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  1. those Electric Skys are being put to work, plants look great. I was eyeballing one of them for my tent but went the cheap route with a mars hydro and spiderfarmer quantum boards.
  2. Well shits been pretty wild here in the land of 10,000 lakes that last few days so on to the fun stuff. Got the new light and it's now bright as fuck in the tent. For 250 total combined watts between the 2 lights I'm quite impressed (found out my Mars hydro light had been running at around 80% power since I got it. When I put the spider farmer in the tent which is 50w less powerful it was alot brighter so I investigated the Mars hydro light). Everything looking good
  3. Day 25 of flower. Giving the runt till Sunday to prove to me she doesn't deserve to go to the compost bin. Very small and flowers are pretty much non existent, all leaf. However the big girl is back to normal, back to drinking water like crazy. Flowers have almost no smell currently, since it's been 6 years I can't remember when they started smelling.
  4. So the girls are boucing back from the trim. Was getting worried about the little one the day after, she did not look well leaves were heavly drooped. Ordered a spider farmer sf 1000 to replace my old purple led light, I think most of the wattage for that light is to run all the fans. Should hopefully be hear next week, sometimes I wonder why I still pay for Amazon subscription since 2day shipping is non existent anymore. Going to give them one more plain water fill tommorow then this weekend I'm going to add a tablespoon of Dr. Earth bud and bloom dry fertilizer to the buckets.
  5. how is Black Afghani? i have been checking for restock on those compulsively
  6. my favorite plant when it came to ease of trim was TGA Jilly Bean, think it was my 2nd second grow and it took me no time to trim. compared to my next grow which was sensi Seed afganni #1 which was a leaf nightmare(great smoke though). Jilly Beans smell during grow was something to remember. every time i opened my grow closet it was a overwhelming smell of ripe fruit. Sad to hear he passed, back in the day my trim days i would watch his weed nerd youtube videos. are his genetics going the way of the Dodo or is someone continuing his stuff?
  7. Alright, watched some videos and decided to go for it. This grow has been experimental and contrary to everything I use to follow when I grew before . Using controlled release fertilizer pellets in a hempy buckets has been working great so why not experiment with another technic.
  8. thats quite the root system! do you take off all the fan leaves? i have been leaving 1 fan leaf at each node removing the ones that were directed in the middle of the plant and keeping the outer ring fan leaves
  9. so this is probably a stupid question but i had been reading about using sprouted seed teas on plants so i am sprouting some popcorn seed currently to make the tea for my house plants and outdoor veggie garden. is it at all beneficial in a hempy bucket grow? im assuming no since there is nothing in the perlite to feed.
  10. A few more pics out of the LED light. Been using bonsai wire to pull branches down and to form branch structure. For .20 cents worth of fertilizer I'm quite pleased with the outcome so far. I'm really contemplating culling the small girl, if the big girl keeps spreading out at the rate she is.
  11. So it's been 6 years since I grew last according to my post log so I decided to go back to the strain I ended with Chucky's Bride. These are from seed stock I produced during my grow. I started with 7 plants and ended up with 2 females. Funny enough it's the same as the last time, one plant is super stretchy and lanky and the other is super compact with very little stretch. Vegged for 4 weeks and currently just finishing 2nd week since flip. Super cropped and tied down with some fan leaf removal. I wanted something so easy a caveman could do it so these are being grown in 1 gallon all perlite hempy buckets. Each bucket has 60g of omsocote plus controlled release fertilizer granules . Water only grow, saw some grow reports about this stuff working seed to harvest so I figured I would give it a go. So far they are growing like champs, no deficiencies and they look great. I may add some Dr earth bud and bloom top dress mid flower . 32" x32" tent with a full spectrum Mars hydro ts1000 and my old purple led panel for lighting.
  12. hopefully Bitcoin keeps going up. i bought enough a week ago in anticpation for restock and im currently up $40 from when i bought.
  13. thanks for the reply. just getting back into things after 5 years off so i have no starting point yet, currently running perlite hempy buckets with time release ferts just to get something going but want to get back to organic soil grows next round of plants. been looking through the forum for recipes.
  14. normally i grow in 1 gal pots till they show sex then transplant females to 3 gallon smart pots. with buffertablets would i start with 1 one tablet in the 1 gallon conatiner and add additional tablets to the 3 gallon bag when i transplant? i dont normally veg long after transplant, a week or so for the plant to recover. or are the buffer tablets mainly for vegging.
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