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  1. I can't believe they havent figured out a way to process credit cards.
  2. colt91

    sugar punch

    I've grown sugar punch on 3 occasions. Each time only 1 good pheno than two complete haze type plants. But that pheno has been complete 10/10 each time.
  3. Anything in the pipeline sannie? Anything coming thats gonna blow our minds in late 2016 early 2017?
  4. colt91

    Selene scrog

    Awesome strain awesome setup. Any other selene pictures?
  5. My mites are acting up again! I just pollinated about a week ago but i can see the pods starting to form. If i spray miticide (malathion, pyrethrins or apple juice) will it have any adverse effects? My gut says spraying anything on them at this point could hurt the seeds but i don't know.. Thank you
  6. I am curious to your guys beliefs regarding optimal NPK ratios in flowering .If its week by week or you have a general rule of thumb I'd love to hear it. I have been researching different plants heavily and all of my research has pointed to N and K being far more important than P. With basically everyone except pot growers deciding bloom bosters are a marketing scam. In my experience so far I can tell no difference when i use them and i usually prescribe to a 1-2-3 after week two until finish maybe adding some bloom booster weeks 5 and 6 but i can never really tell a difference. Im really tempted to test out a 2-1-3 or 2-2-3 but I dont want to waste 3 months of my life on a bad grow. Any advice?
  7. Awesome thread. Ive got some stuff cooking right now. Selene x sugar punch, herijuana fugu kush and afghani. I lost my last killing fields and sannies jack seeds i almost cried. I really dont want to order again but i want that purple killing field for future breedings. My selene father did have purple pollen sacks so we'll see.
  8. Herijuana fugu has huge potental as well so i could cross that on girl scout cookies and gorilla glue to get some knock out indicas with interesting flavors
  9. So quick update. My breedings ended up being Selene male x sugar punch, fugu kush, afghani and herijuana Separately we had Herijuana x selene, sugae punch, fugu and afghani When this is done we are going to mix pollen with some elite clones. Most likely my fugu berry x girl scout cookies, gorilla glue and grand daddy purp but i also have a chem 4 blue dream that i wanna work in there somehow. 2016 is a big year.
  10. If you have an unlimited supply of hybrid or sat-dom seeds this is the only way to grow. Yes you will yield less per plant BUT the plants usually grow in a fashion that will allow you to fit more in the same space. Under an HID 1oz each is easy and you can get 1-2 per sq ft. If it is pure indica you'll probably end with about a half o or so. If i vegged a plant for 1 month from seed i could probably only fit 2 in a 4x4 so idk how you guys do it. With just a little bit of planning you could utilize 12/12 from seed to increase your yield. Google perpetual from seed and read the success stories.
  11. Bump for update? There are some goodies but im curious of any new rumors?
  12. Yeah when i order my fugu kush they sent me an og kush fem pack and an original afghani as freebies. So the fugu (blowfish x bubba) is gonna sprinkle some of its dust on an afghani. Im really curious to see how that comes out. The selene x heri and selene x sugar punch i think both have holy grail potential for different reasons. The next three months are gonna be epic.
  13. Yeah imagine someone else chewed up skittles then you smelled up the after product hahaha Thats all i needed to hear. Probably the male will be the selene.
  14. What's the blowfish like? The fugu is so different then any bubba I've ever worked with. I crossed it with jackberry pollen. Soooooo good. Smells and tastes like chewed up skittles.
  15. So my next breeding should be starting in about 2 weeks. 2 sepetate and simultaneous breedings going at once #1 fugu kush male x sugar punch , herijuana, chem #4, blue dream #2 selene male x fugu, sugar punch. Maybe a herijuana. I cant decide if that would be a good cross. So far i have found fugu kush to be a very strong breeder but ive only used its females. We will see if the father can produce consistent good results. I think fugu kush x sugar punch is going to be my holy grail and my personal magnum opus. If i can get its flavor and herijuanas indica potency that will take the world by storm as well. Wish me luck
  16. So your telling me hang a bare bulb in a tent and it will be better than an adjust a wing AND 15 degrees cooler????
  17. Ok so ive read through this thread and im amazed. I am about to makebthe jump from the 600w in a 4x4 to 5x5 1000w tent. I like to grow SOG type single cola plants. Is there anyway to run a 1000w open hood or bare bulb and keep the temps inline. Idk if i have the electricity to support a ac unit just for this small grow. I was gonna do a big air cooled hood and just pull out air outside with ducting and a turbo fan Also i usually leave my tent open while the lights are on to help with heat as well
  18. As always controversial. As always extremely competent. Ive never grown fully organic n2ishun can you add synthetic to fill in blank spots or will that kill my established soil? Also insteado f adding everything seperately what about a product like this http://www.ebstone.org/products/eb-stone-organics?tab=fertilizersandspecialtyproducts Ingredients: Blood Meal, Feather Meal, Bone Meal, Dried Chicken Manure, Bat Guano, Alfalfa Meal, Kelp Meal, Potassium Sulfate, Humic Acids and Soil Microbes including Mycorrhizal Fungi. Maybe add some worm castings and have a solid soil for a grow. Will nutes kill my hard work?
  19. Which lucas formula are you referring to? 8ml micro 16ml bloom? 2.5-5-4.5 would be the approximate ratio by weight if my math is right. Not designed at all to veg plants BUT not too bad for flowering. As far as blanket general ratios for veg 2-1-3 and flower 1-2-3. Potassium is the key that holds it all together. Again those arent the exact ratios i personally use but for a general rule of thumb i like it. Sorry you had to learn the hard way my friend.
  20. Is ghash another name for g13xhashplant?
  21. N2ishun may be a little rude with his delivery but i often find myself agreeing with his points. Maybe they messed up and meant 600oz. Thats about 1.5lb per plant. Still respectable and seems much more reasonable. Not to say subcool is a bad breeder. My only problem with him is the absurd prices he charges. If he gave a shit he would sell for reasonable prices i would respect him more.
  22. This is always my problem lol now my buddy just went and got some chemdog 4, blue dream and romulan grapefruit. It would be a crime to not grow them out too much good genetics out there
  23. Thats what I mean it would be nice to just swap genetics with like minded people. Where does he sell his seeds? So far ive only ever ordered from sannie and cannazon. Ive heard of deep chunk before though
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