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  1. Scone_Of_Ark

    Sugar Punch

    Oh I run both. The green ver of Sugarpunch is denser sweeter tasting and stronger.
  2. Scone_Of_Ark

    Sugar Punch

    Several things Live Soil and Patience. Everything we do to hurry the plants along slows them down. Let the plant really bond with the soil you are using, this can sometimes take a mother plant a couple months and shows as renewed vigor and lush growth. Larger containers, the plants grow to the size of the container they are in. Veg them till they are fully mature before flowering, make sure they are throwing large fully formed leaves and preflowers and the stalk is at least a half in and starting to get alittle barky. Never stress plants in flower, no defoliation no feeding, don't flood the lighting ect. I use plain potting soil bulked up with rock like lava and bark or wood chip, and I never feed. All I do is water. This helps in the big plants dept but I really do all this to get the quality I want at the finish.
  3. Scone_Of_Ark

    Sugar Punch

    Sugar Punch It's Big It's Heavy It's Good And its Really Strong You'll be very happy you got some.
  4. Scone_Of_Ark

    $247 trillion

    That social credit rating That is what's to become of AI It's not going to be a government thing The Social Credit Score concept will soon be a part of Facebook Twitter Google ect. This will score the users overall net use morality based on similar criteria such as obedience and general devotion to duty, and assign a score that either grants better access or limits it. We will simply find it appalling.., people who grow up plugged into that system will be a whole different animal. I bet there are already social credit fixers. Cool toys though, Imagine a television that can read your children's expressions and generate cartoons specifically for them in real time.., oh wait that's already a real thing. Oh whatever. AI will Never be able to grow pot, it's way too impatient.
  5. Scone_Of_Ark

    Be Careful What You Wish For

    Just got the property back from the tenant who was renting it, and had a meeting about where what is at. It's definitely happening, just not as fast as I would like. I was able to show some flowering plants this time, I am running some of the magenta stuff now. My own ver of Sirus Black, only I have it in regular seed. And the skunks of course. Finally got the guy on board with the quality and patience part of this. No you can't use a food dehydrator because it will cook off the flavor and the effect will be ruined with it. Stuff like that. The plan is to set up the small tier farm, grow old school organic, and humiliate the competition till they come up with our generous consulting fee or someone buys the farm from us, then start a larger one. So far so good, but so slow.
  6. Scone_Of_Ark

    Alaska Pure Kelp plant food = a better ph down?

    Yea you so don't want to use food to adjust PH, you're messing with more than one variable at a time. Check your tap every watering, you'll find it runs from 8 to 9 ish if its like ours. We have soda ash added to raise the PH so the water does not eat the old city pipes. If its 8 or less your good. if more just use regular PH down, you won't need to drop to 7, just get down below 8. Then feed or whatever as normal. Reusing soil is also a bad idea. Physically you are not going to be able to retain the particle and capillary sizes you want, think soggy cereal in milk. Chemically the buffers and amendments put together by people who know their soil stuff better than we do will not be easy to replicate. Biologically there will be dead root mass throughout the soil you are reusing that have not been composted yet, which means your planting in the wrong bacteria. Blumats are the best possible way to water, good call.
  7. Scone_Of_Ark

    Be Careful What You Wish For

    All that applies to the larger tier outdoor farms. Ideally the property we are using will allow for a 1000 square foot flower canopy supported by about 400 square feet of veg and nursery space. This leaves plenty of room for drying storing processing admin ect. We own the inside of the unit but not the outer building that houses it, so there are some things we cannot do. This will be losing money not being able to recycle and compost but gaining on not needing labor we don't already have. The state rules make hiring people or most other nice things we could be doing economically unworkable. The plan is to run those rubbermade totes like I always do with the usual mix of soil and bark shavings probably topped with rice hulls to keep the dust down and encourage soil fungus up to the top. I get very good results out of that with very little work, which is the key. From here much of what happens depends on the rules we have to squeeze the facility through and how much that costs vs renting a larger space that allows for more canopy and space for hash making gear. We want to put this together as cheaply as practical so it gets paid down sooner. I really don't want to be paying off the cap five years from now, I would rather be saving to go bigger.
  8. Scone_Of_Ark

