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  1. Indicalicious

    Epicgenetic searching the truth

    Dear all, I would like to spread my seeds to you all (hm in my brain it sounds not so dirty but after writing it ...) okay so I like to spread my crosses to you all and hope to receive some infos or feedback from you. We will start with 2 strains wich are special in itselfs: BerryDawg (Line #1) Parents: (bluechem f2 x (bluechem x blueberry)) F2 thanks to @e$kob@r for providing this strains. Flowering: 8 - 10 weeks Smell and taste: expect berryfruits and some diesel Ultrashack: ((shack f3 x kultranustra f2) x kultranustra f1) f2 thx for shack f3 years ago 2 @sannie Both pictures are from last summer where it has temps over 40 degrees outside, but they are forgiving strains as you can see. Maintarget the next few weeks for me is to create a nice offspring f3 and to show you here the parents.
  2. @yesum expect a heavy smoke, some more psychedelic but for me the most where more a bodystoner, overall its heavy and really nothign for beginners. First days I smoked her these day ends right after the joint. Tastes and smells could be find from tropical fruits to a special dark coffeediesel is all included As I grown them there where no unique plants, but some maincharacteristics are there overall Expect hughe yields, if you select the right plant you will easily harvest records Overall: selection is the key here, if you have the time and space After months of curing I would grow them again to select a faster f2 hope that helps
  3. Indicalicious

    Saving E$cobars Strains

    Im working on BerryDawg F3, its a selection from (Bluechem f2 x (Bluechem x Blueberry)) if there are interessets, all parents where freebees from sanniesshop/eskobar a few years ago. Stable, fast and fruity, for me, its one of my alltimer.
  4. Indicalicious

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    same for me here, I had 2 phenos one was more berry one more hazy but at the end if you smoke enough jb does the job. Im working o a BlueChem x BB selection wich sound simular but took a deeper drive into the couch. Taste/smells like honey sometimes, most are like ripen berrys or rasberrycream. @sannie does a nice job here. thanks!
  5. Indicalicious

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Jackberry is a nice smoke for me, hazycreamyfruity and nice daytime high, have fun! Had the f4 and need now more more more
  6. Indicalicious

    Looking for lemons

    I need thos lemon thai!!!!! Send them to the shop! My Colombian Gold (from ColJam) phenos where heavy hitting asskicking kreeper - so I deceided to pollinate them with a nice afghanchitral selected male.
  7. Indicalicious

    What do you listen in this moment ?

    Concerto For Voices Vol. 01 (Special Edition) by DJ Pi (best dj with the best mixes on earth for me) https://soundcloud.com/yoli-yordanova/concerto-for-voices-vol-01
  8. Indicalicious

    Sinister '18. Still underground

    Very nice pics here, I wish I could grow them all but live is to short for all the nice crosses on OG best vibes and keep growing
  9. Indicalicious

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    one word: amazing! Thanks for sharing and keep up growing. beautiful buds and trichs like always from your garden@Mr Goodfellow
  10. Indicalicious

    Genotype, phenotype,chemotype..OH my

    If there is not enough space for keep all the clones (like I have) save pollen and enough seeds from each generation to work on. I would not starting to make some rocketsience breeding, if you know what you want and know the cross you like (grow each generation 3-5 times) then you should reach your target fast. My opinion is that the plant told me latestly in the f1 which are their advantages and what I like to keep, like smell, growstructure, yield, feeding and so on. If my setup never change its a good way to compare the generations, not the proway but: my wife told me my weed is to strong now But you could also reveg your desired females and males which are your favorites. Made 1-2 cuttings from them and lets doing their things keep growing og fellows
  11. Indicalicious

    sugar punch

    Do you know the edit function @Cinderella99
  12. Indicalicious

    Chance for upcoming breeders

    I would like to send some seeds as freebees if Im allowed @sannie. Its because my space is limited and I need feedback from others to speed up the selectionprocess. Im working on a few strains for a few years now but live is to short to grow them all I will (re-)start in a few weeks a next nice grow with 2 strains to select the ultrashack f3 & berrydawg f4 from them. Or I could spend a limited batch from the ultrashack f1 or from berrydawg f2 line1 (codename rocket) and line 2 (codename: grapefruit) or some untested afghanchitral x coljam or I will suprise you with some delicious beans, there are a few crosses in my pipe... Would be said if OG stoods still.
  13. Indicalicious

    NAW Test Center

    Great respect for your work NAW, awesome genetics. Will post some reports with them soon.
  14. Indicalicious

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    some cured boobs from sannies & Co. Jack Berry F4 her taste is between haze and berry. Very balanced high and not too strong. Anesthesia: sour skunky, heavy hitter Casey Jones x Green Manalishi Colombian gold X Jamaican lambsbread herijuana ibl: heavy hitter, very special smell like nuts/caramel/coffee And some of my crosses from EpicGenetic: Ultrashack F2, smells and taste like rainforest and longlasting heavy yasmine, I hope to get that pheno again, every hit is awesome in taste/smell/high Berrydog F2: fruitiest strain for me ever, some of them are like ripen berrys some like honey, its the best taste Ive ever had. And the high: He will bite you without doubt. Cant wait to select the F3. And a new cross to play with it: AfghanChitral x BerryDog F2
  15. Indicalicious

    So how many plants do you actually run?

    Its easy: do it :)