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  1. Sacred Plant Warrior i use Coinbase app to purchase the bitcoin. yes you buy it but the fee is cheaper than intenational shipping charges . so lets say you have a order thats $50 you would purchase $50 worth of bitcoin and then use that as the currency. it still costs you $50 but its only like .00123 bitcoin due to the high value of bitcoin at the moment. you would choose bitcoin as the payment option and after the order is finished you email Sannies and they send you a address to send the bitcoin to (basiclly a wire transfer) in the coinbase app you can send bitcoin, input the info sannie sends you and hit send. takes a day or 2 for the transaction to post and they send the seeds. Bitcoin value changes constantly(think stock market but there is no close, its value changes 24/7 so its better to add more money than you will need because because if you buy just what you need for the order it might drop in value and leave you with not enough money to complete order. or it may go up in value and now that $50 you bought is now $70. it ussually takes a few days after purchasing bitcoin for it to become accesable for you to spend, the money has to clear from the bank account you used to purchase it. i see you are in Guam so i dont know what apps are available there but there are others besides Coinbase.
  2. Chuckys bride F2. I can't trim for shit
  3. Plants are trimmed and jarred. Little one was not quite a Oz. Would have been a Oz if I was not a shitty impatience trimmer , alot of the smaller buds I sent to the hash pile could have been trimmed if I didn't hate trimming. Big girl was 2.2 oz and again I sent alot of the smaller buds to the hash pile. Probably a 1/4 oz worth. This is far more than my personal use will need. That chuckys bride smell is something else. Got 3 eraser sized balls of finger hash and quarter sized piece of kief collected in my trim tray. I used the 120 micron screen the tray has as a first pass collection with all my trim. Going to do a gumby hash wash run this weekend. Those trics take the smell up a notch once you start pressing and heating them together.
  4. im just get happy to get a Amazon order delivered within a week from ordering anymore. 2 day shipping my ass
  5. plants are cut and hanging. they are some stanky ladies after inspection of the root ball a couple take aways i would do differently next time. 1) BIGGER BUCKETS, probably veg them in the 1 gallons and flower out a cutting to find my girls and transfer those to a 3 gallon bucket prior to flower. the last few weeks the daily waterings were getting real old. 2) up osmocote from 60g to 90g. pretty much all the CRF balls were gone except for the stuff i added toward the top in flower, definetly led to some issues on my big plant. found some other grows where they used up to 120g without any burn issues. being controlled release makes it fairly safe when it comes to how much you add. 3) dont use dry bloom booster fertilizers, pretty much made a matted sludge at the top of the container which made watering difficult toward the end of the grow. i add a liquid booster next time of i go this route again. Thank you to everyone who joined in, followed along and helped me with some advise when needed , much appreciated. now got to decide my next grow have it narrowed down to Holy Princess Blueberry Quintessa Bluechem f2 Huck n Heri x Perkins cut BX Caramel Candy Kush not very narrowed down at all lol also have to decide if i want to run the hempy buckets again or organic soil grow. have a bag of Build A Soil i need to do something with. just dont know if i want to deal with bugs, seems like whenever i have dealt with soil grows in the past pests were always a issue.
  6. Hi Shoeless, I selected the Huck n 'Heri X Perkins cut BX freebies from sannies and was wondering if you could tell me alittle about them. size,flower time, yield , effect.
  7. Did the Holy Princess plants get scrapped? been trying to figure what of my seed bank to grow out next.
  8. Chopping Saturday morning. Been flushing half a gallon of plain ro water every day this week. Been defoliating and trimming some everyday because I hate trimming all at once. Pretty much all done. Rock hard buds. These LEDs are so much better than my old panel I used 6 years ago. 250 total watts between the 2 panels.
  9. 51 days since flip, 46 days since pistils. Buds fattening up nicely. Each plant gets 1/2 gallon of plain ro water with hydroguard. Plan on cutting out the hydroguard at day 50.
  10. day 46 of flower, had to do some extensive wiring on the big plant, branches were falling over taking up most of the tent space. Smell is full on mode, took awhile for it to show up but it has showed up with a vengeance. no amount of washing can remove the smell from my fingers after wiring and light leaf stripping.
  11. I never send cash in the mail. I used bitcoin on my last purchase and it was a quick transaction
  12. are the Strawberry XL going to be available at Sannies?
  13. Decided to give my little one the cover model treatment, she hasn't been getting much photo love so far. So frosty even the fan leaves are getting some trics. Definitely a much different smell than what I remembered when I grew CB originally. The offspring Definitely not as strong as a smelling. I can take these out of the tent without my house smelling. Straight up smells like a IPA . Very hoppy smell. From what I remember of the original grow it was more skunky cheese smell.
  14. do you all count flower days from day of flip or day when it starts to flower? took about a week for these to show sex after flipping the light schedule.
  15. just bought Blueberry Quintessa, looking forward to see how these turn out .
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