    Be Careful What You Wish For

    A greenhouse would be Awesome but it's the next tier up, all small tier farms are all indoor. The large tier farms are all zoned agricultural and treated as regular farms while the smaller tiers are zoned industrial or rural and treated more like cannabis factories. The rules are nowhere near as strict as I thought, the farm we are thinking of buying out is about 4 blocks away from the property we want to use. The wholesale prices are way better than I thought too. Spoke with another tier 1 farmer today who sold out at 3 and a half to 4 dollars a gram in a matter of days. They have some nice lights for sale too but we have bigger fish to fry yet. I have to embrace kushes again, flowering 12 to 14 weeks is not really a productive use of what little canopy space I'll have. Hundreds of seedlings..., Hundreds I have till at least October to get the property we want to use, unless I get blindsided by a turnkey offer that we can't pass up. That would be just like me. So now I am trying to track down two or three more of the smaller farmers locally for more advice while we shop licenses and crunch numbers. Compliance is going to be the only hurdle so far as I can tell. We have to sort out how to bill the water in a property that provides water under the assumption that nobody in a million years would ever start a farm in one of the units they own. We may just meter the place and pay the owners for it, or just not say anything depending on how much water we use in a 2000 square foot canopy. Yeeeaaah we're just gonna pay for the water...
  9. Scone_Of_Ark

    Be Careful What You Wish For

    What I found so far; My new customers are not smoking it, they are retailers who are looking for a markup. The wholesale price here is low to the point anything flowering longer than 9 weeks flat is costing more than it's worth. Purchasing the license and getting the space up to code will be more expensive then all the equipment used in the grow put together. The regulations are nowhere near as tight as I thought they were. Even with the low wholesale prices and excise tax it can still more than pay for itself though it's not the bonanza it once was. Rather than growing out long flowering hazes I'll be running short stubby skunks, got an insanely stinky cat pee skunk that will do nicely. We still have to sort out the property and license transfer before we can really settle on a floor plan. Might be using a small space that they own or might be renting a larger one depending on lots of things we don't quite know yet. So on goes the vetting while I sift skunks in the back room.
  10. Scone_Of_Ark

    Canada Legalizes!

    Canada passed the Cannabis Act today becoming the second nation ever to fully legalize recreational use. http://www.businessinsider.com/canada-legalizes-marijuana-first-g7-country-to-do-so-2018-6 Yay!
  11. Scone_Of_Ark

    Be Careful What You Wish For

    Yep it may actually happen. First hurdle is what Hempy brought up, the plan. We have to find out around what the layout will be to bare bones start up and how much the utilities are going to be. Then we work out weather it will ever pay itself off, if there is an acceptable chance of that happening were on. I already found a license to assume through some other friends of mine I was going to tap if this didn't happen. I also have another tier 1 farm to consult with now. Someone else I was hitting up for a job of all people. They are just set up and running as producer only so I have a good model to look at right here in town. So far as the set up later, we plan on doing the same thing I do already with the totes. We may do hydro if I can't get soil past lab testing but we would rather run these because they do not need constant care. We are still running the rental business. That is an advantage that doesn't show as much, we have everything from plumbing to electrical work covered at a good price and can do much of the work ourselves. And we are the most Low Overhead guys there are. That is really the name of the game starting this up. Putting out good stuff at a competitive cost.
  12. Scone_Of_Ark

    Be Careful What You Wish For

    I should point out the reason we are starting a low tier farm (2k sq foot or smaller) is to build a business model to explore the industry in advance of what we all know is going to be federal legalization at some point in the not too distant future. If something that small can stay afloat in this sea, were in. Still lots of diligence to do, and we may end up completely changing our basic goal by the time we are done with the math.
  13. Scone_Of_Ark

