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  1. While we're on about seeds.. If you have to ask, don't ask
  2. Someone evil is always in charge, the trick is being left alone by whoever that is.
  3. I was wondering what was up with this plant So its a feature not a bug
  4. Look at the bright side, if this gets worse it will actually Be less crowded.
  5. I found the short wide pheno is really lemony and has real puffy kushy buds large calyxes and packs a powerful punch. The high is heavy thick and psychedelic. The tall pheno is more spicy minty hempy and skunky with narrow leaves at the tops, the buds are spade shaped but hard and greasy taffy like. The smoke will keep you awake at night like jack hammer. The middle is pungent with a stinging lemony spice smell and has large rounded spade shaped buds that are kinda kushy like the big plant but harder. This one is just straight up fire, a good strong buzz that starts instantly and doesn't stop. My favorites are just to the tall side of the middle, and all the way to the short. This plant is very good for making crosses.
  6. Oh yea that real frosty orange tasting Chocolate Rain, totally still have that. That went Very Well with both Killingfields (wide leaf) and Silverfields (narrow leaf). It's all over my gear. also have Lady Cane Cheeseberry Haze and so on.
  7. Here at Ground Zero in the US, just a bit north of the first nursing home it hit. Nobody was taking it serious till yesterday aside from the people panic buying 40 gallons of milk spray cleaner and cases of toilet paper. They did close all the schools bars restaurants and other places people tend to herd. I spent the last three weeks avoiding people as much as possible to the tune of many ruffled feathers. I hear things like 'Oh I don't have it" as if the words coming from someones mouth hole magically make it so. I really hate having to work around the unwashed general public. A general home quarantine is in the air now. I am hoping we do, I have several plants to harvest this month. Like most of you I like to be home gardening as much as possible. The world really needs a vacation.
  8. Nerple! it's uhh purple
  9. Why do I even have Scissors I never use them That is beautiful pot Indi
  10. Scone_Of_Ark

    Cali Bud

    Just a phone cam, it's really that frosty That's what it all really looks like, this here is Scrodingers Catnip smells like fresh orange peel
  11. Scone_Of_Ark

    Cali Bud

    Those do look nice. What's it look like flowering? @baqualin Sugar Punch! That's some Gear. That's the Stuff. @gardenartus As always Wow!
  12. Schrödinger's Catnip It's blue Not blue like blueberry is Blue like Windex is Till you get really close Then it's red
  13. Frozen 2 In Theaters and Bongs Near You!
  14. Most growers I meet don't know what they are doing. It's expecting allot of a cashier.
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