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  1. Oh sorry for the confusion. The C99! Just curious how much of your 1,20m height you're actually using.
  2. Just a last question, how big did the plants get in the end?
  3. Ok, will mix some blue in there then Keep up your LED experiments!
  4. Indica and Sativa both! Thanks for the advice, I'll try my luck with warm white and red.
  5. Love your grows! You really seem to have gotten the hang out of LED lighting I'm thinking about building LED arrays for myself (25W for 30x30cm area), my idea was to go full spectrum with 6 WW and 2 NW Cree XM-Ls with lenses but seeing that you're using a small amount of white LEDs and supplementing each with red and blue, I'm wondering if I'm maybe using the wrong approach. Could you give me advice on this? Also, how many grams did you harvest?
  6. Dear admin, please be merciful!

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