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  1. Definitely hit me up, I have a bunch of blueberry stuff
  2. Ahhhh Texas, pm me buddy . Yeah , I have a nice purple mob, Islay May have a cut of that or he also had seeds , so it could be another one. But yeah Mob is awesome, not the strongest, but ticks all the other boxes
  3. Hey Jet, yeah it’s the clone , I got it from a buddy here in New England. Where are you?
  4. Hey Mr G yeah it is my 1st go at the SP x Blr i feel like this particular one is all the sativa from both lines , I think other phenos will more Indica . Who knows though, yeah try some outside, I’m sure they won’t disappoint
  5. Hey all , got a quick weekend update here is a sugar Punch x blr , looking for hi fives I guess.
  6. Prof P and Dynasty had a booth , so of course , I went to see him. I had some beans for him , that I unsuccessfully tried to give him last time he was in town. This time I was much luckier , he was around and we were able to hang out and talk for a bit. I gotta say he was the nicest dude in the building, I knew from our last encounter he was a cool , humble fella, but he really took the time to hang out and talk to my friend and I , and that means a lot to me . He is very generous too, he shared some freebies, a really nice frameable macro picture, and a joint of a new cross called ghetto bird. Much love and respect out to you @ProfessorP I got some cherry vanilla cookies, very difficult not to, with a jar of exquisite flowers sitting right there at the booth
  7. I was able to meet and hang out with Cornbread Ricky from Swamp Boys Seeds, He was super cool, and used skateboard, so we clicked , and hung out for a bit Swampy souvenirs
  8. Hey all, got a non-grow update. Now that the state I live in has recreational, we have weed conventions!! which is an awesome but incredibly strange at the same time ! We had one in Boston last weekend and I had a fantastic time !
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