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  1. One thing I think worth mentioning is my calmag is probably 4-5 years old could it have lost it’s potency?
  2. Hello everyone I’m doing my first outdoor grow this year in the Pacific Northwest of the United States I’m growing a few different plants but one of my best ones ran into some issues and I’m having a hard time correcting the problem. It’s ams from green house seeds it’s about 3 months in veg the weather has been on and off but fairly decent 70’s 50% humidity roughly although we went through a heat wave around the 90’s a few weeks ago. The plant was growing great then one day I get home and check on them and a bunch of leaves had yellowed off and dead but not like low nitrogen yellow the veins where still pretty green some totally dying off at the tips to where they would crumble when touched and some had some rust spots so I figured it was a calmag issue so I did a folair feeding of calmag+ from botanicare seemed to help a little and did a 7gal flush at 6.3 ph it’s in a 7 gal container but it hasn’t really came back it’s still dying off but at a slower rate and just hasn’t looked very happy the my feeding regimen is general organically grow, general organic sea weed, house and garden amino acid and cal mag plus from botanicare on a feed water feed schedule and the plants are in organic potting soil. I need help identifying the problem and how to fix it thanks in advance.
  3. That may be the case for some gorilla grows but not for any of the people I know who grow down there in igo,ca a bunch if them all live on this 8 mile long bumpy dirt road if you rob someone who will be greated by 10 people blocking the road a mike down the way. They have dogs but all very friendly just there to alert them of someone presence. They don't like growing indoor. They love bring outdoors. Growing completely organic. They bought big properties away from any power lines to do so. It's just a bunch of crap. If it's legal it legal how can you say they can't grow outdoors away from all the cities and schools is bullshit. But yet if you live in the city you van grow in your back yard?
  4. Yes I'm sure they did. I know there are a lot of potitions being signed and a lot of people hired lawyers you have to understand in igo,ca and ono,ca there are hundreds of growers in those hills but they are family men. Who yes they grow weed and make money off of it. But they grow legal ammounts and there plant count for most of them is more then reasonable. Yes there are some people there who grow way to many and that are greedy but it's just messed up. My 63 yr old grandmother lives in a trailer on a property shes making payments on and grows her weed they grow about 38 plants. They do not make a lot of money they only do it during season no greenhouse on the off season just enough to get by. If this goes through she is screwed. She would be homeless or living with us if it wasn't for that. It just makes me so mad it's legal in that state for medical use how the Hell can they say you can't use mother earth to grow it! That you have to take it indoors and waist electricity and other resources! Straight bullshit
  5. Just like the topic says what's your thoughts? Is this going to affect any of you I know of 10 people it is going to crush if it goes through. It is complete bullshit you can still grow outdoor in the city??!! But not on private land in the hills! Excuse my language but fuck them! This is bullshit! Makes me furioushttp://m.krcrtv.com/shasta-county-bans-outdoor-marijuana-grows/-/21995992/24166264/-/u1hrb6/-/index.html
  6. Ya it's expensive but it's an investment that will pay off at 420$ an ounce wholesale it wouldn't take long and this way I can no that there are no solvents at all. I was so close to making shatter last night I was boiling it for 2 1/2 hours! Last night at 112℉ and at the last10 min my wife turned on the oven and it got over 120℉ and fucked it up lol oh well still came out good.
  7. Thanks for all the help I appreciate it. I was wondering about that I have a buddy who blast it into a dish and doesmt touch it just lets it sit it gets a real honey comb look to it how do you do it? Try a dehydrator for color especially with honey type texture it will really give it that beautiful light amber honey color here soon I think I am just going to invest in a vacuum chamber you can get a great kit on eBay for about 350 if I'm going to make this for other people I want it to be as pure and healthy as possible I've always thought negatively tawords using butane to make an extraction but if done correctly I belive it can be safe and unharmful to use.
  8. So with what saxo said is it all frozen material period. Or just not WET FROZEN material.
  9. How do you make your oil midnight? I've heard about blasting straigh into water and heard the same thing you dud but it lowers the shelf life and potency from what I have heard so that doesn't make it a fact. But me personally I'm a bubble hash man all the way but I make oil for the patients the dispensary down from my house loved the oil I made in California and took it all off ny hands for a good price and they want more so that us why I'm making it I asked if they would rather have bubble but they said no way. I don't get it but hey to each there own. I wonder why or how that could cause an explosion I'm glad you told me though I will just use it as I first intended for bubble hash.
  10. Also I have some wet frozen trim I was going to use for bubble hash but can I use this for bho?
  11. I ran one tube of some old blue dream trim I had and then a mixed tube of buds and trim came out smelling fantastic. How Kong do you water purge for? I did 2 baths then took it inside and purged it in a water bath of 162℉ for 65 minutes till it hardened up and I scraped it off I got about 6 grams from 46 grams.
  12. What should ny bud/trim look like after it is run through the tube with butane I still see an excess anmount of trichomes? Is that normal? I ran a 300ml bottle per ounce not to the T but roughly about that amount any tips are appreciated no complaints about the end product though first run came out dark and like Plato I have never seen thus second run came out great though both smell and taste great I will post pics soon I ran colibri premium butane I have heard good things and it's only 70 for a case! At the little market 2 blocks away.
  13. Yes beachbud I make that aswell takes about an hour but that is for taking it orally. For smoking in the e-cig I skip that part and don't decarb. It or anything just let it sit for about a month the longer the better shaking it 4 times a day.
  14. Hey everyone so my friend has made this infused cannabis glycerin by taking his small pop corn nugs putting them into a jar and then adding glycerin and letting it sit for about 30 days shaking it a couple times a day. From there he puts it into his E-cig cartridge and you can smoke it now I feel a bit of a head change and feel more relaxed after smoking it but it's not very strong which is what he wanted but what I'm hoping someone can help me with. Is that does this work on a scientific level or thecnical level will the tic dissolve in just pure glycerin just by letting it sit in it for about a month?
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