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  1. Well, now that is all sorted out, I can post again... sunset sherbet
  2. Also your boy Griot got himself banned by breaking the fundamental rule of that site, by taking seeds under false pretenses, and sending them to you to make some kiddie pool hacks with, to sell. So that’s more on you than anybody
  3. Just like I told Mota not to associate with you anymore, right? even though I’ve never met him, or even talked to him online . That fantasy world you live in sounds fun
  4. You should perhaps read my posts , to understand what is happening. Otherwise mind your own business
  5. I should also say, that auction for my seeds , made 800 bucks for Duke. Probably more than you make all year with your kiddie pool hacks
  6. Hahahahaha, I guess there is a chance you are that stupid that you forgot, so I will refresh your memory. I had a few packs of seeds in a benefit auction for Duke Diamond on MeanGenes Instagram page , and You we’re talking shit in the comments about me . Now , you have me blocked so I can’t see what you wrote , but I can see my friends defending me ,To @ the real Indican. It’s all still there if you wanna go look . That jog your memory at all , Mr Innocent?
  7. So, yeah he has me blocked everywhere, and there is no chance he would be man enough to even read a private message . So this is what ya get
  8. The real question is , why don’t you just leave me alone ? Don’t worry I know the answer, jealous and you are a miserable cunt . And why are you a miserable cunt? Well, because your life sucks and instead of being a real man, and changing to improve things, you talk shit and are full of venom in an attempt to bring people down to your miserable level. It won’t work on me though, I love life . And I have real friends , not fan boys and ass kissers
  9. Keep talking shit on IG fat boy , too pussy to not block me though so I can respond. Seems like all you get is my friends defend me anyway. How’s your life pill boy?
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