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  1. Aj F3 dominating like usual she is the one that holds the true intergalactic trichomes....
  2. Milky and some Amber trichomes on day 61 flower for Strawbear XL BX1 she will be chopped at day 65. Stay safe and fly HIGH
  3. Just thought up a perfect name with some help of a friend....over seas... coming up NEXT is Amneshalishi XL... make sure to sign up for the 2020 Christmas party to be one of the first having chances of receiving any latest of my creations...After testing offcourse...lol As Green Manalishi F2 will pollinate Bammie XL=(Jack Hammer F2(knutsel) x Airborne Jack) x Airborne Jack F2- and then ( Bammie XL) x Green Manalishi F2 for... Fooking high we fly wile staying safe.....do the same....
  4. She's got it all.....
  5. Airborne Jack F3... Airborne Jack F3 Airborne Jack F3 so many classical Sativa traits this will be a joy to test all these individual Aj f3...ASAP.... stay safe and FLY HIgh
  6. amazing how things go as they go... stay safe and fly HIGH
  7. short(er) flowering true HAZE F3 also incoming in a few...day 40 or something?? forgot to keep track of this one... will keep track of the selected F2 clone to make F3 with... Fly FookiNG HiGH and stay safe
  8. @sunstone they actually all look like that... "cod" (Call of DOODY now a days) style back flipping and wall running insta killing with 9 rocket launchers to the face when these are smoked... more pics coming soon...Fire in the hole!!!!...
  9. Thank all for you for the positive vibes. and no i skipped IG indeed.... just don't like it... the strawberry XL is truly amazing and performing that fast and giving of a potent interstellar HIGH. in 46 days she flowers & yields time after time 100 grams a plant. she grew for 11 days which was actually 5 days to long. and it takes every cutting 3 days to fully root without mycho's or any help what so ever... no auto flower nonsense( just my opinion), pure cannabis, bred back on a diesel afghani short flowering profile with all the sparks from true sativa's and boosted with potent G-13 sparks.... in 45-46 DAYS. back to breeding the finest in green, purple, pink, red, and blue so my W.O.M.S can be created ASAP-(W.O.M.S, weapon of mass seduction) Stay safe and FLY FOOKING HIGH.
  10. She is getting there... in comes her red/purple leaf inherited from my Aj F2 Male.... Just wait until i run the selected clones...for testing...day 57 flower.... Stay safe and Fly FOOKING HIGH Greetz RhinoCBD
  11. Strawberry Yoghurt flavour its tastes absolutely delicious... i snapped of a small nug for the taste, wow!!!.... Stay safe and FLY HIGH...
  12. Airborne Jack F3 @ day 50 flower.... ..... ultra high flying sparks fly high...
  13. day 45 For, Airborne Jack F3 searching for HER with the instant psychedelic spark.... perhaps SHE is among these beautiful phenotypes... fly stay high and safe......
  14. Strawbear XL bx1 = Strawberry XL x Polarbear #2-(this is the same male who made Honey hoo hoo).... she will go for F2 this year where new selections will run in 2021. stay tuned... more following soon... @day 42 flower Fly High And Stay safe....
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