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  1. You got that right, Quantum Board! Mine's a Nextlight Core (the new mini) 200 watts of really nice light with almost no heat. That is what really makes a closet or small cab workable. Closet is 2 by 6 feet. HLG makes a nice board set that size. The light I have would work in any space it fits in 2 by 2 ish, and one board could fill a dresser cab nicely. A dresser sized cab can do enough to keep you nice and warm with room for a mother plant, but you're going to want the largest area you can use. Try to get two cabs going so you can keep a mother a small cloner, a few starts maybe a few seedlings. I get a couple ounces off a plant in there, but the plants I select are not producers or train for production. I run Roots 707 in 5 gallon cloth pots, and feed a light tea made from plain worm compost. Use good soil, I just spent a year trying every cheap soil I could find and choking down the sharp taste of crispy plant stress. Soil is the expensive part, but its worth it.
  2. I don't use bacto and feed at the same time. Use the bacto while transplanting then feed later. You shouldn't need to reinoculate once you plant. Just keep the stuff moist and happy
  3. Cleaning up 'The Closet' This is week 4/3/1 for a nice assortment This kush plant here is particularly tasty, made from Killingfields Madonna Blue Hammer Green Manalishi and Chocolate Rain This is Jack Hammer and Silverfields, which were worked over by me before making this It's just to the left of that kush in the group shot Yea..., It's every bit as strong as it looks
  4. I noticed that too, the humidity went up some when I swapped out HPS for LED. It helped my humidity problems, because mine was way too dry. The red and blue booster question is a really easy one. The red boosters flip the flower switch and the blue ones make the flowers protect themselves from UV with a nice layer of frost. If your plants are sparse and taking almost two weeks to set flower use reds. If your plants are flowering nice and fat but the buds are fluffy and not frosty enough use blues. I've been running a Nextlight which has about a 3000k spectrum but no added red or blue. Aside from the plants showing more red and purple in them its working really well alone, but it seems to want red boosts. If you want to see what your lights are really throwing, take a CD, any CD that is silver not the gold ones. Go under your light with it and move it around so you can see the spectrum in the reflections. This is a small led running in veg here. This light is an outdoor fixture I had laying around that I use in veg to add blue to the main light. It puts out both high blue and deep red. It's a great way to see what any light is putting out, and you can compare it to sunlight.
  5. Plant Big Pot Small Plant Hungry
  6. Live soil can be any organic potting mix or anything like it that you can make yourself. The 'live' part means using the soil life to feed the plant rather than feeding. This is more about the soil environment than the stuff in the soil. Keep the fungus happy and the fungus takes care of everything. All I ever have to do is water.
  7. That green Sugarpunch is some powerful strong gear. Live soil is the only way to go, cheaper and it gives a way better finish. I want to taste the bud, not nutrient solution or stale desiccant pack. Unless growing specifically for Instagram, feeding through flower is getting counter productive here in legality land. It's not helpful to get a bumper crop if you can't sell it all.
  8. Who's Scruffy Looking? You guys and Star Wars names. This is "Nerfherder" at week 4 It's a purple tangie, and a clean one. Delightfully frosty full thick calyxes, 9 weeks flat, nice lavender finish, and it's a tangie. Killingfields Madonna Jackhammer and Selene in no particular order.
  9. It all depends what your after in the first place. If you want something that will get you (x) grams of weed per plant under one kilowatt in exactly 143 days using this nute system ect, sure. But I like pot that flowers 14 weeks and has to be dried for 8 more before you can smoke it without coughing. I like to feel an abrupt and jarring change in my body chemistry the moment I take a hit. I like the taste of packing tape and 7-Up with a hint of licorice that comes with that amazing head rush. I also like to be wide awake when I am high. I really don't think the chemotype and profile I look for in a plant can be found in an auto.
  10. The Mystery Deepens What turns stems red? I thought it was from root zone stress but, Not that I'm complaining, this plant used to flower out green, now it's Pink This started when I ran LED, so spectrum maybe, too close not likely I saw what that did in a couple days.
  11. I do swim in the berry end of the gene pool allot. I blame Killing Fields, the purple var tastes good which is hard to find in purples. The plant is made from that and a cross of Choco Rain and Blue Hammer that were green with some red highlights so it is probably on the verge of going purple. But this is dramatic, it went from totally green to reddish black. Also while we are talking about led, this one is a 200 watt mini Nextlight, it was supposed to replace a 400 and its easily outperforming a 600. The difference between LED and HPS in one picture I stole this from migro's led site, but it does really show the problem with HPS. In the LED tent on the left, the heat is all up top where it can be vented out without much effort, the rest of the tent, most importantly the part where the plants are, is a nice uniform temp. On the right is an HPS, and while they are making roughly the same amount of heat the bulk of that heat is infrared radiating off the poor plants cooking in the tent. This is Exactly what I noticed when I switched off to LED. Now I have to stop doing all the stuff it took to keep plants alive in a confined space with HID :/
  12. Hey LED guys, I have a weird question. Just threw out my old vacuum tubes (HPS gear) and now have a nice set of LED lights. Now flowering under a Nextlight, and something real strange happened to one of my old plants. I've flowered this plant out several times under HPS and it was green. Under LED and its flowering out purple. The red in the petioles is on me, I couldn't find the OBC #3 mix so I used #1 mix. It's more potted plant than planter mix so it has a hard time holding onto and letting go of water at the same time like we all demand of our soil mix. I am on about the buds themselves, this was a green plant up till now. Has anyone else ever seen that?
  13. Welcome back When aliens abduct us they are supposed to bring us right back Drones..,
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