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  1. AKA...Future XXXIX surfing the FOOKING top of the InT€Rg@llatiC wave with this one..............("Future" "something" will be the name not quite sure yet have to wait for the final smoke testing ) 14 day old seedling.... JUst W@iT A b!T MoR€.....
  2. i like. Stay safe and fly FooKING HIGH
  3. going just as planned.... and here is a peak of my #2 selected Airborne Jack F3(selected clone for F4) Stay safe and FLy FoOKING HIGH....
  4. @sunstone there are mostly problems with etc... just stick to weed and blaze on.....never found any problem there/here by only sticking to the green.... baked as fookie....
  5. almost ready.... Stay safe and fly FOOKING HIGH
  6. 100 grams a month of 1 single fenotype to introduce yourself properly to a single strain......the shorter the better....but i would like to see anyone hold a race with my gear lol....no harm just saying.... keep on keeping on.... genetic diversity/instability can only be bred out by selecting and continuing with true potency.... awesome stuff everyone... (add on) (so take in mind with that one lady to re-check the clone...) which (a clone) is a true representation of what you have in genetic balance and potency seedlings are somewhat of a preview of what you can have... but the clones prove the FIRE fly high and stay safe
  7. Back to the Future haze F2(purple male)....... F3 coming this Christmas be sure to sign up for the party..... o yes, very nice!!!!. also with the slight icing on the cake(pre flower is showing due to this (soon to be purple) haze getting root bound).... fly safe and stay high....
  8. gonna test what she will do in a 60 liter smartpot with "Guanokalong complete organics" about 100 grams mixed through the soil in each pot.... the yield of the "strawbear XL bx1" seedling in a small plastic container(1,7 liter) was real good... with the strawberry danky profiling i was aiming for(off course lol)... and i will now aim for a yield of a minimal of 550 gram off of each plant so 4 x 550 for a total of 2.2 kilo's from 4 plants... i am putting the whole summer in to growing them to fill up every inch of my room and the letting the 1440 watts of my 2 x 600 Dimlux lighting do the rest.... the only bottled feed i use will be "Guanokalong Bloom" the rest will be supplied by the fermentation process in the soil with plain dutch tap water.... she is already pasting her icing on the cake "very nice!" and so is Back to the future haze F2 #1..... many more to come.... Stay safe and fly FOOKING HIGH
  9. Back to the future haze F2 #1 newest strains coming up soon.....+ many more.... so from a kick-ass fast flowering profile in strawberry XL i enhanced the flavour and potency by using my polarbear #2-(green Manalishi #8 x Hasplantdoublestrawberry diesel male) and also increased the flowering time from 45 days to 63 so... by it now having so many hazey influences brought in by Airborne Jack-(Jack hammer F2(knutsel) x G39 F2 male) i thought why not shoot for the moon and bring in some more sativa by pollinating Back to the future haze F2 #1-(silverhaze1996 clone only x Airborne jack F1) with the longer flowering profile of strawbear XL bx1 male-(Strawberry XL 45 day clone only x polarbear F2 male) and see if this will shorten the flowering time of this classic haze....many more to come.... Stay safe and fly FooKInG HiGh
  10. almost......ready.... Stay safe and fly foOking HIGH
  11. @Indicalicious so? you just answered your own question?.... Atomic Jam is an F1 cross, unselected, and not tested well enough by me. i discarded her from the start because of the weaker plants found in that strain due to colour. but i love to repeat myself.... so again genetic diversity plays the part and because of working with real multihybryds this can always occur when working with untested and unsolidified genetics. but i don't want to sound like i know something, because i dont... i just breed on and on and on to create the verry best( wich is not Blackberry haze or atomic jam or anything i have seen and bred myself that caries colour colour....(so far) the ONE who will change that will be W.O.M.S....Green, with purple, pink and red hues she will be.... so again... a simple but i thought to be a well known thing... quote: To bring our regular strains to a next generation, we cross the selected male and female as clones. The pollination takes place with 1 pheno type female and 1 pheno type male. By repeating this over the years and making the right selections, the strains become more and more stable and further into the generations (also referred to as F1 F2 F3 etc.) more winning plants can be found in a bag of seeds. . and HEMP is there for those working with HAHAHA auto flower(fantasy weeds) build up from HEMP... i have said it so many times.... play, act, repeat crossing ancient clones with ancient clones because the effort needed to properly select(in my opinion) is to smoke at least a 100 grams in 4 weeks to get to know a single pre-selected fenotype... ill just light up and keep testing breeding and foremost getting interstellarly HIGH because there is a lot more work to do.....
  12. Xtra Lost in space... is the effect you will feel when inhaling any of the XL labeled strains. XL Limited Edition Stock These strains are made using my Airborne jack F2 male. all the potency he gave to these selected XL ladies, as they where subjects to a severe potency increase. expect great yields with beautiful buds ranging from landrace insanity to perfect hybridised flavour feasts and Airborne jack F3 will let you mind sail high with rocket driven power derived and re-stacked on top of each other from all genetic power inside. Medicinal properties of XL Limited Edition Stock This diversity has been stabilised where all power drips over the edge so instead of treating and soothing particular ailments these single phenotypes will have a lot of power inside a few hits will be more then enough to heal and or sedate most ailments. Smell and taste of XL Limited Edition Stock strains in Airborne XL is not much flavour present as this has been bred back on a landrace sativa profile's to hunt for the most powerful. in Airborne jack F3 has mint has fuel has orange has earthy has sweet caramel all mashed in to the best smoking package so far. and Strawberry XL is exceeding all in strawberry smell and flavour while still holding a interstellar high all lasts easy 4-5 hours
  13. JAW DROPPING BAMMIE XL #2.....(old seedmoms lower buds, just for showing her genetic profiling).... breeding on the edge of INsaNiTy greetz, Stay safe and FLY HIGH....
  14. because we are working with such multihybrids these traits are always a possibility in un-solidified genes.where all is still and will always remain(work in progress) i have always disliked our coloured genes due to there lacking potency(my opinion) weak plants, weak effects come with colour...this is why i am making my way towards making the best coloured strain and she will be called W.O.M.S- weapon of mass seduction... she will be dominantly green with red, pink and blue colours mixed in, and with killer effect and stability to come with it. and indeed just pick away the male parts and see if it stays female. otherwise toss it... sannies site says it good... Quote: "What are regular Marijuana seeds The cannabis plants all have male and female chromosomes which means that both male and female genes are present, this is a natural mechanism for the marijuana plant to ensure offspring even if there are no male plants around." thanks for your reply.... and still a great looking it you got there... stay safe and fly fooking HIGH
  15. she is getting there..... One that exceeds the original Shaze x Aj #4(molokai dom) by giving this f2 more density and more potent smells... full reports coming in ASAP..... stay safe and FLy HIGH
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