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  1. Indicalicious

    New Sanniesshop

    Welcome online with your new shop!
  2. Indicalicious

    Epicgenetic searching the truth

    Th cobra will find its place to seedheaven
  3. Indicalicious

    Sour Kush in the shop?

    thx bro!
  4. Indicalicious

    Missing Seed Order

    You should smoke some
  5. Indicalicious

    Sour Kush in the shop?

    Awesome pics! did they come back into the shop?
  6. Indicalicious

    Epicgenetic searching the truth

    Hey nice to know, if you could please provide me some informations how they perform And I plan to put some further crosses on seedheaven. best vibes!
  7. Indicalicious

    Epicgenetic searching the truth

    Yes I think they come from the PCK Thank you, I hope I can fix the colors in further generations. thX Your not to late welcome and thank you Ultrashack F2 are as freebies in shop. Cobra f1 also but sannies seems very busy to put them into the shop.
  8. Indicalicious

    Redman* new on opengrow

  9. Indicalicious

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    EpicGenetic's: Cobra F1 - Mom for the F2 AfghanChitral f2 selected mom for the f3:
  10. Indicalicious

    Epicgenetic searching the truth

    thank you and feel free to grow them as freebies from sannies Thanks but Ive never stop learning and love to make mistakes! thanks dude! Thats true, and so I made a F2 from the Cobra, she has pink buds and a deep diesel smell like the Colombian pheno Mom, cant wait to try them, thats the Mom for the F2, Lineage are now: ((ColJam F1 x AfghanChitral F1) x Afghanchitral F2) - so now we are going into making an nice IBL. What I really like is that the Mom seems to be really fast (thanks to AfghanChitral), not a 20-24 weeker like the coljam we are now around week 8 on 12/12 but cant remember exactly. Cobra f1 pollinated with a very stinky AfghanChitral F2 male: Thanks! And here we have the mother for the AfghanChitral F3 selection, will rename the selection from now into DarkChitral F3 to prevent confusion with the original AfghanChitral : best vibes fellows!
  11. Indicalicious

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Ive read a lot about Serious Seeds but never tried them. This lady is the pheno with most sativa impact and the longest floweringtime with around 11 weeks. Its not hard to find a lady like her again from some ultrashack beans The mom for the next generation was a fast and beautiful resinmonster even at week 3 12/12, similiar to this f1 mom before first bxed: happy new year!
  12. Indicalicious

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Hey thanks, maybe I should ask them if they need a Chronic v2 lol The gsc cut looks awesome!
  13. Indicalicious

    Epicgenetic searching the truth

    Cobra is coming, very stretchy but one lady is a good balanced between both worlds, this time I will take the biggest plant and pollinate her again with AfghanChitral to keep some main characteristics. On the left side the smaller one is a good balanced pheno, looks like the ColJam mother AfghanChitral F2 left and Cobra f1: Cobra on the left, and AfghanChitral F2 (will be the mother for f3) on the right: Smaller ones are AfghanChitral F2 one of them is a real keeper in structure and should give me some nice beans with the smelly AfghanChitral F2 male for a nice f3. And today I start 50 new seeds for getting a nice blueberry f3 and 2-3 males for later. peace and keep growing
  14. Indicalicious

    Epicgenetic searching the truth

    Thx bro and happy holidays! peace
  15. Indicalicious

    Merry Christmas OG'ers!

    happy holidays 2 u!!!