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  1. Are you sure they wont keep taking rent? I am a landlord myself. We do a year lease that transitions to month to month after the year is up so they never get renewed. If you are living in a rental house it may be getting sold, if it is an apartment there is a good chance they will keep right on cashing your rent checks even without the lease, and life goes on as usual. Landlords respond to money like a dog to snacks. It really depends on the state what your renting and who from. In most cases apartments in particular they can't get rid of ya unless you owe em money, and here in Wa, they have to put you on a payment plan before they can do that. If you don't owe very much this may just be a psych job, like they hope you just buy it and bail. If it is firm; Before actually living in a tent, try a storage locker in a place that people run busineses and such in, not an actual storage place. Those usually come with a half bath and heat, and you will find lots of em have plants growing in em. It's the ideal situation for a self employed grower.
  2. None of the stories on the study have any info on the method of administration or preservation, or how they are keeping the A in CBDA. That would be really helpful for us selfie meds and anyone trying to make a product. So rippin rec flower all day isn't going to work. Is it possible to low temp vape these? Is there any info on the temps that get CBGA and CBDA to convert. If one could vape it below that threshold we got a tonic.
  3. Local plant makes good, Oh the delecious scrumpcious succulant irony, Someone in Argentina is all over it They have a very good marketing dept Pretty sure the product name predates covid, they are just happy to help. Probably so happy they can hardly count, and that makes me happy. Anything that helps us rub it into the face of those who would keep us from our plants. Personally I got the vax and the boosters as soon as I could sneak in under the fence. To me the potential side effects of Covid are far worse than the potential side effects of a vaccine made out of Covid. And I do my best not to spread it around. Our state has had us in masks since the beginning, helps that work had me fully stocked up on n 95s. Though years of sanding stuff in one has me douting their effectiveness givin how much dust I still blow out at the end of the day. Does keep me from picking at my nose and grabbing stuff someone else will touch later on so its doing something. And I wear mine all the way up like it's designed, not sagging off my chin like a thugs baggy pants. However, I do not wear it in the car driving alone like it's a statement. So far as use; I would imagine our regular bong rippy method of administration gets it to the place it it most needed.
  4. I started crossing for shorter flower times, I may have gone too far :/
  5. I was born in east L.A. in the summer of 65 Things were so different then...
  6. I'm Runing For Prezident as a fully vaxinated athiest male Democrat Identifying as a fundamentalist anti vax female Republican.., Sort of. It's Astounding, Time is Fleeting, Madness Takes its Toll.
  7. Gaius Flavious Vaccimeious I got the vax, I also had one for polio yellow fever smallpox mumps tuberculosis tetanus ect, even rabies... I think the side effects of the Covid virus are far worse than a vaccine made out of it. What I never got was a Twitter account, or a Facebook or TicTok or instagrab or any of those other virtual dope habits. I see it all around me, people snorting Koolaid off their phones. I never dreamed that would get people so freaking High.
  8. Kudos on the can pipe.., ,,,You aren't actually drinking that stuff, are you?
  9. I totally dry trim. (Choc Rain / Silverfields) Cut and hang whole. Run lots o air for about a week till they stop feeling like fresh cut grass then slow air fron then on. Leave alone for a month or so at least, much longer if they're big. The longer you can stretch the dry, the better the pot will be. Given that the pot was good to begin with. The dry is the most important part of finishing the plants, and its the most often rushed by growers. It's about product shelf life and stability as well as quality. The people who make Dorito's put more time and effort into drying their product than most growers do. A slow dry leaves more of the natural oils in the plant and allows more of the nautral chemestry we call a cure to take place. This also keeps the moisture in the air from reentering the plant. (this is important as it totally ruins pot) The finished flower should taste and smell very much like hash. This is why I am pulling 16 to 18% flower out of my closet and the stuff is still so strong some of my friends are afraid to smoke it. That wonderful 'ensamble effect'.., the whole reason to shop here in the first place.
  10. Last time I got eggs none of them sprouted, I was using coco plain water calmag and a few drops of Superthrive. Do I need to soak these before planting em?
  11. While we're on about seeds.. If you have to ask, don't ask
  12. Someone evil is always in charge, the trick is being left alone by whoever that is.
  13. I was wondering what was up with this plant So its a feature not a bug
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