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  1. I would like to delete this topic! Can anyone explain how please? Thanks
  2. @all After our conversation of pricing I’ve made a few adjustments to bring down cost of the door, so thanks. Another quick question, what kind of sized rooms would everyone like to see? They will be custom made as well but decided I would also like to have some pre-made rooms ready to go! I’m thinking 2.2 in height as the 2m tents I feel are not high enough. Any thoughts
  3. @ifish To answer a previous questions the panels have a class A fire rating. Only door is not rated. JB
  4. Thank you both for your input it is much appreciated @shiskaberry savior Hi, yes you are a little out but your answer is very helpful to see what a potential consumers expectations of price might be and from the very limited information I have provided so far that is understandable @ifish You are closer to the mark but still a little off. I think the price you have mentioned is something that we could eventually offer hopefully once the product or if the product went into mass production. But as of right now we are looking at a limited amount of production until we penetrate the market. So this drives all prices up unfortunately, the cost of production for the door design alone, which is simple and easy to put up with no DIY skills required is driving up the price to be honest and is something we are working on. But that means once the cost of the door is added as the room goes larger unless the consumer wants to add more doors the cost for each panel stays the same. There are many factors to take into account as production of such a unique interlocking system is not cheap and with added import and export charges these all drive up prices. But with the limited amount of information I have provided this answer is satisfactory. My main hope is once an active member on a forum such as this purchases a room and uploads a detailed account of there experience with the product this will help for other growers to see the full benefits/potential of a high quality room like this. Thanks again to use both, keep the questions coming it really is very helpful JB
  5. @ all @ifish @Justcozz As I am only starting out I really need some advice pls. What do use think a consumer would pay for such a product? Before use answer don’t worry I do have already set costs/prices due to cost of materials so your answers if higher will not raise the prices but I would be really interested to hear honest opinions as potential consumers to see if with cost of materials, time, tools, manual labour etc and shipping, is this product viable? I know it’s a tough question to ask but I hope use can help me with this even so * I read somewhere that this is a good question to ask but i guess not Thanks JB
  6. @ifish Good question mate As you are aware it’s a very high end product compared to a tent and a quality room produces quality results But as it is custom designed for each consumer every price will be different mate. But I am hoping to have prices for the typical standard size rooms very soon which will be available on the website JB
  7. @Justcozz I like your way of thinking yes this can definitely be done and there is endless possibilities I agree. This would be perfect for what you mentioned or even recirculated rooms have you ever seen HD’s recirculating rooms there amazing?! Examples of how the door attach will be coming soon in a video, it’s so simple you won’t believe:). The top is a suspended ceiling. Corners have a corner trim as shown in above picture just click on the corner trim and the next panel slips into it. Very easy and quick. The floor I would recommend pond liner or a basin like for flood and drain would be perfect. Panels, extra doors, connecting pieces, everything can be purchased separately no problem. There is a joint that would connect the rooms yes. So all rooms can be connected and ran side by side or split yes 100% whenever you decide to change from an 8x8 to a 4x8 or the 2x2 connected with doors. The beauty of this product is it is not a one size fits all like commercial tents it’s designed to suit the growers needs. Everything you have mentioned can be customised for your exact needs.. Hope I answered all questions and if you have more please ask away JB
  8. @ifish Thank you very much and excellent suggestions this product will give the consumer freedom to adjust the the room to suit there exact needs. @Justcozz Another great suggestion for light proofing and running the electric cables this will keep everything neat and tidy. The panels are 2 1/4 inch thick which is approximately 55 mm. They come in insulated or non insulated panels of 24 inches in length and whatever height is needed. All rooms can be custom designed to suit each individuals growing space. JB
  9. @ All I hope use can see from these images. 1. How easy this will be to put together due to its unique tongue and grove interlocking panel system ( No DIY skills required) 2. How the corners are easily assembled with the trim that just clicks on. 3. This is a non insulated sample so if you could imagine those cavities filled with insulation. This adds climate control and sound proofing
  10. If anyone wishes to contact me privately about this product please do so. JB
  11. @Papalag you can definitely seal the joints with a non toxic glue but it’s not necessary especially if you need to be able to quickly setup the room or dismantle but if you felt you were expecting to be in the one place for a long time of course this is an option you could do And there is no need to add these vinyl sheets as the walls and sealing are highly reflective and white already Hahaha enjoy the stone buddy and any more questions I’ll be happy to answer also another part of your question will be answered in ifish reply. @ifish Yes the room is airtight but as mentioned above a non toxic glue can be added to seal the joints no problem. Regarding negative pressure all rooms, tents etc need a larger output than in input so for example 600 watt light needs a 600 m3 output and 300m3 input for example to create this negative pressure, this also helps to control climate within your room and reduces any unwanted smells. You will find this in any professional room negative pressure Yes this material is certified and meets all standard safety requirements. For example if a company wanted a storage room or office this room meets all legal requirements
  12. ifish, I would recommend adding a flood and drain type basin to protect against such a scenario, nothing worse a lot of the HD members here would have a good example of this type basin with pond liner. This room requires minimal DIY skills and this is the beauty of this product, a video will follow soon to show you what I mean, it’s just a click in product Yes if someone just wanted to buy one side that is no problem at all. I hope i understood your comment correctly?! JB
  13. @Hempyfan Thank you for your positive words, I hope this does well. Could you please provide me with a link to these Home Depot rooms as this would be very helpful. JB
  14. Ifish, Questions like this are exactly what we need to improve our product for customers as we are a new company and creating the perfect room for our customers requirements is our main goal and questions will help sort out any teething problems, so keep them coming Thanks JB
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