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  1. So we beliefe that we know: Its colombian gold 1972 x jamaican lambsbread (1960)? backcrossed with the colombian gold?
  2. Afghan Chitral

    Durganchitral and herijuana hermied both in my tent. Now Im growing Afghanchitral and Colombian gold X Jamaican lambsbread and hope to to get some new interesting crosses like AC x (CG x JL) Cheers
  3. Shack F3 x Kultranustra

    F1 testgrow
  4. Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    @Fatrasta: seems to be the better way for sharing some budp0rn thanks.
  5. Lets Share Some Bud-porn

  6. Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Shack F3 x Kultranustra aka Kultrashack F1 @ week 5 flowering. That cross seems to be a very stable and healthy strain. I have them very strong stressed and selected at the end 11 plants from 50 beans to make the f2. keep on growing
  7. (Mad Scientist x Jackberry) will be the next one of my crosses, your pictures are :icecream: ! Genetics seems to be very good, like always from sannie & Co From which pheno is the last picture, the resin looks like delicious mold
  8. Freebees Sannie shop

    Or with me myself and I?
  9. Organic search for a potential mother

    Nice setup dude. From the chemistry my favorite pheno looks like a sativa but with very dark leaves and the buds are looking like a tower of peas. That one has my favorite high that kicks me to the ground with a dark chemical taste and without hermies. The more colorfull phenos are nice looking and yielding but not so nice kicking and the purple one starting to develop hermie issues after 6-7 weeks flowering. Some other phenos earlier, watch out. I will share my next chemistry grow when i select that special girl for a f2.
  10. what is your favorite rolling paper?

    OCB Black & Smoking Gold
  11. Indicans new mix

    Better share 1 seed then 0 seeds Looking interessting your grow, you have a "specialstyle"!
  12. With a little strain[s] from my friend[s] ...

    Looks very good in your tent, Silver Chitral, what cross is that?
  13. underground seeds colective

    Hey jahgreenlabel, thats the biggest plant from that run of durganchitral, ive vegged her for 4-5 weeks and topped her 1x after the 6. node, she stays in a 1.44m² tent in 6.5 liter soil with a blumat-system. She needs many food. i guess she needs 2-4 weeks more. And then we have a foxtaily lady same conditions for her like the bigger one and a closer look peace
  14. Foxtails FW6

  15. FW6 Monstamom