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  1. I see hericules is gone. Will there be anymore Shack crosses or Shack coming up besides Shackzilla?
  2. Decriminilization in tx is county by county possesing over a gram of hash is mandatory mininum of 5 years but a qp of mj is a misdemenor depending what county and law enforcment agency catchs you. If its dps your likely to go to jail. Hardly decriminalized in my opinion as more of the cali crowd turn tx blue possible not under perry or greg abbot though
  3. I use monterey insect spray with spinosad on my greenhouse crops its omri listed and is safe to use week before harvest
  4. I would suggest trying coco next run it has a natural resistance to pythium and other diseases and is super forgiving.
  5. Not sure how you grow but my sp had similiar looking problem ended up being to much K making Mg unaivailible i grow dtw coco
  6. texcan55


    Wow Nice work beaker you saved me countless hours wading through bs on other forums thanks
  7. texcan55


    Thanks Beaker great info how well did the scions grow after healing? I have a sugarpunch cut i have been preserving well over a year that has seemed to lost its vigor It looks like grafting is a viable solution. I dont think the sex of the rootstock matters but im not sure I guess its time to experiment
  8. texcan55


    Has anyone tried grafting to rootstock instead of cloning. my tomatoes take a couple of weeks to recover about the same time as a clone to root and there is definantly added vigor as well as disease resistance compared to a cutting.
  9. mad shack was a freebee but I would certainly pay for her first strain I ever grew from sannies havent grown anything not sold here since
  10. Congresss doesnt have to abide by the laws they create so Im sure there is a loophole for the govt to collect revenue while keeping all options open to prosecute retailers if they so desire
  11. cash preorders would be cool would rather send a lot of cash at once thru fedex than small sums through postal service. Last few years i have always recieved seeds but cash hasnt always made it. Regardless i will always be a sannie customer
  12. DTW coco in 5 gal smart pot for simplicity.. dwc to grow monsters fast if you have the right enviroment
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