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  1. Howzit Lat33n yeah man, glad you have some beautiful memories of hawaii. I've been to a lot of places around the world and I still miss coming back to hawaii and spending time. Aloha dubya-P-dubya! so happy to see you around again and glad you enjoy! Cool shots jwf!! some frosty gear to smoke this new year Hey Zanzi..happy to see you out and about with the cam in the back yard. Its been unusually warm this winter in the desert...like 81 degrees the other day up here...wtf? The nights have been nice though. I'll hit you back on the other place. Aloha my friend. Hey e$kobar my friend, hope you and the family are staying warm over there and had a wonderful new year! A few more shots of my travels..got to do some fishing from shore. We call this fish a nenue in hawaiian. This one got let go as did everything that was caught for future generations to enjoy. A view from the coast Aloha from the big island of hawaii
  2. Great to see you rolling forward my friend. Your bubble cloner concept has been working out nicely over here. Aloha
  3. Ups and downs my braddah..don't sweat it. Still gonna have some kind looking variety to burn in the new year. I concur with indi..let them dry and flush them with plain water and see what happens..maybe a light follow up dose with molasses/sucanat sugar and water to feed the beneficials. So what if the fan leaves are fucked..we want the flowers. aloha and happy new year my friend
  4. Stadium styleeee action aloha my friend
  5. http://youtu.be/LUko--M2hs0 http://youtu.be/r4PHgAibP8Q
  6. Aloha from the big island of hawaii
  7. howzit coot, yeah brah, black gold works out. Plus I can find it at other stores that don't sell lights and hydro stuff. A Tan local guy with black shades cruising out of a grow shop with bags of fox farm or roots organic stands out here in AZ..what would you think I was growing? I'll have to check that epsoma plant tone out when i'm at the home depot. For what ever reason I find myself there often..kinda like costco. I'm gonna be down there in a few days brah...can't wait to burn some hawaiian outdoor. Aloha
  8. howzit coot Yeah, I tried roots organic soil and it worked alright. I like their version of coco fiber..works good in the 50/50 soil and coco mix. I don't see them selling their coco anymore though. I like black gold soil and its a bit cheaper. I think they change their formula because I saw that they added some time release ferts in it now. Maybe its just the one i saw recently. Check this stuff out if you have not already tried it. Planet natural/rainbow mix grow They sell it in a bloom version as well. Aloha
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