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  1. @sickbulk back in stock, cheers. I would grow them 12/12 fs, feed them organic if they show first yellow leaves on bottom, but as low as possible, they dont need much Post some pics or a report, thtas would be awesome. @lumatekfan thanks for sharing your smokereport. For me, the Ultrashack is, compared to many other strains, one of the stongest, but it really depends on the pheno and what your kind of smoke is. but I select her for things like the growstructure, yield and I like the combination of complex aromes and a 50/50 stoned together with a good yield, smoke some more and days are short. Ultrashack never had mold or hermed and she didnt need much attention over all. Would love to see how that strain would perfom outdoors. Yes theyre interesting, some phenos taste like coffee, other like diesel, some with a hint of something like chocolate, but not sweet, most of them have a hint of diesel/oil for me. The high isnt easy to describe, after long drying (around 3 months) its a strong sativahigh up to psycedelic with some bodystone. But not a really racy high like from an early c99 or full of clear celebrating energy like a thai, I cant compare it to other. Currently Im playing with: Ultrashack f1 BlueBerry F2 Green Manalishi f1 Should give us some nice crosses
  2. 5x Perkins Cut BX planted, thX 2 @Shoeless Im hoping for the orange smell and taste, sounds great!
  3. Hey saxo welcomed. Ive been never away just passiv
  4. Hi lumatekfan and welcome back. The high of the cobra is very headdy, not really a bodystone its more uplifting but its a good mellowing smoke and not very racy, the arome/taste is hard to explain something between diesel and spices, good for "stealthsmoking". But I need more grows to explore that strain there are many phenos, next 2 months should be the start, then I grow some Cobra x Afghanchitral and some Cobra F1. Oh yes, the last grows with them are all very good. Not the biggest yielder so far but a very fine ++stuff from taste and high.
  5. but looks a bit too hot for me?
  6. I love the fucking trailer park boys, fuck sake


  7. Hey fellows, epicgenetic is back on track with berrydawg f3, I love them, so nice smoke for the day and very delicious so we will see what they can do for us, hope you enjoy the show, day 1 best vibes
  8. Hey mate, yes they are in heaven Wish you much fun and success with the beans.
  9. Hey mate of course, after a few days of curing its already a heavy smoke. A strong high between head and body around 50/50 But it depends on the pheno. Im talking about the purple one. For me already one of the best ive ever had in my life. Over all you will harvest big stinky mountains of a nice weed, its the time worth. I will post a small smokereport in a few weeks of curing. best vibes
  10. Cobra after 12-14 weeks flowering will go down this week, a "bit" faster then 20-24 weeks Okay I could gave them 2 weeks more but that would be to cloudy for me, I like them racy The lady in front is amazing, really nice smell like ripen berrys with hints of something dark/choclate, hard to describe and a big yielder. Was a hard grow this winter, but the ladys are it worth for a happy trippy summer smoke And thats a nice colored resinous mom from the Cobra, now backcrossed to a stinky and fast DarkChitral male to get some more indica inside. What a beauty: Because of moving to another house I will make here a short break of 2 months. New Freebees are on Seedheaven: Ultrashack x BeryDawg, its a one timer only limited batch, just ask best vibes to you all!
  11. Indicalicious

    Overview day 41

    Ho big are the pots? nice ladys!
  12. Im sorry missed that This year, definitely! That time Im wasnt in the mood to take pictures, but I was impressed the picture on seedheaven, it isnt the best excerpt from the picture Ive send, but I will fix that. I love the creamy taste with some berrys. But my best pheno was in taste if you would smoke honey, thats what you have to search for in BerryDawg in my opinion And I mean the taste of a nice soft honey, no berrys or diesel. best vibes
  13. Would be so nice to see vids like this without LED.
  14. Thanks really good to know! Just for my st0ned brain
  15. Wich lemonthai is it? I Love lemonthai but cant find seeds anymore.... Hey mate, its around week 10 from showing pistols. But I grow only 12/12 maybe with some vegging we are a week faster, the other phenos wich are more parentleaning tooks more but not like the coljam 24 weeks. I think around 14 or 16 but we will see. Cant waait to test the next gen. For you to compare the different phenos, sry for the bad light but I was lazy The smallest one is the pink lady from the post above, other are budtrees straight like the parents but a bit smaller and faster, but I can be wrong because of the very cold winter the last 2 months, so I will asap start a new grow to explore that cross more. best vibes
  16. Cobra (agfhanchitral x coljam) Mother pollinated for next genereation beans, colors and smell from afghanchitral with sativabuds, nice offspring, heavy shortend flowering time, also for the coljam leaning phenos: AfghanChitral selected F2 (codename: Darkchitral) very nice colored and resinous, mother pollinated for the next generation: more greener AfghanChitral, very compact dense and heavy buds:
  17. AfghanChitral flowering around week 8, easy to grow, dont know what kind of tips you need?: AfghanChitral x ColJam aka the Cobra:
  18. Cobra, a bit messed up because of my fights against the cold temps but lovely right a Darkchitral on the left the Cobra, ColJam at its best: Parents definatly came thrue, what I like is the small one, looks like the ColJam mom for the f1, but now with colors and more resin and buds, flowers short compared to the other 3 and smells like a darkoilberry hard to explain. Ive used her to make a semibackcross to DarkChitral, cant wait to grow more n more n more best vibes
  19. @Sunnyvale would not say if the strain came from that person thats why its a low feeder, even because of a few generations later in other hands and under other conditions. There generally 2 mainphenos, one is tall looks more sativa wich needs some more feds other one like on the image is like dwarf wich needs 2 minutes trimming by hand, I love that one Over all I feed all very slow and just a few weeks in flower rest came up from allmix. Hope that helps PS: BerryDawg, codename "the rocket" is a line from 2, other line codename "grapefruit" goes what its name says straight into grapefruit with bigger plants, this year I will start a grow with both just to see the difference, okay and maybe for a cross to get both worlds together maybe, we will see best vibes to you all
  20. I received the seeds as freebees years ago, cant remember sry and I thought bring them together is a nice plan The problems with the girls ... I know them very well bro best vibes and all the best with the seeds!
  21. Thank you! Next crosses for 2019 following soon. But I try to keep the focus on ultrashack, darkchitral, berrydawg and cobra to get them more and more stable with all their advantages. We will see, updates will follow best vibes
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