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  1. Thx for enlightning regarding the odv Santero. Hope all good your ways?
  2. Waked n now baking a mixed Jay of some Lemon Bubble and Chocolope Kosher.... will add pics when im fully awake and got em uploaded from the Phone.
  3. Santero aint the Orange Diesel from JH reaching back to the Dessert Diesel(correct me if im wrong) he got giftet by Dna a few Years ago. Saw a post from Dna on Instagram with a Story like that. Always good to see some knowledge bout where the good lines come from. Even if its time by time passing by as Life got me to the fullest atm. Defo need a weekend full of read ups n catch ups over here.
  4. Camping washing machiene ..... 15 mins each pull. To be simple im using Frenchy Cannolis method doing Ice o Runs. Simple but outcome is excellent Quality. But still even with the Washing Machiene its a messy thing to do Ice o runs. One of them reasons i personally prefer Blasting Bho or doing Dry Sift runs. If done right theres not much diffrence between a full melt ice o and a full melt dry sift.
  5. Forget Mars crappy par output n energy wasters.... the Vipar Spectra are quite the best you can get on the low Budged side. Team n me runnin a 450w in a Homelab 80 and a 300 w in my 90x55 cm cupboard. Par outbut is on point Spectrum mix is also ok. If you look for the Amg 63 under the Leds get a Grow Nothern Telos 008 or a Budmaster God. The GN Telos is middleclass pricerange around 450 euros. The Budmasters are prety expensive. Depends on Your Space needs and Budged which one to get.
  6. Esko good to see your back. I hope dat Cheese Berry makes it back to the Public. Been working with a few Strains of you now and found a lot of Keepers. Theres a to die for Sour Cream Chips Darkchoclate pheno in the Choc Rain, The Kandy Kush is a X mas Tree Beast and the Kinky Cheese is one of a kind Sweetshop goodness. Bred al of them to few of the other Keepers here. Next will be a selection of Cheeseberry Haze which i plan to mate with a Purple Bubble Gum cross. Lady Cane back in 2017 sounds prety awesome to me missed to cop few packs of her when she was in the Shop
  7. Listening to my Brother Dj Merrix United Colors of Jungle Radio Show on Koollondon... one of the Dutty February Archives. Banging Jungle from Ragga to Jump Up. In general i like every kind of Music except German Schlager n Volksmusik..... pain for the Ears. Also been Djing and Mcing since over 2 Decades now + member of a Reggea Soundsystem since ages. Music n Pot the best combo for inner peace and writing realeses a lot of Stress from my Shoulders.
  8. Mixed her with Kromes the White this Run and im t-14 days till timbaa. Bet the White boosts that resin Profile to insane Levels.Hitted quite a few Keepers here with it. Such as my S5 x Super Lemon Haze, Karmas Headstash, Bluehammer x Jackhammer f2, Rizzi Cheese(kinky x chem d 4) and Rare Danks Cornbread Og.
  9. Been working with her since she came into the Shop the first Time. Already on f4 over here and i isolated Pheno #1 which is my absolute top scorer regarding Terpenes and Resin Profile. Shes defo one of them Girls i aint want to miss anymore. So easy to grow when dialed in almost no nutes needed if you got a good based Soil you can grow her water only and still got over average quality Nugs.
  10. Some Lemon Cake from Moxie and a bit of fingerhash from the just cutted S5 haze x Super Lemon Haze x The White.. if the girl tastes only close to the hash im absolutely satisfied. Lemon Zesty peppery haze meets Sweet earthy Kush cant describe it better.
  11. Some Reserva Privada Kandy Kush for the Wake n Bake Sesh today. Will test some of the Karma Headstash (Cherry Pie x cookies x kamarado og x biker kush) later to finaly select which ones will be the keeper Mums for breeding.
  12. Enjoing my Lunch Break with some Lemon Cake from Moxie Seeds nice cross of Dnas Lemon Og (warriors exraction cut) and Tgas Jesus Og. Afterwork smoke of choice will be the Headbanger from Karma later.
  13. To mention i made a lil batch of Jackhammer x Bluehammer f3 and going in for some F4 as soon as i finished my Lipton Ice Og runs. Nex up here selecting a Purple Chemdawg x Headcandy Girl to melt with my Karma Headstash (Cookies x Cherry Pie x Kamarado Og x Biker Kush) Male. The JH x BH were pretty much on the Saiva Side with a 12 weeker Bloomtime and a to die for Berry Haze Taste, I hope i can bring down the flowertime with a bit more to select from in the F3 as i got around 100+ beans that i will pop to od the Selection.
  14. Lot of stress lots of works here @stankydank30 sounds nice im on the hunt for a cheeseberry dom plant. Got some Chocolate Rain fems left which will also go in theis run and the Freebees Purple Chemdawg x Headcandy... i was so impressed with the Bluehammer x Jackhammer f2 which btw got dusted from a Amstaff Kush male. Just saw the new freebee site and i insantly need to check a order for January...btw this leads to ...: Have Good Start into 2017 All OG Fellows. May the buds grow even Fatter than in 2016 and hopefully some more States/Coutrys will go a Step towards Legalisation next Year. Il be back in 2017 with some Headstash from Karma.. Cornbread Og from Rare Dankess and of course a lot of Lipton Ice og n Rizzi Cheese .....
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