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  1. Welcome onboard @Speedlandracer looking really good your garden.
  2. Hey @Sacred Plant Warrior thanks for coming in. if 12/12 then miss the veg, Ive noticed tat the difference are really small compared to the time and money invested, but I think its because of the Ultrashack is a (more or less 50/50) hybrid, mostly indicas needs their time to veg or you harvest dwarfes I will post more pics in around 1-2 weeks if we are nearly at the end and this time the most of the harvest will go into my washing machine to make some nice hash.
  3. Dont report for others, report for you Thats how I see this, smoking much and forget a lot over the years lol I love the pics and your reports, thanks for sharing, even its you last sadly... I like structured reports here on a board more then quick "prostituting" on insta, but thats just my 2 cents best vibes and stay safe
  4. Hello together, just a small update from the Ultrashack Side, I think we can see all is fine, the smell is amazing and there is a lot of resin here. We are in Week 7 of 12/12, let them grow for 4-6 weeks didnt mater that much, so next time I will grow like always 12/12 fs. I think not more then 2-4 weeks and we are done here. The keeperpotential is growing from generation to generation. For me its a 8 of 10 rate for the heavy yielder, but I love them all, 2 ladys are slightly bigger, 2 where a bit smaller, but it didnt really make a difference all are "Ultra" for me, Cant wait to grow the F5, but I need more time and space for other projects Im working on. Its smells so sweet with a hint of peanuts and something floral with a hint of berries and tropical fruits. I will give them just a few weeks more, there not drinking that much like at the start of flowering, so slowly were are coming to the end. best vibes and keep growing
  5. nice to hear that. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Very interesting, I love Habaneros or chilies over all!,
  7. Do you have more infos about the different phenos?
  8. I had no questions but tryed to explain. Autoflower is the real deal lol But smoking 100 gr a month = lol cant wait for the W.O.M.S. thank you and stay safe
  9. Yes if we grow in industry hemp or unselected landraces, but normally not that early in flowering for a stable selected strain? Then this should normally only happen nearly at the end of flowering if there is no male? Get hermies out of strains is the real work wich takes years for testing & stressing & crossing & testing & stressing & crossing & tes.... @Shedmonster: try to remove the sacks, maybe your a lucky guy and they not developing new sacks further.
  10. shoot me a pm if you like and I send you F2 seeds
  11. hi fellows, time to show some pollinated boobs from the f5 mom, she is the only one in the tent that smells very strongly sweet and intense of fruits and berries:, fastest in developing buds, compact in structure and very resinous, even on bigger leafes at a time where all others not showing any resin. The next 2-3 weeks I will take some more imagesĀ“of all ladys if the boobshow really starts. We are now in week 4 of flowering at 12/12 best vibes
  12. Indicalicious


    around 1.5 - 2 weeks now 12/12
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