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  1. So I must have pissed off the growing gods. Could not get any of my silverfields seeds to germinate. Moved onto ouzbekistan from USC. 4 of 6 germinated but only 1 of the 4 that germinated have shown any growth since planting. Had to physically crack the seeds open because the shells were so thick the seedlings werent able to escape. So then tried 4 Black Afghani from usc. Got 1 of those 4 to germinate. Have a couple more trying to germinate currently. Idk what's going on , 2 out of 15 seeds with a viable seedling.. I have never had issues germinating seeds before.
  2. Well time to start another grow. Going to give octopots another go. I will be running 3 pots with 3 feminized silverfields. I was thinking of trying a all perlite sleeve in one of the octopots. Not sure if that would work or not. I was thinking like a hybrid hempy bucket but wondering if it would dry out superfast being in the cloth bag. Any input would be great. Going to be using the urban farms vegetable fert for veg and then switch to garden of eden for flower. Order a new light, electric sunshine 180, it's on sale through September if you were looking at getting one. Was going to go with the 300 for my 2x4 tent but they are backlogged. No pics yet, seeds are soaking and need to clean the tent.
  3. I think it would be really dependent on where you live and seasons. In the winter I only get 8-9 hours of sunshine a day. I'm sure with enough panels and storage batteries you could make it work but that could get costly. I would look at your electric bills and see how much you are averging to get a idea of the system size you would been.
  4. Dried, trimmed and jarred. 4oz of the smelliest shit I have ever smelt. I thought chuckys bride was a stinker. Last week of flower and during the hang dry my carbon filter could not keep up. Even now when I empty jars during cure I have to put the buds back in the tent with the carbon filter because just 10 mins out this morning my entire house still stunk when I got home from work 8 hours later. Chucky had denser flowers , these are a little airy but not bad. I'm telling you all perlite hempy buckets with osmocote crf fertilizer is a very easy way to grow with good results. I didn't have any issues this grow. Only additives I used was cal/mag since I was using RO water and hydroguard. Also 1 tsp of Jacks bloom booster for 3 waterings during weeks 5 and 6 of flower(Definitely not needed I just had it on hand and decided to give it a go) Never tested or adjusted PH or anything, no deficiencies just happy plants all grow. Definitely helped having the bigger buckets this grow,, the one gallon buckets from the chucky grow caused alot of issues.. This grow outperformed my previous grow with octopots.
  5. Also looks like I may have some inadvertent seeds. I didn't poke around to deeply since I did just a quick trim removing large leaves. Found some popped bananas. Doesn't really matter to me since it's all personal use and I vape everything. I actually hope to find some seeds.
  6. Got them chopped and hanging. I dry in my tent. I have the exhaust fan at its lowest setting. Do you guys have any other fans going if you dry in tents? Currently I have a small fan turning on for 15 mins every hour. Would it be better to just leave it off and use the exhaust fan as the only air circulation in the tent?
  7. Day 51 of flower. Could have chopped them today, mostly cloudy with 15-20 amber and still some clear tric. to give them one more water and plan on cutting them on Wednesday. Decided against revegging.
  8. So a question about revegging. You cut the tops off and leave some small bud sites from the bottom of the stems and then turn the lights back to 18/6 correct? Then do you just takes clones from the reveg and make a mother plant?
  9. Day 42 I fed with jacks 5-12-26 twice this week and now going back to plain water for the remainder of the grow. Some of the pistils are going orange so I'm guessing maybe 2 more weeks. Will be removing fan leaves tomorrow. The smell on these plants is regoddamndiculous. Reminds me of Jilly bean from TGA, fruity bubblegum. Starting to feel bad about not being able to make seeds and save this strain.
  10. I got these seeds as freebies. Probably a stupid question but Is this a pure cbd strain or is there thc as well? What's the effect you get when smoked?
  11. Day 35 of flower. So far running on only the osmocote CRF granuales as fertilizer. Today's water I added 1/2 teaspoon of Jack's bloom and see how it handles it. I do have the Jack's pk boost which I may add in a week if this feed doesn't show any over fertilization issues. Plants are growing like champs.
  12. I have a big enough seedbank to not really care about losing this strain. As long as I have my stash of Chucky's bride f2 Im fine. Plus I have so many strains I haven't grown out that I'm not going to mess around with revegging .
