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  1. just move on your mind mate, this board is dead like fear the walking last 3? dead season 999 we all are sannie missing here now since many years, its his board but it seems he decided to leaves (t)his board alone and us! and any words of a kind "moderator" could never change this feeling so chill and move you on mate go back to your roots and live your life think write speak grow smoke live fuck what you want but always with love best vibes and stay save
  2. kind words from you. it was for me never about to have a clear line, but if it comes up to bother me with pms or any other ways, just to sell a poor reproduction, then to be friendly is over for me. best vibes
  3. Thats nice to hear, hope you will post some pics later best vibes and have fun
  4. Thats all Ive sayed over many posts and thats why it was called bluechem back again, understand bro? @Zanzibar whats up? Did we need here any discussions anymore then only pressing some like buttons, its your thread? @wisecalyx hope you could sleep much better now and all is like youre life needs to be and maybe one day I wake up and name my crosses like you want, I can call anything like I want. Ive renamed the bluechem on sh specially for you/zanzibar back to berry dawg (special $an$i edition ) best vibes and keep calm its a hot summer
  5. Thanks god for the internet and easy to get ressources https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zygosity https://scholar.google.de/scholar?hl=de&as_sdt=0%2C5&q=homozygous+hemp&btnG= Hope it helps you to understand.
  6. @santero personal thoughts are so important. Maybe @Zanzibar could tell us his thoughts as the recreator of "BluChem" But im tired of such discussions cause Im doing this for love to the best plant on planet Peace
  7. Not the first time if you google for the same text?
  8. I hope you or Zanzi discuss this with the same enthusiasm like here with other seedbanks Its not all about that I confuse here someone because of naming something ... If I have this power one day I will be the master of the universe best vibes
  9. I respect all its parents and its breeders and never call anything that is not my as my call it berrydawg or bluechem or berrychem bx1 s2 xy its up to you and not very important for me I has stopped to work on this line a few years ago, maybe I will use it for new crosses but there too much more interesting and promising projects in my hand but thanks for keeping things clear best vibes
  10. @webeblzr I hope they will find a nice new home at the Appalachian Mountains but I know its in your best hands and I think you will enjoy the AS and HyPro Widow 13 And slowly comes FPSBs next project: FlowerPower Kush Our very own interpretation of a (the) nice Kush, coming soon end of 21 best vibes and stay safe
  11. Thankfully we dont have such unclearness with all the other strains worldwide like skunk, afghan, ak, bb, ss, gsc, ogk or many, many others Seems to be a very confusing one in this special case of bc for someone here? thanks @santero for clearing up again
  12. @wisecalyx thanks for your feedback. A cross between strain #1(BlueChem F1 x BlueBerry) and strain #2 BlueChem F2 was my first bluechem F1 from seeds Then I always inbreed to F2, F3 and currently we are at the F4 maybe I should work out like all other growers here a detailed growlog about all parents and timelines, would be a massive excel table best vibes
  13. All are beautyfull, thanks for sharing
  14. Hey @webeblzr welcome, I cleaned the grinder by harvesting good hash lol The high of AS is very clean but heavy, nice smoke with a delicious sweethash taste but smooth in and exhale best vibes
  15. Amnesia Star is a heavy mellowing st0ner hybrid between Sensi Star and Amnesia Hypro. Some buds are so trichome covered that the grinder cant grind them. Phenos are 2 more Sensi Star leaning, 2 more balanced between and 2 more bigger one. Our favorites phenos are the 2 bigger ones, they are heavy resinous and also good yielder in 9-10 weeks. Legendary keeper cross wich punchs you a smile on your face. best vibes
  16. Amnesia Star - very smooth smoke, sweet taste and heavy stoned, but very nice balanced, like living in cotton candy with a smile on your face. best vibes and smoke save
  17. Some Amnesia Star, extreme sweet/sour/grapefruity, more Amnesia leaning pheno but with a nice punch of taste from the sensi star best vibes
  18. Your welcome, Im just a lover of the best plant on earth. I read often that Sannies Jack is very uniform, maybe give them a try. Understand that no one would like to smoke a whole year one strain, putting more into testing or cuts should be a good way to satisfy our customer. If I take so much effort and space for the grow I would run some testgrows before to select some awesome moms to fill the space up with heavy yielding quality :) but Im a dreamer I think also its totally okay to run all 12/12 to save some money, better then paying 18 hours or more a day for nearly the same results. best vibes and stay save
  19. @elchupacabra nice grow you have here Why not working with clones to get a uniform grow? Running just from seeds is nice but not if you need to pay your bills, you never know wich is the result real stable strains wich are growing uniform are rare or impossible to find, old ibls in the 15th generation even have there (slighlty) differences, we are working here with nature and not with legoblocks For the fluff, you can remove the first 2-4 side branches, better airflow, stronger ladys and better buds should be the result I keep all branches and use the smallest fluff stuff to make dry ice hash, no need to trim them In my opinion 25 degrees is a bit to hot/fast for drying, I would use around 20 degrees to get 7-10 days for drying I would not use them longer then 3-4 grows or 1 year, better you test with a par meter if you can, 10% lost light costs 10% buds, so maybe you like to change after each grow your bulbs best vibes and stay safe
  20. Like a f1 is: not stable I sprouted 10 seeds got 8 ladys and keept 7, there around 3-4 phenos, all are keeper for me because I love the parents, some are very sweet, some has a nice smell like bubblegum and some are very fruityhashy, but all are very nice hashplants some more impressions, the mainbud from the lady on the right side are nearly 1 meter long but needs some weeks more in the middle we have some aurora indica, one/only male of them will be the father for: (aurora indica x amnesia x sensi star) I will shot better pics when they are finished
  21. Amnesia x Sensi Star, more Amnesia leaning pheno: seems to be amnesia time here all the best and keep growing
  22. You cant get wrong, impressive Plants, here is another photo from the more Amnesia leaning pheno, but seems to be the first for harvest in the next 1-2 weeks best vibes
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