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  1. Hi Maria Sanchez, hows it going ? The A5 x Mal is in wk6 probably about halfway done. I just have it on 12/12 because it’s in a mixed run of a bunch of strains and start times. But if I were doing a tent full of just that , I’d be on 13/11 . The Malawi is from Ace, but I believe its from an old release , the new one is not as good. The cross was made by my buddy Sammy, a true tribal elder in the canna community. I’m hoping for some serious trip weed
  2. Hey Mr G, how have you been? Yeah I’m very psyched for the lime Madness, it is my first go at her , so I don’t have much info yet. She is common on a couple other forums and does great inside and out . Plus I absolutely love everything the blr makes as far as crosses.
  3. Lime Madness mullimby madness/ Thai x Black Lime Reserve
  4. Definitely hit me up, I have a bunch of blueberry stuff
  5. Ahhhh Texas, pm me buddy . Yeah , I have a nice purple mob, Islay May have a cut of that or he also had seeds , so it could be another one. But yeah Mob is awesome, not the strongest, but ticks all the other boxes
  6. Hey Jet, yeah it’s the clone , I got it from a buddy here in New England. Where are you?
  7. Hey Mr G yeah it is my 1st go at the SP x Blr i feel like this particular one is all the sativa from both lines , I think other phenos will more Indica . Who knows though, yeah try some outside, I’m sure they won’t disappoint
  8. Hey all , got a quick weekend update here is a sugar Punch x blr , looking for hi fives I guess.
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