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  1. NIce, 2 seeds only sprouted ot the 2 lemon thai lines, one girl and a male, so the journey could start. As you can see I always stress the plants (or did I forgot to water them ) And Ive tested the Amnesia from USC: I love the taste like grapefruit/mangos and the heavy but clear high, always a good smoke, thanks again to USC for their work. Same for the green mojo, its a real destroyer, you can feel its high thc with the first joint, nothing for the day but lovely at night wish you all a nice new year and safe and most important these days: healthy 2021 best vibes and keep growing
  2. Your lady looks stunning, nearly the same structure most I had. I really like bluechem for the taste and smell, some phenos of them smelling like berryies with honey, Im growing and selecting that strain now since few years, currently I make a f4 cant often enough say thX to @e$kob@r for that genetics
  3. Some pics of the pollinated moms, no nuts just pollinated. USCs Amnesia IBL g13ssh, testsmoke leaves no questions open, a heavy stoner in every aspect and without compromisses g13xwidow, good balanced smell, very nice greenmojo, very interesting, smells a bit like a mix of metallic and fruits, extreme sticky sensistar, heavy hitter, cant wait to test amnesia x sensi star, should be a killer so far we have now on the road for further seeds: Lemon Thai, Sensi Star, Bruce Banner #3 and many Bluechems for the next generation, the f4 so far best vibes and keep growing
  4. Indicalicious


    C99 is nice, Ive chopped them a bit too early and so I didnt need any coffe at the morning lol But very fast and delicious.
  5. thanks mate, and as always any help is highly appreciated, I will shoot you a pm if its the time to spread the first seeds I have 2 different LT Lines out of 2 different moms from the F2: LTF2A and a LTF2B One should be a bit more indicaleaning so we will see whats coming. I would like to get as much sativa as there is inside (hopefully) fixed, cant wait for all that work, I think that will take a few years. best
  6. Awesome pics here, thanks for sharing with us
  7. Dawn of the Seeds aka w(s)eedheaven till death, without any nuts or supplements (as we could see I guess) 18 selected moms full pollinated till death ripened now harvested to make more space, will post some more detailed pics of every mom in the next few days. First testgrow started with: Amnesia Star (surprise surprise) Amnesia x Sensi Star, both stunning strains, I expect a bunch of sweet mango tropical heavyhiting hybrid hell with a nice resinious budheaven. And I started the lemon thai ibl project, if we are in luck we could get a nice ibl thanks again @smilestyle & @santero for sharing that legendary strains, for me lemon thai is an alltimekeeper because of its very special high and taste. Also bruce banner #3 is coming on track to join the show, together with some awesome sensi stars again, I plan to make a nice Amnesia Star BX. best vibes and keep growing
  8. Looks great man! Wich light did you use? Thanks
  9. The G13/SSH are nice plants from CSC, all have a nice spicy/sweet smell, nearly same grow structure, did you kill them? best vibes
  10. I let the plants doing this without any helper thats why I ask. bes tvibes
  11. Hi @Hamme Hydro did you notice any big differences with or without ghe ripen? But a always all of your plants are looking great, wish you a nice smoke. best vibes
  12. Nice one mate! Interessting crosses, looking all delicious.
  13. salve saxo, yes, made with love will be a long run for selecting all that delizöse crosses. best vibes
  14. Small update from me, seeds are coming And currently I work on the ultrashack f6 bx2, that should give ultrashack more sweetness and a bunch more of heavy resin, not that the current ultrashack isnt a good hashmaker but that lady was a true winner in all categories for me. That F6 mom is a true resinmonster, heavy indicaleaning but very complex in smell and taste, so I decided to take her offspring and combine it with the f5 (wich is and stay unreleased) as the second bx inside the ultrashack line for 2021 but I try to keep the complexness of the high, always a heavy 50/50 but with a few percents leaning more to a strong sativa. best vibes
  15. The taste is from fuel to floral over Sweet to something like peanuts, Overall is a hint of lilac
  16. Just some quick impressions from the moms, whole tent smells extreme sweet/tropical/hazy all are very resinous in tent, the male was nearly 2 meters at the end:
  17. the male selected from 10 or 12 cant remember right, he is like amnesia is, not a very heavy budder but smells extreme citron/sour and without a good filtration you cant grow him or youre crazy busted motherf.... Green Mojo is a nice strain, impressive plants, very fast budder and heavy rooter G13Widow f5 seems to be a slower budder, same for the sensi stars, fat fleshy leaves sshg13, compact plants, very uniform, nice smell sour/earthy, cant wait to try All together, true haze love in tent lol best vibes and keep growing
  18. KC sleeps already in my fridge massive trichs and thanks for sharing, cant wait to play with the beans
  19. @JoeDaddy33 thanks, I wish I had more space and time to grow them all for exploring, crossing and smoking, will update here with some pics in 1-2 weeks when the pollination starts. I'm going to pollinate over 20 selected ladies this time so we have some nice elite genetics to play with for years. best vibes and keep growing
  20. Some small balls, Amnesia, Green Mojo OG & Sensi Star
  21. hi @santero Yes youre right, I love that strain for the complexe taste/smell/yield/strong high Sadly I need a new run for the new gen of lilac, this time gave me not enough seeds for sharing, but a bunch of sticky buds lol Later this year I hope to start a Lemon Thai IBL, thanks again for the seeds @smilestyle LT was and is one of my alltime strains, will be a pleasure to work with her for me best vibes
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