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  1. RhinoCBD

    NAW Test Center

    Day 37 flower the ladies are pumping it up... the stabilization of our genes F2etc. gave us exactly wat we where looking for bigger buds enhanced yield and i cant wait to test the HIGH’s to see how interstellar they can take us...awesome stuff Stay safe and FLY HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
  2. RhinoCBD

    NAW Test Center

    just wait....Airborne Jack x multiple crosses for selection 2019.... overview... these are smelling like true and oldschool incense haze and they look beautiful... and we would not be who we are, without showing off the male and female selected, and ready for testing to create Airborne Jack F3. this male and female both have the desired build and smell..just wait... "Airborne Jack F2" selected Male& female for F3. time to get baked, Stay safe and fly HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
  3. RhinoCBD

    NAW Test Center

    Here are some more pictures of our new selected fenos to create f2 f3 etc... awesome new stuff... Stay safe and fly fooking high Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
  4. RhinoCBD

    NAW Test Center

    @HUFFnPUFF Sandlewood/catpiss and if you know the genepool you can taste killaqueen to. derived from G39 the pineapple got a bit more afgani flavor due to the short flowering time the G39 male had. But crossing it with our Shaze was a perfect plan resulting in a sativa hybrid that kicks you in the face like a mule haha. We plan to upgrade this strain even more that is why we crossed our new mexican haze x airborne jack to give here more bud density and we will upgrade the HIGH by selecting THE BEST.... Until 3 days ago i loved the gm f2 catpiss #1 the best with her wierd leaves but i rummished around and stumbled upon gm f2 catpiss #3 this ladie has the exact smell profile as the mom i used to make gm catpiss f2. only this girl has a more compact and beautifull bud build... cant wait to sample all... oof almost forgot to mention that our strawberry blues is not far removed from being perfect all the 3 ladies we have have the distinct and lovely strawberry smell. With sticky icky buds they steal the show, real fatt and full thc hairs and with all the sativa sparkle from blue hammer F2... and the high this strain has is insane and will blow your top/head clean off after only a few tokes... but she tastes sooo nice you cant stop inhaling and letting that smooth strawberry diesel haze with a kick of g13 inbred from GM#8(this is my first lady that started my adventures) will no doubt leave one with a grin across his/her face and youre eyebrows reach for the sky as you FLY O SO FOOKING HIGH... Stay safe and fly HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
  5. RhinoCBD

    NAW Test Center

    still testing our "mexican haze" this is such a complex strain this will be smoked some more and more and.... this effect jumps right behind youre eyeballs and puts an electrifying jitter through youre body and it has a verry wide high... your entire frontal lobe wil tingle from the inside and rocks you back and forth a bit strange but an definite hard hitting effect after 2-3 bong hits and youre done for the comming 2-3 hours. where you wil be sitting and smiling like a retard(no offence). more info soon... Stay safe and fly HIGH Greetz Poldergower & RhinoCBD
  6. RhinoCBD

    NAW Test Center

    here are some pictures of the pre-selected ladies, it is now day 30 flower.... Stay safe and FLY FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
  7. RhinoCBD

    NAW Test Center

    (Sorry for the crappy pics) working on it ASAP... Toking on Mexican haze...this stuff jumps right behind youre eyeballs and starts to depreasurize your mind, or something like this...more details will be clearer after some furter smoking. Early wake and bake fooked me up good... awesome stuff stay safe and FLY FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
  8. RhinoCBD

    NAW Test Center

    @lumatekfan yes luma we to, read the leafsets, smells and stembuilds of our multihybrids.from there we read multiple plant profiles like afgani, g13, nl, original haze. Mexican, thailand, colombian, blueberry sativa, blue hammer, c99, amnesia haze, silverhaze, diesel, skunk, kush... our multihybrids sometimes blend so well. that all leaftraits can show in 1 plant(like Airborne Jack).then all individual vibes are often mashed up in this strain resulting in overpotency... like Cartel haze this stuff is a bit to much for a day time smoke it can leave one jittery and on the edge of there seat after toking that one. It is like painting and creating music for the mind, our strains play magical symphonies on a vivid colourfull decor right behind your eyes.... and here we re-trace the steps to paths and ways long forgotten by our ill informed and obstructed brains. let go of all these fictional facts, and flow free on a universal vibe, created to guide all of mankind To much better times... like we say stay safe and FLY FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
  9. RhinoCBD

