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  1. HeadCandy F2 shake 22 grams of quality Trichomes, first second and third sift. i will shake it all, one final time to make some Hash ROSIN. beautiful stuff!. (Second sift) (first sift) All stacked and packed for curing. Stay safe and FLY FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
  2. OG FOOKIES. this girl is OG in smell but she sails SKY HIGH and gives off a long lasting effect. this lady will be turned to act as the pollinating female/male to create Framboise FOOKIES FEMINIZED. Stay safe and FLY FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
  3. Framboise FOOKIES. No nutes, notting but the best genetics you see perform in our topics. Again this is just the start... Stay safe and FLY FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
  4. not bashing just stating reality. from day one we try to share genetics money is in the least of our intrest but it is sad that the whole world is made this way and people can only see quality if it comes with a huge price tag. being confronted by all the breeders who talk more then smoke and breed and they can easily create commercial attractiveness with pumped up blown up steroid fed bullshit weed. water is stil the only key to get your hands on true quality. feed them nothing let them work and the cannabinoids and terps will be expressed by genetic profiling alone. in cannabis fluffy sativa means going sky high but we did not want that we wanted compact nugs and by commerce listening we created this monstrous thing ganja is today to turn it all around again. start breeding toward more fluffy specimen to retrieve high flying potency we lost by following greed and money compact ment more cash for the grower and less potent material for the consumer, this was way more attractive in the commercial sense. this is what i want to destroy by creating strains that breaks illusions of pain. my methods and strains proved this time after time again. from day one, no one has suplied me with anything that even comes close. no potency, mostly they do have taste(not special) and a sometimes loud smell but without the bang. from 10.000 of plants perhaps a few will have something really special 10.000 plants large scale means no vibe connection just visual traits are selected and by smell and first apperance therefore producing nice looking plants without much bang. 10.000 plants small scale and under the eye and in the lungs of many trusted connoisseurs one will be able to select and create something special, but this takes to much time. it is my life for 12 years smoking all day every day breeding selecting testing re-crossing to create special strains in seedform(almost impossible) only with F1 F2 F3 etc you will be able to stabilize it and with that in my eyes sannie is the only one with his Sannies Jack F9 the rest is just creating f1's with no real work. real word in my eyes means(smoking testing with patients and multiple people)until you see the same effect occur with all the diversity is to wide. the things i am saying may sound floaty and harsh but this is my only confrontation in the cannabis scene of today. so weed just has to look the part and do nothing spiritually simple and DULL THC and CBD effects disrupting our internal and natural vibration to our immuun system and due to this imbalance our body CAN react in strange but predictable ways like stimulating hunger, creating cotton mouth it can disrupt your balance. so the things i try to state is that we do need to use caution with extracts and such, separated cannabinoids also word seperate so HASH, OIL, CONCENTRATE IS THE MIND OF CANNABIS and the FLOWER IS THE BODY OF CANNABIS. NEVER SEPARATE THE 2 WE NEED TO BREED COLLECTIVELY SMOKE TOGETHER TALK TOGETHER AND COMPARE THE STATS. HYBRIDISATION is the KEY again just like we bred us human beings to create more diversity in our kinds your are also creating more potency.
  5. beautiful strongest/most complete in cannabinoids she is the best stuff from all AJ F1(male) crosses made. Cant wait for BlueShaze XXL.seeds are almost ready! about 2 more weeks. then i will get all ready for the selection's of multiple new strains and i still want to re-test Airborne jack F1 male x G-39 F3(pineapple) last time all where males... Stay safe and FLY FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
  6. yes of course this sounds absolutely perfect and you know that my door is alway open to research our material. stay safe and FLY FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
  7. @santero this sound's absolutely perfect finally some who offers some pure genetics!!!! Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
  8. Beautiful stuff, i need to sit and get ready for this one. this HIGH is real strong and complex making one slurry his/her words, as your eyes will be cross eyed while you are sailing o so HIGH. Stay safe AND FLY FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
  9. I like the power of this feno. Stay safe and Fly HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
  10. @santero of course bro that would be awesome!!!!
  11. and some more fine inbreeding. Airborne jack x Gorlilla Glue #4 by re-triggering Chocolat thai she needs 1 or 2 more generations to unlock all wanted vibes. S.S.A.F.F.HIGH.lol Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
  12. some more HIGHEST grade inbreeding, Bammie is Amnesia HAZE and then SOME... breeding at its finest. this fine work will find completion after i found the wanted dad in Airborne jack F2 x Jack hammer F2(Knutsel). amnesia with Green manalishi #8 Quenkle sativa leaves from amnesia and jack herrer. Stay safe and FLY FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
  13. @Mr Goodfellow G-39#17(50/50 Green manalishi/Killaqueen) x Green manalishi HHP Male. #17 tastes like a band-aid dipped in iodine where the sweetness of the Green manlishi Honey hashplant line sweetens and softens it to taste like chocolate. never had the feno you are describing but i can taste and feel it from wat you are describing. -Hammer of Dawn is my all time favourite when it comes to taste this #4 feno tastes and rieks like Bubbleicious chewing gum awesome stuff. (old pictures from HOD #4)New crosses are lined up to create more of the BEST. Stay safe and FLY FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
  14. Alan Watts quote: to “know” reality you cannot stand outside it and define it; you must enter into it, be it, and feel it.
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