in the spectrum, but they will keep going. Can't fire by the light of ormal alone, you need the light of illuin. I noticed a huge difference in finish for the better in almost every way that just adding 400 more watts would never cover. If I had my way I would use LED with those new duel end CMH above with HPS hanging vertical between the planters.
  15. Barrie`s Organic Advanture`s

    Try using larger containers for flowering em. 3 and 5 gal pots indoors under 600 or 1K with most of these hazy plants flowering in em, they are burning out in late flower. Switching off to a large container like an 18 gal rubbermade tote will flat out solve everything at once, and you'll get way more. Use the same mix as is and don't feed anything. they will have plenty in that much soil mix. Of course it works' I never fed these.