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  1. Some Amnesia Star, extreme sweet/sour/grapefruity, more Amnesia leaning pheno but with a nice punch of taste from the sensi star best vibes
  2. Your welcome, Im just a lover of the best plant on earth. I read often that Sannies Jack is very uniform, maybe give them a try. Understand that no one would like to smoke a whole year one strain, putting more into testing or cuts should be a good way to satisfy our customer. If I take so much effort and space for the grow I would run some testgrows before to select some awesome moms to fill the space up with heavy yielding quality :) but Im a dreamer I think also its totally okay to run all 12/12 to save some money, better then paying 18 hours or more a day for nearly the same results. best vibes and stay save
  3. @elchupacabra nice grow you have here Why not working with clones to get a uniform grow? Running just from seeds is nice but not if you need to pay your bills, you never know wich is the result real stable strains wich are growing uniform are rare or impossible to find, old ibls in the 15th generation even have there (slighlty) differences, we are working here with nature and not with legoblocks For the fluff, you can remove the first 2-4 side branches, better airflow, stronger ladys and better buds should be the result I keep all branches and use the smallest fluff stuff to make dry ice hash, no need to trim them In my opinion 25 degrees is a bit to hot/fast for drying, I would use around 20 degrees to get 7-10 days for drying I would not use them longer then 3-4 grows or 1 year, better you test with a par meter if you can, 10% lost light costs 10% buds, so maybe you like to change after each grow your bulbs best vibes and stay safe
  4. Like a f1 is: not stable I sprouted 10 seeds got 8 ladys and keept 7, there around 3-4 phenos, all are keeper for me because I love the parents, some are very sweet, some has a nice smell like bubblegum and some are very fruityhashy, but all are very nice hashplants some more impressions, the mainbud from the lady on the right side are nearly 1 meter long but needs some weeks more in the middle we have some aurora indica, one/only male of them will be the father for: (aurora indica x amnesia x sensi star) I will shot better pics when they are finished
  5. Amnesia x Sensi Star, more Amnesia leaning pheno: seems to be amnesia time here all the best and keep growing
  6. You cant get wrong, impressive Plants, here is another photo from the more Amnesia leaning pheno, but seems to be the first for harvest in the next 1-2 weeks best vibes
  7. Hello mates, a small update from our Amnesia Star, her smell is amazing if you rub the leaves with trichs, it starts with a fine and complex but stinky sweet fulehash and when you rub the fingers more it ends up with a fresh supersourfruitiness, a delicious white hashplant first calyxes at the stem are fat like peas as you can see, the middle stem on the first picture is around 2cm fat, how will the finished buds in front looks like at the end, cant wait for the first smoke, amazing 1/3 are more like a Amnesia, 1/3 more like a bigger Sensi Star, and 1/3 are 50/50 of both, all ladys are 1-1.5 m big trees with broad fat leaves, 12/12 from seed grown, now around 5 weeks of flowering, should be 9-10 weeks at the end very goob balanced cross, both parents are nice breeding stuff and coming really thrue, and each of them is a unique keeper best vibes
  8. Very nice ladys here in tent!
  9. Hey @Speedlandracer thats all questions I ask me every day again to rethink about what Im doing. you could look for resin on male flowers, always a good sign if you go for it first very important for me is the overall vitality, I dont keep slow sprouter, grower, any kind of mutants or latebudder And of course the key is testing each male on each outstanding female cut and grow the new seeds out to see the impact of the choosen male What makes an outstanding male is up to you and what you like or prefer for your cross. Start with as many seeds as you can get and select heavy and throw all away without compromises and wich you don't like Going that way you should end up with a good base for nice plants always, with a bit luck of course Rubbing stems is nice but had mostly nothing to do with the end resultsmoke, in my opinion, but if he stinks like hell why not keeping him to boost up the terps, I link stinky weed, who not Important is also if you plan to cross Strain A (male) x Strain B (female) or Strain A (female) x Strain B (male) the first cross could give you nothing special and the other cross give you the holy grail for true cannaisseurs (or the other way) At the end its all about space to hold cuts, time and carefully watching the plants for their and your needs For documentation use a growlog, that helps me over the years to remember why did I what I did, I think its more important then searching for the best genetics
  10. I had her in 6.5 liter, her smell is amazing, sweetsourfruits hard to say but I like it very much, its a special lady and I will let her cure now for a few months, must be a delicious smoke. Mostly sativa with an indica look describes it best thanks @smilestyle
  11. Maybe they went together with san straight into hibernation after their xmas party
  12. then is my fav the shiva x c99 and thanks for your work!
  13. Yes there is now something to play for you all Some nice Amnesia Stars again but a bite more greener (psst ... the ladys went to bed) best vibes
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