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  1. Fat rasta Sweet Smack and water tank and humidifier
  2. Soi if you see the videos in youtube in japanese language, it is awesome how the bokashi cleans the river!!! Shark H∆-CREW
  3. yes, as you know i couldn´t give veg time at all, cause of the trip, then came back and gave them 5 days, but they started flowering. Metrop at 1,1 EC, the smell is Sweet Sweet and ph 5,6. Soon will be making clones for soil test. Sharky H∆-Crew
  4. EM-1 is in Europe since a long time ago, if i am not wrong back in 1995! The company who introduced in Spain is Chujo, japanese man. The EM has been used for a lot of stuff. Peace. H∆-Crew Shraky
  5. Fatrasta Sweet Smack Three weeks flowering in Mapito. Sharky (H∆-CREW)
  6. Hey Mogliw, thank you very much for your input, maybe i did not explain well. The RFX-1, i bought came infected with bugs, that´s it! easy and clear!!! Hope you understand now!! I know how to make my mapito, and i did it once, and changed to RFX for recommendation, and got wrong decision, so I suggest people to make their own mapito and do not buy from any place, buy your slabs and start chopping. you end up with better stuff than that RFX
  7. Just to WARN you all about mapito RFX-1, before you use it you better disinfect cause it is a factory of maggots!!!!! I found myself in some really shit, lot of money throw away cause i trust the product and was it not only happened to me. If you see your plant stall more than three days, check your fucking mapito, or the run off, get a microscope and don´t be afraid, use cipermetrine after pulling your plants, or use Cloripirifos 48% to try to kill them. I suggest to make your own mapito!!!!! The company will not give you solutions, they will only say they treat the shit!!!! As many you know it is winter time, and there is no bugs flying around plus for my indoor it is impossible to get them in. The yellow sticky band confirms that too. The only thing you cannot control is the medium, that you cannot imagine it carries eggs inside of it. So people be careful, and if you use it new or used, disinfect it, other wise you might end up like me and other people that has encounter with them
  8. Hi, the plants are better, they are on 18/6, less than two month old. Calgreen is mixed properly, following the instruction. The plants when they got burned where under those Growlyte 200W, no heat radiation. Yes sprayed with lights on, as Metrop says. As I mentioned before, I think they dry too fast, and the salt build up could be the problem, I have flushed with 1/4 strength of the 1,0 EC. my tap water is 0,2 Ec.
  9. Sorry guys, I didn´t mention, it is in Mapito, so overwatering is not a chance. I think it could have been over drying. Ph is perfect for Mapito, the Ec is perfect for Mapito. But after reading all the posts, I have start discarding chances and I think when mapito dries out, the salt build up can cause this burns. I have removed the leaves too.
  10. Hi Jamaican!! No it´s not temperature issue, cause they are in a balanced environment.
  11. Those pictures are not mine, but same thing is happening to my young babies!! Could it be change of fertilizers? Could it be they got too dry? I feed them 1,0 Ec and ph 5,6 all the way!!! And it is Hesi, and starting to spray CalGreen from Metrop. They are regular seeds don´t know yet if they are male of female, so it means less than two month age. Thank you.
  12. Sharkota


  13. Does that web site still working? I have tried to register but it is impossible. I fill up all the requirements but i have never received the activation link. I am super interested in the mapito, and I have heard he is a master of it. Do you think using myccorizhas is possible in this system?
  14. Yes you can get stop anywhere, anytime, while you are traveling with the car. But always carry with you what you are more or less ready to smoke in a week, 14 grams. but anyway as soon as you visit an association they will inform you how much you can carry with you, but if they catch you with a simple joint, police can fine you with at least 300€ minimum.
  15. Well law is changing all the time, you can grow, you can smoke, but beware, if cops get in, and they find, small bags(zipless), scales, money, etc… they will try to show to the judge that you are a dealer. Everything will depend how smart you are and your lawyer. If you a room for example, and you got around 50 plants, you can always ask 50 friends to sign as you are the one growing a plant for them, and that in front of a judge will keep you out of fines. You won´t go to jail, but just fines. It is very complicate everything cause as i told you before, everything depends what do they find when they get in. But to get in, they must have a lot of proofs that you are selling
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