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  1. Hello OG people! My gf and I are coming to the Netherlands at 7-17.9 (aprox 2 weeks from today) and willing to meet local people and have good times seen all around the country! if you guys want to help us to make our tour nicer, funnier, more informative, recommendation for places as: parks, good restaurants, live shows, best coffe-shops\smart-shop etc' you are more then welcome boost our vacation! we are in our mid 20's - we love nature and cooking, music and movies - A good honest conversation and communication. we are easy going and love good vibe people. I'm a B.s plant science student and she is working with kids all her life - we both Love Cannabis and want to know if any of you can hook us up to someone how can make us a tour\show us a cannabis greenhouse\ growing operation? please feel free to leave your comment below or sent me a message here. Thanks!
  2. John Deer

    LED light

    i found that deal and i wander if one "driver" can handle two lamps if connected in parallel?
  3. John Deer

    LED light

    Hello OG people (: i came across that info at one off the LED manufacture company and thy claim the're panel is very good: TRUE full spectrum – 420 to 750 nanometres with supplemental chlorophyll (A + B ) absorption peak and i wander why to pay so much when you can get 1 or even 3 of those it have wider spectrum and it's cheaper. it's looks a bit dicey and i don't know if you need more components to make it work but if you have the head and hands to make it work - would you pay ~900$ for that panel? p.s - which LED panel do you know that worth it salt? thanks JD
  4. Thank you all! @MD you made a good point!
  5. Hello OG people I willing to make an outdoor grow and i'm about 32° north. So its gets hot 35-40 C° at the hottest days. Hummidity is good around 30-60% so just the heat is the problem. Do you know Witch strains can take the heat and prduce quality smoke? Thanks JD
  6. Thanks for shering You save me from doing that! Great job!
  7. John Deer

    new auto project

    That looks so nice! great job! i have look into aoutoflower beans but still didn't know if to make it or not i would love to get a sample (: peace!
  8. i know this is how hydroponics growers taking they smoke samples. that should work... its kind of fast flush. good luck!
  9. Hello OG People! i wanted to know if someone done that test and grew a bunch of seeds from start to finish at 12\12 ? i know the plants and harvest will be smaller because of that - but if im short in time, is it worth it or is it a waist of seeds? dose the potency go down? more likly to have hermys? in 3x3x6 space under 400w i thought to make SOG of some little ones (16 plants make sence?) thanks JD (:
  10. very nice scrog (: keep on growing, you're doing good and clean work!
  11. Hello OG people (: i'm a young guy and weed history going way back - i wanted to know your favorite old school (70-80-90'S) strains that makes you love cannabis. and if you can name a good seedbank that hAve tose genetics today. peace - JD
  12. Hello OG people! Its been a long time since last update, sorry about that. The girls are on day 55 in 12/12 and ill turn off the lights in a week or so . I had in day 45 spidermits attack and I was really scared to lose all my yielld so I try to be creative and handle it with naturall way. So I took 6-5 red hot chilli pepers and chope them thin! Add some grinded black paper as well and soak that spice in 100 mm of water over night. In the next day I spray my girls and keep doing that for two days. All the bugs are gone! Meanwille I flush the plants for coming disaster for worst the case I could think of - earlly harvers. The the bugs gone and the plants had 15 days to harves so I didn't give any nuts any more. They turnd yellow after 10 days and now witer kick my ass with 16C when lights are off. I hope to harvers during this week! Pics will come later on!
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