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  1. Yeah Bucket!!! Didn’t know you were over here , good to see you brother
  2. Thanks Mindless, appreciate it man
  3. Cool, thank you San , much appreciated
  4. @santero need some help from your weed encyclopedia brain. What’s this company? It’s mildly embarrassing, but I totally forgot. Got these at Seedheaven
  5. Thank you for saying that , that was getting ridiculous. Problem is , somehow, certain leaders and media outlets have managed to “ un learn” thousands of people, tricked them into thinking things like science and history that they know , are actually wrong or flawed. It’s sad , and if there was more actual “ critical thinking “ rather than regurgitating preposterous conspiracy theories , we would all be better off.
  6. Hey SPW, thanks man. Yeah the m39 is awesome, despite the beasters that overtook the US , And gave it a bad name. Anything you cross it to, will be awesome I’d imagine . and sorry , the pics are old, I don’t remember exactly the taste , but I remember really liking it .
  7. Yeah those were great plants , I need to go through the rest for a mom . Awesome work San , thank you for sharing , also.
  8. Shiska! Damn man, been a while. Thank you . Yeah the black Lime is an awesome line . I made a bunch of crosses with it . Pm me if you wanna try some
  9. My man Saxo! things are good buddy , I hope all is well with you .
  10. Thank you Sunny, happy to see you buddy
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