    Be Careful What You Wish For

    We're thinking combination of LED and either DE or CMH. It's what almost all of the indoor farmers here are using already. As far as business plan, we are doing that right now. I am tasked with costing the gear consumables and utilities needed and he will be handling the building and purchasing a license. Which I might have just found today while shopping lighting. I can do hydro but I like soil better, I get a way better flavor out of soil. And if you get it right soil is almost as fast. We will be running it here before we get going on this and start lab testing, if we have a problem passing, I may go hydro then. Before we get really started we will have a cost benefit and full business plan laid out. If the math does not add up to at least keeping the lights on, we will redo the whole thing and try again till it does work. The business and operational plan is required by the state before they will issue or allow us to assume a license and move it. The liquor control board here is terrified the federal govt will come tell them to stop to this state abides. Our plan for dealing with the market is the same one I used when I sold pot. Just grow better pot than they do, so ours sells first. If this does not pan out we start extracting. So far as yields go; got that down. This is Lady Cane / Jack Hammer here, so you can kinda guess how strong it is. Marketing of any kind is not allowed here and sales are only to retailers who we show sample product to so that really doesn't get front burner yet. My only real worry is quality control, and that is nothing new to me. I just have to nail it 'every time' like you said. Ultimately what got me the funding in the first place is the same thing that will sell the product. We have plenty of time, we are currently running a rental business that is the source of all the fun money we are spending on this project.
  14. Scone_Of_Ark

    Be Careful What You Wish For

    It Actually Freakin Happened. Years of growing organic and breeding mostly Sannie Gear (Thank You Sooo Much for that) I finally got the opportunity to stuff a jar of Sconey's finest under someone's nose. I was planning on joining up with an existing farm by offering whatever plants I had running at the time as a bribe in return for a lead gardener position or something like that. (Rule Of Acquisition #46; Never underestimate the power of a bribe) A modest plan with little preparation and a nice long learning curve just the way I like it. But, Anyone who knows me knows I can't just do Anything normal. So was it a farmer or better still a farm owner I was fortunate enough to network my way into the good graces of? Oh my no, it's an investor. The offer is now on the table from someone I know very well and currently work with in another business to open a tier one facility here in the area. I had No Idea this guy smoked pot, and he just started this year. Yea I gave a noob the stuff I grow.., Okay, Imagine you work for say this guy; I found out today he just started smoking pot, and he likes it. And he found out today I grow pot and I am really good at it. He has a few old friends from collage days who also smoke it, and all have a finger or two in the cannabis pie themselves. I just gave him a jar of this stuff; "Holy Crap! It Smells Like Candy" To cut a long story short, I just gave Tony Stark a chance to really show off, and I get to run with it. Which brings me to the careful what you wish for part. I was given Homework! I have to price out a 2000 square foot facility. Cost of set up lighting security software badge stamper any employees I hire soil and so on. This is the best possible scenario. I know this guy well, and he can afford this. He may say something like this casually as bs but he gave me homework and research to do. This means he is serious. I get to price LED for a 2000 square foot canopy including veg and nursery. Then I go on to soil consumables containers water electric and so on. But we all know lighting comes first. Anyone who uses LED over a large area please chime in, what is the setup and running cost of systems at what size and coverage and how are the yields quality and so on. Also anyone working in Washington who knows anything I should know let fly, I am now in over my head and I have a few months to catch up if I am lucky. It's not a huge deal, he knows me and knows this is like a bug hitting a windshield, but he has seen this bug hit several of them over the years and go right on flying. I currently grow under HPS, but I'm about to run my first LED at home so any info on home sized LED would be helpful too.
  15. Scone_Of_Ark

    My New Mission Quest and an S.O.S

    Sessions is a republican, if we just throw money at him he will see the light. What kind of space are you hanging whole plants in while they await trimming. If you have the space and can control it, you could have a staged drying system where whole plants hang for the usual two or three then a more humidor like space, perhaps even nitrogen storage like apple growers use so the plants can sit there waiting till your crew has the time to trim, and only hand trim. The idea is that the large space is used as a harvest buffer like a room sized turkey bag with a bovida pack in it. Any product trimmed ahead of orders can then be stored as inventory for use later on in a smaller space holding the dry screens or turkey bags or whatever. This way the crew can be trimming a little all the time as available, and not be burned out on it while they are working.