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  1. pulled the runt today, upper left hand corner plant, it was smaller than the 2 plants that are a week younger and well behind the 3 other plants it was started with. moved one of the 3 gallon smart pots to the empty octopot rez.
  2. Added the 2nd led panel so we have the spiderfarmer on the left and the mars hydro on the right. Both are running full power. Mix is 1/2 teaspoon of Jack's, 1 tsp of cal mag and 2ml of hydroguard. Will keep this till I get roots in the rez then bump up to 1tsp of Jack's.
  3. the 2 smart pots are 3 gallon and the 4 octopot bags are the 6 gallon. Even though they are the 3 gallon rez version they still came with the 6 gallon grow bags. It was alot easier to fill the modified smart pot over their bags because the smart pots seem to hold their shape more. as you can see from my pic my bags look like a Italian structure in Pisa. hopefully i get one female in each type of bag so i can put them up against each other. if they work well i will probably buy some 5 gallon smart pots to replace the octobags.
  4. I decided to try to make some ghetto octos , cut the bottom off of a couple 5 gallon buckets and used some old 3 gallon smart pots. The my fit pretty much perfect. Cut a notch in the top of the basin to allow watering without completely removing the grow bag. Will use a chop stick to check water depth.
  5. yeah they spent a week in the starter cups before transplant. no these are regular seeds so hoping for 1 or 2 females. i was hoping to get 2 of these side by side in the tent but the frame of the tent is counted as part of the 24" footprint so to get them in so i had to sit the one pot on a stack of plastic lids to even out the height of the tent frame. so question about watering. filled up rez to the first line yesterday and today the bobbers were all the way down which wasnt a surprise, i filled the bags a week ago when i thought i was going to plant the seed in the bag right away so the mix was pretty dry. anyways i filled them back up to the first line again today but noticed there was still probably 3/4 of a gallon of water in the rez even thought he bobber was completely down. Do you guys water as soon as the bobber goes down or when the rez is truly empty?
  6. Got 4 in the octopots. The other 2 will go into 1 gallon smart pots for now. Top watered 1/2 gallon at 1/2 tsp of Jack's. Added 1.5 gallons of the mix to each rez which brought them up to the 1st line on the bobber. Installed new 4" inline fan , pretty small and made of plastic not what I was expecting, we will see if it holds up when the carbon filter gets attached . Right now I just have the spiderfarmer 1000 for light, may add the mars hydro next week.
  7. im going to follow what you posted in my octopot thread im currently using the 20/20/20 and will use that through 2 weeks in flower then switch to the 10/30/20 for the seedlings i just went with 1/4 tsp to a gallon of water and wetted the promix in the starter pots. i will go 1/2 tsp first watering when i transfer to the octos then 1 tsp from there on out.
  8. got my new 2'x4' tent set up. spent some extra money on a secret jardin tent since it had the extra height over the amazon 2x4 tents. tent was well worth the extra money compared to my other tents i have. 4 jacks are just starting to get thier first leaves. 2 jacks i planted later have sprouted but havent broke the surface yet. 1 uzbeck i removed form the shell and planted looks like it might make it. will post picks once i get my new 4" fan and get everything looking nice.
  9. no, i just recieved them. i had saw that there were issues with them in the USC thread.
  10. so the Uzbeks wouldnt break free of their shells, tried breaking them out of the shell and maybe got one out fine that i planted back into starter cup. popped a couple more sannies jacks so now i have 6 jacks and 1 possible uzbek. the jacks will go into the octos and if the Uzbek makes it i will plant into smart pots for the run.
  11. a question for octopot vets. first water you full soak via top watering then just maintain resevior after that. do you also add water to the res that first day when you top water or wait?
  12. So after reading so many great grow reports featuring octopots i had to give them a try. bought a 6 pack of the 3 gallon. so after thumbing through my seed vault, buying more seeds and generally having no idea what i wanted to grow i finally decided to go with Sannies jack and USC Uzbekistan. the 4 jacks have germinated in the towel and the 3 Uzbekistan are just starting to crack it looks like. im going to start them out in a some small garden plant containers till they get their first set of true leaves before transplanting to the octos. bought a new 2'x4' tent that should be here thursday. For fert i will be using Jacks dry fert. Thinking im going to make a attempt to mainline these plants. They will be under a mars hydro ts1000 and a spider farmer SF1000
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