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  1. summer of 1980 i was 10, stole panama red roaches from my friends dad. after that we started swiping my dads too.
  2. i run vertical stacked bare bulbs, hps 600 on top and 315 cmh on bottom during warm months. it's very clear the cmh finishes the lower part of plant before top . i stack 315 top, 600 center and 315 bottom in cooler months and it's still noticeable that the 315's finish top n bottom before center of plant. thought i was going crazy when i first started using the cmh.
  3. jr peters 5-12-26……there is absolutely no need to pay for bottled nutes……..spend pennies per gallon instead of dollars. i was skeptical and bought the 4lb tub….don't waste your time just get 25lb bag and cal/nit off amazon.
  4. looks bomb shoe!!! is that huck n heri something u bred? sadly i've lost a bit to rot this summer myself in the armpit of the usa….i think we're fairly close….i found a mt. hood huck f2 that is awesome, checks all the boxes. the h n h reminds me of her.
  5. i don't think it's sooty mold. after 5 years of trying to figure out what it is i stopped outdoor growing. it's in my veggy garden and a buddies that lives 40 miles away. i think phytoplasma may very well be the culprit. transmitter by leaf hoppers which are very prevalent in my area. i always thought they were basically harmless until i read up on phytoplasma. think i'm gonna listen to "if 6 was 9" one of my favorite tunes. good luck jimi!
  6. i flower in 2g veg in 1/2g……….i leave plants from seed in 1/2g just to see if they'll make the rotation and hit 2oz very often, i give em no love first round. your coco looks dry, thats a big no no….remember it's hydro, they can live in water.
  7. looking great! coco is the shit. if you really want to see what coco can do go with a smaller pot like 1.5-2g and "water" multiple times a day. i use 2g and water 2 times a day and see a noticeable difference. i grow trees too, 8-12oz per plant is probably average.
  8. check her out doing the "badest blues" and her interview on youtube….you are drawn to her warmth...
  9. i've been on a beth hart kick lately…she is amazing.
  10. that's pretty cool. i haven't had soda in 15-20 years, but if i did black cherry would be my choice…..and hopefully made by you…lol
  11. i eat dandelion and plantain often this time of year. i've used plantain n honey for wounds and rosacea….i used to make dandelion root tea for a female friend, she said it was the only thing that helped with menstrual cramps. eating dandelion controls my blood pressure too.
  12. great to see folks working to get quality meds to folks. i have the perkins cut and it warms my cold heart to know it's helping people. let me know if you wanna work it back to moma shoe.
  13. have you ran the blue orca haze? i have 6 seedlings going now. i'm also running some BOEL oaxacan that seems to be rare judging from the very limited info i could find on it. i will be letting the pollen fly on these so if any interest, i will be passing some beans around when done.

    1. baqualin


      Not yet, this is my first run of it and it's going outside, I also have 6 of the Cherry Bomb X 88RKS/Mexican going and it's really aggressive so far. Really glad to see someone else on here running Gas's gear, I'm going to be breeding with a lot of his strains, so please keep in touch and we can trade seeds back and forth for testing. There's some really funk ass old school jewels to be found in his seeds!



  14. i'm happy your quality of life has improved so much! might i say your very easy on the eyes at that.
  15. i would start at 15/9…i think the gradual loss of day will have the opposite effect you want. i also found it to be a waste putting em out early, you lose more time revegging then you will just waiting, imo. yes they "START" to reveg in about 3 weeks, but i found it takes about 5-6 to start actually growing again. i'm at 40 latitude and wait till 2-3 week of may to put em out now, after years of trying to plant earlier. good luck!
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