  13. Lazy mainline, I basiclly topped and grew out like a X with 4 branches and then topped once more. I let whatever was coming up and not I the way of others go. One plant was growing sideways so I had to improvise.
  14. They are going well. 21 days of flower and smelly , just defoliated them today. Only ended up with 2 girls and unfortunately the male I selected to keep to make seeds just stopped drinking and growing and wilted away . gave up today and threw him in the compost bin so unfortunately this strain will be lost for me. I will upload some pics when lights come on. It wasn't that I didn't like the Octopots, they worked fine, absolute thickest stems I have ever seen on a plant, but I really like the simplicity of this water only hempys bucket. I got the same return with 2 plants in hempys vegged for 1 month than I did with 3 plants in Octopots vegged for 2 months. I will admitt that I was experimenting with a new style of growing(tried mainlining for the first time) so I don't really blame the Octopots for the low output because there's plenty of evidence that they grow monsters on this forum. I think I was just trying too many new things at once(Octopots, new nutes, new growing style). I will probably give them another go next round , will add more perlite to my promix next time, I think my mix was staying too wet toward the bottom, roots werernt growing into the resovoir like I see in most grows, they were coiled around the bottom of the grow bag.
  15. I have had these seeds in my fridge for many many years and finally decided to pop them. My last run with Octopots wasn't a great one, apparently I'm the only person who can fail them. I decided to go back to hempys buckets. These are 2 gal buckets 100% perlite. Water only grow using 4 tbps of osmocote plus CRF fertilizer pellets mixed in the media. I may add some jacks bloom later flower. Using RO water with 1 tsp of calmag and 2ml of hydroguard per gallon Started April 1st so 1 month of veg. Probably going to flip Sunday depending on the growths of my last toppings. I'm really bad at determining preflowers, it looks like 4 girls and 1 male which is perfect because i want to make some seeds to preserve this strain in my seed vault.
  16. I like both the mars hydro and the spider farmer for what I'm doing. Obviously I don't know weights yet but really good light output and heat issues are non existent. I have grown cfl, t5 , hps and led and for personal stash grows I think it's pretty hard to beat. 250w of light between the 2 lights. The tent would be high 60s lights off and 81-84 lights on depending on how much my furnace is running. I know the discription of Sannies Jack is 11-13 weeks but from the other grow journels I had read about Jack is that the long flower phenos are pretty much bred out by now.
  17. Day 77, 11 weeks and I'm giving up, trics won't amber up. Now the hard part of not having them dry out too quick , left the pots in the tent and set up a humidifier outside the tent next to the air intake.
  18. Day 56 of flower, 8 weeks down. Bumped to 1.5 tsp of jack's bloom last watering. Ordered some jack's 5-12-26 so will be switching to that for the next week or 2 then plain water for the last week. From what I have seen in grow reports it should be 11 weeks for these to finish since the 13 week variant has pretty much been phased out in the f9s. Hopefully the one on the far right has another 3 weeks in her. These buds are hard , never had flowers this solid, theres no give when you give them a pinch. The smell is nothing to right home about after growing Chucky Bride but it does have a pleasant citrus smell. I'm ready for these to be done, I don't have the patience for sativa's .
  19. what LED company did you go with or is it a pure DIY build?
  20. Been awhile since a update. Today marks 5 weeks of flower so half way there . Flowers are starting to stack. Thinking of doing some late flower defoliation at week 7. From what I have read about sannies jack is that at this point it's a 9 week plant but you don't want to cut it early or it will be super racy. Plan on letting this go til heavy amber. I also have 3 carolina reaper and 1 scorpion pepper plants going. Started 1 reaper and 1 scorpion In a Kratky hydro set up(there's nutrient solution up to the bottom of the solo cups with roots growing in the solution, basiclly DWC without airstones, I was skeptical that it would work but so far it's doing well. Also planted 2 reapers in inverted planters by a south window to see how they do. I like experiments.
  21. https://youtu.be/R7AKPgBB_R4 heres a video of what to look for and do
  22. does your furnace cycle off and on repeatedly and not light the burners? if so there is a flame probe sensor that you can clean with a piece of steel wool or scour pad. it just rod that is positioned to be in the burners that has a wire connected to it, just remove the screw and slide the probe out and scrub it with the steel wool or scour pad.
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