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  1. The Mystery Deepens What turns stems red? I thought it was from root zone stress but, Not that I'm complaining, this plant used to flower out green, now it's Pink This started when I ran LED, so spectrum maybe, too close not likely I saw what that did in a couple days.
  2. I do swim in the berry end of the gene pool allot. I blame Killing Fields, the purple var tastes good which is hard to find in purples. The plant is made from that and a cross of Choco Rain and Blue Hammer that were green with some red highlights so it is probably on the verge of going purple. But this is dramatic, it went from totally green to reddish black. Also while we are talking about led, this one is a 200 watt mini Nextlight, it was supposed to replace a 400 and its easily outperforming a 600. The difference between LED and HPS in one picture I stole this from migro's led site, but it does really show the problem with HPS. In the LED tent on the left, the heat is all up top where it can be vented out without much effort, the rest of the tent, most importantly the part where the plants are, is a nice uniform temp. On the right is an HPS, and while they are making roughly the same amount of heat the bulk of that heat is infrared radiating off the poor plants cooking in the tent. This is Exactly what I noticed when I switched off to LED. Now I have to stop doing all the stuff it took to keep plants alive in a confined space with HID :/
  3. Hey LED guys, I have a weird question. Just threw out my old vacuum tubes (HPS gear) and now have a nice set of LED lights. Now flowering under a Nextlight, and something real strange happened to one of my old plants. I've flowered this plant out several times under HPS and it was green. Under LED and its flowering out purple. The red in the petioles is on me, I couldn't find the OBC #3 mix so I used #1 mix. It's more potted plant than planter mix so it has a hard time holding onto and letting go of water at the same time like we all demand of our soil mix. I am on about the buds themselves, this was a green plant up till now. Has anyone else ever seen that?
  4. Welcome back When aliens abduct us they are supposed to bring us right back Drones..,
  5. Not to worry. We know how to deal with government inspectors
  6. Nextlight and 707 for Days I got the Nextlight Core, the new mini It's supposed to replace a 400 on a 2 by 2 foot square Outperforming the crap out of 1k
  7. It's like endorsements in any sport. You attract the attention of say an LED maker by growing a large and perfect crop for instance and promising some very nice video footage of your massive bounty growing beneath their lights. The more pricey the gear you want for a sponsor the better you have to show. be ready to have to buy gear anyway, they are not like bell helmets or nike who can just give stuff away. These guys will want something for their stuff, and start getting more generous later n if you prove useful in marketing. If all else fails just write everyone, that got me lots of free stuff when I used to race bikes.
  8. Yeah we are not really sold on plasma either. I want to use em for the spectrum, but they are not full power fixtures, they are supplemental lighting for filling in weak HPS spectrum. I want to use em exclusively because of the near sun spectrum but reality demands we go with cheaper cooler running options like mid tier LED. Those panels would rock, they're like no frills nextlights with better chips. I am even scaling back on the percentage of flower to both save startup money and save lots of headaches later trying to service 3/4 of the available space as flower. Though I am in it to make more money than I do now, the people financing me are just doing this to check out the industry and gather data for a much larger buy in later. Being the only one they know personally that even grows pot got me into this. If this goes well I may end up playing gatekeeper for these guys later on, which is way better money than growing pot. Imagine Canna industry entrepreneurs trying to get by Me.
  9. Try not to think in square meters or yards, rather think in whatever size one light covers. I think in 4 by 4 or 20 square foot or 5 by 5 or 25 square foot areas depending on what lights I am using. Plasma fixtures with two strips of spectrum lighting each set covering a 4 by 4 square foot area lined up in rows with a walk way between em. (this is if we agree to use em) we are likely just going with a middle tier LED setup. LED fixtures 101 You get what you pay for just like everything else, and these are not cheap. The middle tier lights will cost about a dollar per watt, the higher quality ones almost 2 dollars per watt. The less expensive ones cover a 4 by 4 square the more expensive ones cover a 5 by 5 square. Just like everything else, the more wattage you use the deeper your canopy gets.
  10. We are still awaiting the property, the renter is still moving out of. Then we need to find out if we can run this there, so far so good the people who own the complex seem amicable to the idea. All of the questions I have on this have to do with what the state liquor board will let us get away with and not. Floor plan stuff mostly like how many fire exits what kind of signage and where, what has to be in the canopy space and not, does it need a bathroom if there are no employees, can we run a tent for a nursery inside a one room flower canopy, what point do lots become product with a 6 month shelf life, can lots of the same plant harvested at different times be combined, how and where can we store packaged product, how much of our operating cost do we have to keep in a safe on the site, what is the standard way of contacting a retailer and can I show em product samples, what special insurance do I need, can I live in another storage unit in the same complex, stuff like that. As far as scaling goes, this is about the same as a large house grow, only less clutter. I can do this in my sleep.
  11. The plasma lights are called LEP or light emitting plasma. Gavita makes one, but there are better ones with more power. These are 300 watt lights that put out about as much light as a typical 300 watt LED, but the spectrum is almost spot on sunlight. I am after spectrum for quality more than yield in a space this size. Bloom boosters are deep red/IR led used to encourage flower set and blooming in general. These come in blue/UV as well for that frosty high mountain finish. They do not need to run near as much wattage because they are used to trigger a response in the plant rather than feeding it.
  12. I've been running a 6' vortex in an apartment full blast most of the time and getting away with it for years. nice and quiet They last a long time too
  13. I am also outfitting a 1000 sq space. (not as fast as I would like but were doin it First thing; expand to the most you can run, you will need some off canopy space for drying storing setup and processing, all of which should be done in separate spaces if practical. Good lighting is everything. For Hid you are looking at 40 1k lights for a 1000 sq space of lit canopy, so yea 30. Those cost 2 to 5 hundred each depending on what you get. For led I found there are three price points that you will need a different number of each depending. The cheap set 3 to 8 hundred each are almost all box panels like rolando with about a third (300W) of an HID light in power use heat and yields. The middle ground 1000 to 1500 are mostly high powered box lights like black dog or cobs and run about two thirds of an HID light in power use heat and yields. The upper set from 1500 to 2500 each are large fixtures either panels like nextlight or bars like fluence and will run about two thirds of an HID in power and heat while competitive on yields. It's worth noting that the newer sulfur plasma lights are mid priced and are almost exact sunlight spectrum with a CRI close to 100% that run 300W and are much cooler than HID. A combination of these (blue doped LEP) and some bloom booster (deep red spectrum) bars is what we are considering. Head room is GOOD, Do not put in a ceiling...
  14. Oh I run both. The green ver of Sugarpunch is denser sweeter tasting and stronger.
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