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  1. the male selected from 10 or 12 cant remember right, he is like amnesia is, not a very heavy budder but smells extreme citron/sour and without a good filtration you cant grow him or youre crazy busted motherf.... Green Mojo is a nice strain, impressive plants, very fast budder and heavy rooter G13Widow f5 seems to be a slower budder, same for the sensi stars, fat fleshy leaves sshg13, compact plants, very uniform, nice smell sour/earthy, cant wait to try All together, true haze love in tent lol best vibes and keep growing
  2. KC sleeps already in my fridge massive trichs and thanks for sharing, cant wait to play with the beans
  3. @JoeDaddy33 thanks, I wish I had more space and time to grow them all for exploring, crossing and smoking, will update here with some pics in 1-2 weeks when the pollination starts. I'm going to pollinate over 20 selected ladies this time so we have some nice elite genetics to play with for years. best vibes and keep growing
  4. Some small balls, Amnesia, Green Mojo OG & Sensi Star
  5. hi @santero Yes youre right, I love that strain for the complexe taste/smell/yield/strong high Sadly I need a new run for the new gen of lilac, this time gave me not enough seeds for sharing, but a bunch of sticky buds lol Later this year I hope to start a Lemon Thai IBL, thanks again for the seeds @smilestyle LT was and is one of my alltime strains, will be a pleasure to work with her for me best vibes
  6. Hello mates, it becomes cosy in tent, plan is to get 1-2 impressive male, first candidate: all together it smells like a good oldshool hazehell, very very stinky allready: Genetics: Amnesia IBL, Sensi Star, G13xWidow F5, G13xSSH, Green Mojo OG and some dry ice hash, with a "hint" of weed, massive releaxing stuff, dangerous for the morning best vibes and keep growing
  7. Short dry ice ultrashack show, I like it more green easier to handle and taste is for me richer.
  8. Wish you all the best and that you stay safe!
  9. pretty garden! Wish you a nice harvest!
  10. Lilac F5 (formally known as Ultrashack, but smell and taste speaks for it self)
  11. awesome pic! what strain is this?
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