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  1. My take on it; You're not making enough seeds yet..
  2. Insane Frost Batshit Crazy Frost How The Hell Am I Supposed To Trim That By the way, I Highly Recommend Nextlight. This is a 200 Watt light I'm flowering under.
  3. How to select a plant. Yea that'll do
  4. Or your up canning till you're loosing cats in it.
  5. Root bound maybe. Those are normal, but the rest of the top looks like it's trying to flower in ya. The only time that happens to me is when mothers outgrow the pots.
  6. Working in this area so long I find plants that are weird enough I really can't tell what color they are. Some of em are green some pink some red some purple some half green half red ect. Selene / Silverfields // Madonna / Green Manalishi. This really is a weird plant.
  7. To get this; I started with 4 packs each of Killingfields and Blue Hammer. I inbred both selecting the most purple plants, 2 to 3 generations each with two killingfields and one blue hammer line. Then I crossed both killingfields with a blue hammer male, selected males and females from each and crossed them into two batches. Crossed these both ways and kept two batches of seed that I now use to find these. Because purple is so hempy it takes allot of plants to find one that tastes good once they are this dark. The real sweet spot in Killingfields is the 'nearly' purple green plants.
  8. It's more complicated of course. The darker bluer one is the short plants the taller redder one is the tall plants. The shorter one is easier to find a good flavor the taller one is easier to find a good high, both need to be sifted out of all the hemp those carry. It seems to be the trait originates in the short plants and manifests in some types of tall plants like jack.
  9. Wow Man, that's good Nyborg. Think this is enough? ' Naw man, go for broke You okay to land this thing? No problem man. Your'e getting a little close man. It's okay man, if there's one thing I know how to do it's drive when I'm stoned.
  10. Nerple Mostly Killingfields and Blue Hammer.., Mostly. YOM! It's not easy to sift out a good clean taste in the purple, it's hempy so ya gotta sift hundreds of plants to find a good one. Also had to inbreed both parents to pull the purple. A clean flavor is important because the buzz is so much better.
  11. 'Christmas Snow' For a long time I thought it was unfair that we can be arrested for driving while impaired on cannabis here. Knowing the local sheriff's association will never Ever let that go, I fixed it myself. Now Cannabis Will get you high enough that you should not be driving. This is Wormwood If you can be arrested for driving high, shouldn't you actually Be high? It's Only Fair :/
  12. Hey there, What you're looking for is in the short wide plants. The dark purples will be shorter wider plants that flower faster.
  13. Who's Scruffy Looking? This is the pot that made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs.
  14. Mmmmmmmmmmmm..., Haaaaaze...
  15. It's mostly Killingfields Chocolate Rain and Silverfields, which were all inbred for the root flavor. So Killingfields and Silverfields were inbred to that taste they both have, or the one. Chocolate Rain was inbred to that orangey frosty greasy pheno. These were crossed with each other in a three way to make the batch of seed that plant came from. It's a classic berry kush like Bubba, flowers fast and it smells like pez candy.
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