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  1. Tiger

    New to bubble hash

  2. Tiger

    New to bubble hash

    Check out this vid of Frenchy Cannoli and his method. Its a little long, but worth the watch. This is the way I do it now. Most of the problems with green material are due to the buds not being dried. The trichs have got to cure on the front end or the back end. I have gotten much better results drying it out first and then running. Good Luck! How_to_make_Hash_with_Frenchy_Cannoli.mp4
  3. Tiger

    CC payment at the shop

    I tried the CC when Sannie first got it up and was declined. I just ordered again with CC and it went thru. I'm going to guess that if the billing address is not the same as the delivery address, it may get declined. If all the ducks are in a row, it usually works with CC's in general. Just my experience. Cash in an envelope works well too!
  4. Tiger

    Create a new word and its meaning

    JackHole - jackass, asshole
  5. The reason I'm getting a little burn is because I made my mix with a little Super Soil in the soil. I think some plants just don't need that much help. Just my 2c's.
  6. Gardenartus, I have found this to be true as well. The veg food works great. The bloom is slightly hot. I use 50% the recommended in veg and 30% in bloom.
  7. Ganjashaman,the only thing you need now is a quartz bucket and a torch and your rozins true flavor will come thru!
  8. Tiger

    Sannie's Seeds--recommend a strain

    Killing Fields during the day Shackzilla for evenings Anesthesia for pain and clear head Heri for sleep and pain
  9. Hey Jet. If you have a 5 gal smartpot hanging around, use it instead of those flimsy things they give with the octopot. They are shorter and it's easier for the roots to get there. Not to mention being a heck of a lot sturdier. I cut an X out of the bottom that fits the sleeve part and it fits perfect. Tiger
  10. Hey Jet, if you want an even better tasting hit, I suggest getting a quartz nail and using a torch on it. It takes the flavor and taste to a whole other level. Most of the guys on Hash Church use an insert on their titanium nails which gives the better taste. Enjoy Tiger
  11. Tiger

    Anyone See Indican?

    He's on IG. Nothing seems out of the ordinary there!
  12. Tiger

    Octopots for the Win

    Get some 5 gal smartpots and try one. I like the wider base and lower profile. It just feels more solid and doesn't require any extra support. Tiger
  13. Tiger

    Octopots for the Win

    No, it is supported by the net pot. I cut an x in the bottom of the 5 gal to fit the net post at the bottom. It wraps around the net pot and is secured on the lid. The lid is just as rigid as the octopot. I like the extra width with the 5 gal. It's much more solid than the one octopot gives you. I'm useing Jets modified supersoil blended with promix and trying the TTF out. It works wonders in veg. Tiger
  14. Tiger

    My Stuff

  15. Tiger

    Octopots for the Win

    I made two different ones. One is a ten gallon I made with a tote from walmart. The other i made with a busing tub. Got it at the restraunt supply. Its about 7 gallons. I need to transfer pics from my phone to upload from my pc. I'll see if I can do it. Tiger