    NAW Test Center

    @santero no bad vibes broski. We only share wat we have and wat we plan to make. Thanks for clearing the air about pacific. Our goal was to give our strains real potent HIGH’s and great yields with this we are spot on. and with us naming our strains like we feel or taste them. I have had many skunks but their true potency was lost or to crossed out to ever impress us. these where all made for commecial reasons making it a nice looking strain with less cannabinoids. because i can remember some skunks i smoked back in the day and they had more potency kinda like euforia, but this only makes one cough without getting to high/stoned. but the smell is insane touch the clone once and the room is filled with a deep danky skunk stanky.. hahaha now in our PolarBear(gm x hpdsd) ik found a male wich triggers major stank with its diesel lineage and wanted to use this male to create our improved version of RKS. it is not only skunk indeed but we will make it better... this is wat life is. To improve... otherwise your stuck rambling about ancient history(not relevant). We are here now and need to live in the moment. If people smoked more weed instead of reading up on FAKE history. i wasnt there just like the rest of the world.and after all our talk on promoting our gear. none where able to sit at my table to smoke our lovely strains all take 2-3 hits and say there baked...... this is like a tomato farmer who only eats grapes... fook that shit.. one needs to smoke more then they think they can. to hear the univarsal natural vibe hidden inside some strains. and when you sail on this vibe you can create fooking strains by assembling them in the subconcious and making it REALITY. This is wat NAW is all about... dont look at our plants of being just afghani or other lineages involved in creating that strain because there not. We breed on a scale that can not be measured and the plants effects And looks say all that is needed to be said. northerlights are all just names we blindly gave to crops that were handed away from person to person and does anyone thinks any of those gene pools are still retraceable are just sleeping and they fear to wake up so they stay in there fable where all there destroyed lines are stable we fooking wipe al that shit of the table, now lets light up until we are no longer able. Your history knowledge is incredible SAN but this does not apply to our magical strains of tommorow. Wat is done is done... stay safe and Fly FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
  10. RhinoCBD

    Green Manalishi Searching for the Best CBD Strains

    Here are some pictures of my favorite GM catpiss F2 #1 here you see again clearly a more sativa leafset with strange extra fingers. stay safe and fly high
  11. RhinoCBD

    NAW Test Center

    @lumatekfan Yes this was the same gm g male to make TPR. and for continuing on with my green manalishi will happen only after my pain being gone i have to regain my focus and gain new bairings”Airborne Jack” has become my main smoke with the best high for me... Now a days if i smoke pain relieving strains like g39 or gm i am somehow reminded on how i once felt with pain and to be honest i am trying to leave that as far behind me as possible and i have set my focus on the highs found in Blueshaze and Airborne Jack... but please give me time and i wil continue on with green manalishi. to make multiple f3”s. the hhp and catpiss wil have there partner soon, to create f3. and my lemon GM f2 only gave me a awesome male so that one has to wait a little longer... but will be made ASAP. my plan with gm wil be to combine the best cannabinoid profiles to create the final GM F6 or so. this wil take work. But this i like... so regain focus i must.before make new direction again.lol stay safe and FLY FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
  12. RhinoCBD

    2018 NAW christmas party

    You guys and girls are winners in my book. if we ever gather enough financing we will keep the world medicated and supplied... this is our goal and vision to share it all with the world, no charge... so rich and poor can smoke equal amounts of high grade goodness... Getting HIGH All day every day wil be the only LAW NAW can DREAM haha but this years christmass winners are Ride the walrus wilbur lumatekfan stay safe and fly FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
  13. RhinoCBD

    NAW Test Center

    @lumatekfan gm is pacific g13 x hashplant g13 i have grown over 80 plant of gm over the years and all plants i have grown all gave petrolia, g13 and hashplant fenotypes until i found my lemon g male(he died during bug infestation) but my gm f2 shows lots of lemon fenos wich have more sativa dominant characteristics and more of a clean high without the narcotic effect gm is known to have.... so i am guessing since there where unkown strains used to make gm... that one of those probably has sativa gene inside(my gues is thai) i am working on furthering gm to f3 stage but this selection only gave me a suitable gmF2 lemon male...that has the same characteristics as my old G male. search i must to find the hidden potency inside.. and i am thinking of combining both gm catpiss f2 to gm hhp f2 to combine those effects to create plans for GM F3... and you can bet your ass that you will get high of hashplant leaning gm fenotypes... stay safe and fly HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
  14. RhinoCBD

    NAW Test Center

    here are the new crosses pumping it up... And... @santeroHahaha yes Haha G-39 is GM x Headcandy... but headcandy is Killaqueen x blue hammer and the male we used was killaqueen dominant delivering incredible sativa potecy so it went from bulkie GM to more sativa with G39....retrace the steps broski haha i think someone just woke up and need to rub the goo out of his eyes.... hahahaa not so easy to see ofcourse that most of our strains crossed with headcandy male(killaqueen dominant) are sativa dominant and longer flowering... but again the invite will always stay and remember you are welcome at my table at any time... i just made gm F2,s and we also have durganchitral x headcandy male a great example of a indica strain becomming way more sativa... just saying haha and gm hhp was used to add even more sativa because g39 was not HP dominant so by re-activating hp dominant gm you trigger more sativa expressions... Stay safe and fly high Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
  15. RhinoCBD

    NAW Test Center

    Showing off some “Airborne Jack x Cartel Haze” Aj x Ch#3 Aj x Ch#1 these plants are awesome thick stickie stems with a real strong plant profile.... cant wait for this one.... stay safe and FLY HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD