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  1. I like both the mars hydro and the spider farmer for what I'm doing. Obviously I don't know weights yet but really good light output and heat issues are non existent. I have grown cfl, t5 , hps and led and for personal stash grows I think it's pretty hard to beat. 250w of light between the 2 lights. The tent would be high 60s lights off and 81-84 lights on depending on how much my furnace is running. I know the discription of Sannies Jack is 11-13 weeks but from the other grow journels I had read about Jack is that the long flower phenos are pretty much bred out by now.
  2. Day 77, 11 weeks and I'm giving up, trics won't amber up. Now the hard part of not having them dry out too quick , left the pots in the tent and set up a humidifier outside the tent next to the air intake.
  3. Day 56 of flower, 8 weeks down. Bumped to 1.5 tsp of jack's bloom last watering. Ordered some jack's 5-12-26 so will be switching to that for the next week or 2 then plain water for the last week. From what I have seen in grow reports it should be 11 weeks for these to finish since the 13 week variant has pretty much been phased out in the f9s. Hopefully the one on the far right has another 3 weeks in her. These buds are hard , never had flowers this solid, theres no give when you give them a pinch. The smell is nothing to right home about after growing Chucky Bride but it does have a pleasant citrus smell. I'm ready for these to be done, I don't have the patience for sativa's .
  4. what LED company did you go with or is it a pure DIY build?
  5. Been awhile since a update. Today marks 5 weeks of flower so half way there . Flowers are starting to stack. Thinking of doing some late flower defoliation at week 7. From what I have read about sannies jack is that at this point it's a 9 week plant but you don't want to cut it early or it will be super racy. Plan on letting this go til heavy amber. I also have 3 carolina reaper and 1 scorpion pepper plants going. Started 1 reaper and 1 scorpion In a Kratky hydro set up(there's nutrient solution up to the bottom of the solo cups with roots growing in the solution, basiclly DWC without airstones, I was skeptical that it would work but so far it's doing well. Also planted 2 reapers in inverted planters by a south window to see how they do. I like experiments.
  6. https://youtu.be/R7AKPgBB_R4 heres a video of what to look for and do
  7. does your furnace cycle off and on repeatedly and not light the burners? if so there is a flame probe sensor that you can clean with a piece of steel wool or scour pad. it just rod that is positioned to be in the burners that has a wire connected to it, just remove the screw and slide the probe out and scrub it with the steel wool or scour pad.
  8. 20 days of 12/12. Defoliated on day 16. Added some wire bracing to try to spread out the branches. If I do this again I will allow for more growth between toppings to get more space. I have high hopes for the one in the middle, from previous pictures in the thread it was the left plant but I moved it to the middle to get more light . the other 2 don't look like they are going to produce much but who knows I may be wrong, they just did not stretch much at all with the flip.
  9. so i do trim off all side branches? do i wait till the end of stretch or clip them now?
  10. Been awhile since a update. Took awhile but finally have All 3 confirmed female. I did a heavy defoliation day 2 of flower. Watered today for the last time with jack's 20/20/20 and switching to the flower nutrient next watering. Slight tip burn in the leaves. You are suppose to remove all side branching for this correct? I should only have 8 main flowering branches and all side branching removed?
  11. Well idk what im doing wrong but plants are looking rough. I'm getting nitrogen toxicity claw on one plant and new growth on all plants are looking off, growth has slowed down significantly and so is water intake. I think I didn't add enough perlite to the Promix in the lower 1/3 of the bags, the bottom 1/3 of the bags are wet to the touch. I have alot of roots In the rezs but I'm wondering if the bulk of my roots in the bag are suspect. I moved a fan to blow directly on the bags on high and I'm going to go a few days before watering again. I don't think I will fill past the first line anymore since when I switched to filling to the 2nd line is when things went down hill. Was going to give them a few more weeks of veg but I'm flipping flower today.
  12. I ended up pulling the one , so down to 3 plants, 1 confirmed female(middle plant) and 2 that have not even hinted at sex yet. Last topping done just waiting to get them to grow out a bit before flipping. Still getting some leaf curl and was looks like something eating a hole in some leaves. I dumped the rez on the far left today and refilled with plain water with the hydroguard and cal/mag. Will probably do the same with the other 2 when they need a new watering. Some tip burn so not sure if the leaf curl is from over fertilizing or not.
  13. i dont see a scrog screen or net, that pretty damn impressive footprint coverage
  14. Now that the plants have grown back I'm back onboard with the mainline, just sucked seeing them so small after cutting back the plants. Update, removed one confirmed male. Middle back plant is only confirmed female. Far left plant has me puzzled. Added pictures of the preflowers for help. They are pointed like a female preflowers but no pistil. There are also round like a ball so I'm confused. Preflowers always seem to mess with my head on what I'm looking at. Upped to 1.5 tsp of Jack's(7.5g) 2 tsp of cal mag and 2 ml of hydroguard. Foliar spray with liquid seaweed mix.
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