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  1. Yeah havnt grown much sativa plants around here lately... Mainly indica dominant. Super lemon haze did ģreat but not so rainy here But the rain makes em grow realy fast
  2. Yes man, I wonder about this too! @Ganjafarmer where in the tropics are you?
  3. Yeah I got an Amnesia Haze doing great also.
  4. Hey man, you might wanna try something like c99. I'm growing 1 now and it is doing great in the heat and is flowering pretty fast.
  5. Looking real good toker!!! I just germinated some aztec rain to flower outdoors in a couple of weeks, you got any good tips?
  6. So guys just to wrap it up, I ended with about 45 grams about 1.5oz of dried bud, and lost about 2-3 grams due to rot. The effect was surprisingly good, mostly in the head as espected, but has some body to, about 75% to 25% i'd say, keeps building/creeping and I really liked the high. Not much taste,just a little hazey! I do no feel like i did this strain justice and would grow it again at some point. Till here for this report guys, got other (undocumented) strains growing so maybe I'll do a quick report when they are done!
  7. Thanks Bonez. I took a little small bud about 2 weeks before i harvested the plant. Quick dried in 2-3 days,and then smoked. Not much taste,just fresh green weed,but the effect was surprisingly good,it kept building up for about 20min. Did nos last super long tough,about 1,5hours. The hash making will be for another time since I don't have the "tools" right now and gonna order them in the future.
  8. Guys sorry about not giving updates very often. It has rained quite allot these days and i have been busy. Today i got news, I have harvested the top half/main bud of the plant. Perhaps it could have gone a couple more days but decided to harvest due to a little spot of mold I found. SpeedHaze after 9weeks: And here the top bud after i chopped it of: Bad news is i found spider mites on the buds Don't know what to do but gonna harvest the rest of the plant tomorrow!
  9. I planted one seed of this in the garden just for the fun of it. Completely neglected it,bad soil,no nutes. It stayed really small. The buds looked and smelled good. But because of how it was grown I completely underestimated it! I thought i wasn't gonna get so high...man I was wrong! I was more high/stoned then dealer weed got me. Really good strain!
  10. Hey guys I've been slacking to update this journal for a couple of reason, it's the rainy season,and has rained allot these days and since i'm looking to visit the plant as little as possible it was ideal, but i also have some bad news and if you noticed i wrote "plant" and not "plants". That's right, i went for a quick check up on the plants and 1 of them were missing. "Fortunately" it was the Fruity Chronic Juice. It kinda broke me temporarily. But this report isn't really about that strain so we can go on. Fortunately the Speed Haze wasn't exactly on the same spot as the FCJ, but it wasn't far away and I feared they would come back for the haze. I moved it/hide it a little bit more, it doesn't get the same amount of sun right now but that's the least of my worries now and i'm still a little bit "on my toes". I was a little bit down in the beginning but right now I kinda turned it around in a madness/will to put more plants! The Speed Haze is in the end of week 8 of flowering right now! Not sure how many weeks left but I think 2-3 weeks left. Pics coming one of these days! Thanks guys! Don't want to leave without pics so here are a couple of pics I could take of the last storm: And a local bridge Enjoy!!!
  11. Well 2 days after the storm the plants are doing fine although i think the buds of the Speed Haze could be bigger! Speed Haze week 7: And the Fruity Chronic Juice at 3 weeks flower:
  12. Hey guys what's up. Take a look at this following picture and text issued by the local Meteorological Department: "A few thunderstorms were located over the Paraguaná peninsula (Venezuela) and just south of Aruba. One thundershower was also located a little closer to the southwest of Curaçao. All these showers were moving from south to north and for now the weather in Curaçao should stay dry. We will keep you posted during the next few hours." Oh this info was so wrong and around 22:00 the wind started picking up, and we got a real heavy storm, worse then when hurricane Matthew passed by. It rained/stormed for hours (will post some pics later). I hope the plants are OK,no water for them today but i will check on them later.
  13. Thanks Mr.Dirt, I googled for budworm caterpillars and yeah, I think you have found/guessed right. It's not mold and I have found things similar to the google pics one time i was "messing" with that, so thank you for that! Another thing, what I'm growing is " real og",haha, no kush no nothing but what I mean by that is that it is grown very close to the ocean. So my question is, is the SEA breeze good for them, can I get too much salt accumulating on the plant and the soil?
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