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  1. Hey Papa, how did your blue moon magoo turn out?
  2. They look perfect! Be sure to give them good separation and you’ll have a bunch of fat 8 paks.
  3. I mainline practically every time. You'll be happy later on when they are nice and uniform and the same height. Keep training to a 4 pak and follow Nugbuckets tutorial.
  4. I have the exact same setup as you. Gardenartus you do not want to look directly at these lights, they are bright. Pleased to read about the fixtures life expectancy. On my first run with it and it kills it in my 5x5.
  5. I have one too! The HLG 600 is awesome!
  6. I agree. The faster the roots take hold the better the plants. Jet you should put both your cuts in one octopot and grow them up for perfect cuts. I take all my cuts from octopots now. They are supremely healthy and I have 100% roots on the clones.
  7. I’ve done it! Seeds grow into outstanding supremely healthy plants. I’ve done it a couple ways. First I just put a seed in one of my octopots that I had just cut down. The other, I started the seed in a rapid rooter and planted it as soon as the leaves started showing. Both ways are super effective. The growth of the seedlings is crazy.
  8. I personally don’t care for the original bags. I get 5 gallon smart pots and cut an x in the bottom. They are a little wider and have a lower profile. Still have 5 of the original bags that are untouched. I think they are a little too tall and that’s why I switched.
  9. Jet, go to Sannies shop and scroll down to the bottom of the page and he has a scrog grow with instructions.
  10. One thing I have added is putting an inch deep layer of sand on top. It keeps the bugs from coming out of the pro mix.
  11. I think I ordered a 10 pack of smart pots on Amazon for around that.
  12. I just cut an x in the bottom of the smart pot. I have run both and didn’t see a significant difference between them. I really didn’t care for their bag because it is too tall IMO. I have seen where others have used 10 and 15 gal smart pots in their grows with the octopots. I think the 5 gal is just about right.
  13. Yes. I use 5 gal smart pots instead of theirs.(lower profile). I just used promix and TTF. Sugar punch can triple as you can see.
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