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  1. ifish, I would recommend adding a flood and drain type basin to protect against such a scenario, nothing worse a lot of the HD members here would have a good example of this type basin with pond liner. This room requires minimal DIY skills and this is the beauty of this product, a video will follow soon to show you what I mean, it’s just a click in product Yes if someone just wanted to buy one side that is no problem at all. I hope i understood your comment correctly?! JB
  2. Hempyfan, Thank you for your positive words, I hope this does well. Could you please provide me with a link to these Home Depot rooms as this would be very helpful. JB
  3. Ifish, Questions like this are exactly what we need to improve our product for customers as we are a new company and creating the perfect room for our customers requirements is our main goal and questions will help sort out any teething problems, so keep them coming Thanks JB
  4. Yes they would and this can be done as an added cost ifish.. I am not sure do tents have a fire rating and if so how realistically can a tent contain a fire I’m not sure! And there are many products out there already that a grower can attach to the ceiling in the case of a light for example catching fire that will contain anything of this nature which is highly recommended in any indoor growing room environment. JB
  5. Yes they will be a high end product ifish. We are working vigorously on how to get cost down. But Quality rooms produce quality results :). The benefits out way the negatives in my opinion compared to tents. And maybe it’s time for a new and improved product for the many growers out there, that is easy to assemble and quick to take down or put up?! The room has a sound rating and heat rating which helps control climate and unwanted attention from sound. As it’s custom made the room will fit the growers needs and not the growers having to fit the manufactures needs to commercially sell one size fits all type tents. Think of this as the Ferrari of the commercial grow room sector were there is now only Fiats JB
  6. As requested ifish This is a screenshot from my website to give use an idea of how a room will look. I would be very interested to get your thoughts just on this image alone? And the communities thoughts, is this something people would be interested in! The panels are unbelievable easy to assemble just a click in bases and move on to the next panel all cut to each growers specific size dimensions required. Soon a short video on how the room is assembled will come. Hopes use enjoy. JB
  7. Hi ifish thanks, you will see it very soon website is nearly complete :)
  8. Hi, I have a new grow design that will be flat packed, light, easy to assemble and available in insulated and non insulated rooms. This will be a high end product. Which will be custom made to suit each growers size requirements, length, width and height. I would like to ask the permission of the moderators to do so as this will be the first site I will upload it to as a lot of my old Hennepdesk friends are here and it would be great to be able to share it with them as HD’s room builds helped inspire this idea. I wanted to create a hybrid between grow tents and a professional grow room and it is finally here. Thanks JB
  9. Hmmm I thought this comment section would be full by now lol
  10. Hi Guys/Gals I was wondering can the community help me here please!!! Can anyone who use tents share the prices that their tent cost them, just the tent not kits, the dimensions of these tents, the brand used and if possible a link to the companies website below or the grow-shop in the comment section of this post. Also If use could explain the benefits and flaws of each particular tent and brand that you have experienced, would be very helpful?!! This would be fantastic if you guys could help me as I’m trying to comprise a complete list of tent prices and I’m coming across so many different prices it’s difficult to figure out which tent/brand is the best Much appreciated Johnbong
  11. @ Rose Thank you very much , yes I am a friend of the HD guys, many fond memories shared between us all, shame HD is gone but happy to be here thanks @cosmicgrow I could not believe my eyes when i saw your healthy mothers, you have come along so well, but then I scroll down the page the mothers look exactly like i did remember? . Anyway as HD said to me they will recover but next time try less of a hair cut, when i started to cut the mothers i just couldnt stop either nice to you are doing well though JB
  12. @ hidro looks great my friend @ and to all my old HD friendspics looks great JB
  13. @ hidro Great minds think a like this is something that was on my mind to
  14. Hi Hidro, i always love the look of red in the buds even if its from the cold And your girls are so frosty Your grow always makes me dream jb
  15. Hello my friend It's nice to see you doing well as always. Keep up the good work. I see your pic from week 7.5, your buds don't look as big as normal? Are you still hitting those magic numbers? JB
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