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  1. Yes i have been curing it, not enough but here are some shots dried. Taste for me is real good, as many know, i used to grow in Mapito, for a few years, was member of HD private site, but to be honest soil and organic is the way to go if you really love to enjoy taste, smooth smoke. If you want heavy buds and fast amazing grow mapito is the way to go, I have also bring way way way down the expenses of products used for feeding the plant. I recycle the soil so way to go for me from right now.
  2. Mao


    Love Chefchouen!!! But i think our indoor weed is stronger than their polen.!!!
  3. Sorry i did not know where to post it. Smell is great!!!! But i want to wait over a month to know exactly the taste. First time i will smoke it, I hope the punch is as good as King Hydro. I bet it i!!
  4. USB Microoscope pictures.
  5. I have started yesterday to flush the soil, only with water and living it in the tray for 6 hours running through the pots.
  6. Hi there, some pictures of the Amnesia Core Cut, mostly organic, cause i have used a bit of Metrop Cal/Mag and Mr2. Day 53. I think still around two weeks to go or a bit less. The soil is from the last run King Hydro, i have added some rock powder, plenty of microorganism picked from the mountains and reproduced them at home and eco force organics products. Til today only 8 ebb and flood. So mostly once a week.
  7. This is very strong weed, plus super super great taste, too many years doing mapito looking for huge buds and production, but i was missing the best the taste and the organic, real good medicine, treating people with cancer with it too, very strong oil.
  8. I am using LEC right now, great results.
  9. Chop day, look under the sunshine how they bright like a diamond!!!!! Super sticky and stinky!!!! Thanks god i live in a good area where the smell flies fast away from home!!!
  10. for sure has got more aroma then it was in mapito. when drying i have to be very careful. this is a must for the amnesia lovers. When it was in mapito the first run, the buds were even bigger, the second run the buds same as this time in soil. My next run will be pure amnesia core cut, i want to see the differences. But as Hydro said, this AmnesiaCC X L.Thai. is better then the amnesia core cut. The smoke is also very very strong. Two bags of volcano and it will awake your pineal gland!!! hahahaha.
  11. Hey, Hydro, i have posted some pictures of King Hydro soil, i fucking love soil now, hahahhaha

  12. Hi, this is King Hydro (Amnesia core cut vs Lemon thai) seeds given by Hidronesia, special seed or special phenotype. I used to be a mapito grower, but i decided to go back to soil and mostly organic, I only use a little bit of metrop. I have used in this run no more than 250 cc in total of fertilisers. I have improve the soil with rock powders, IMO, worm casting, etc..... Pictures were taken two days before harvest. Enjoy it!!! I must thank Hidronesia for this great seed.
  13. Does anyone know a profesional greenhouse builders? Most important we need is 100% male polen free. 1000m2
  14. Why does plant indoor develops less leafs than outdoor? the same clone indoor and outdoor i mean.
  15. how did you flush,? when did you do it? any product in special, what about the final taste, i cannot get good taste with mapito, always much better in soil. and it feds me up, cause i love mapito growing tech
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