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  1. Polygonum hope for some input on the guerilla gold crosses thread:)

  2. Everything is curing, any dutch members interested in doing a smoke report? Pm me
  3. Don't give me to much credit Hidronesia I just took two killer strains and did a bit of selecting and pollinating to produce this f1 seeds.. Still I have to say it was a shot in the rose, the chucky and NLX really compliment each other and the f1 is pretty stable. The chucky x NLX6# has the smell and looks of the Chucky's bride, but a better yield and easier to grow than the original chucky. It gives the chucky a nice oldskool twist. It is hard to say exactly what it is but the NLX6 x Chucky something different. I'am very happy with it to say the least. I like the blue glow very much.
  4. First run with my new cross. NLX6# x Chucky's bride, very nice pungent stinky pineapple smell with a touch of oldskool.
  5. Black betty purple pheno, smells a bit like diesel, a bit more skunky maybe. A litlle NLX 6 x Chucky bud Masterkush x Chucky. Black betty green pheno. Gorilla glue.
  6. Mint berry smelling Master kush x Chucky's bride, NLX 6 x Chucky's bride, very dense sativa dominant buds, an unique smelling strain. Fresh oldskool skunky pineapple Another one, they all smell about the same and they all have that special blue-ish glow to them. A lot of pheno's with big ass sativa buds. Maybe I should say Big ass sativa dominant hybrid buds.
  7. I have been thinking a lot about a breeding project with Gorilla glue as a daddy an a couple of killer cuts from the NLX6# x Chucky, Pure Chucky's bride, Master kush x Chucky and Kronocaine... maybe even a purple Killingfields pheno. That should make for some dynamite crazy tasty offspring and once I sink my teeth in a idea like that it is almost impossible to get it out So you guys can expect that shit to start very very soon. The new round for the mother selection of the NLX x Chucky and Master kush x Chucky has already started. The Masterkush x Chuck have all turned into minty fruity frost monsters with very compact big nugs. Can't wait to test smoke.
  8. Yeah I am with you Misterdirt. I have grown plenty of killer hybrids. Don't think I have ever grown a pure indica or sativa before. Yeah I know it is about time to try a pure Indica but I am afraid it will only make me sleepy, that's why I like a hyrbid with a mellow sativa high and a relaxing anti anxiety stone.. anybody got something to reccomend? I like the NYC diesel indica pheno's for example.
  9. Some of the plants are upside down. This is what's left, all standing in the 600watt 120 x 120m tent. They have become bigbud delicious sweet dank pineapple smelling monsters. They have sucked almost all the energy from the leaves and I have started the flushing proces.. not long now. NLX 6# x Chucky 2 Stinky NLX x Chucky @ Toker, Seeds should be hard when you pic them, maybe they are not ripe yet?
  10. I have done this a couple of times, it is tricky. I got the best results using a 400 watt MH light on 18/6 but to avoid problems and a lot of work... I would reccomend to start them from seed in a litlle greenhouse and just take it from there. It is a lot of stress on the plants the change of indoor to outdoor and it can lead to a lot of problems. If you want a head start you can start them early in a greenhouse and use a heating mat to get your ground tempurature on a nice level. And make sure the pots and heating mat are elevated from the cold floor. Succes.
  11. I smelled a bit more and there is also pine resin in the background in most of the plants.
  12. Well Mr Goodfellow, to awnser your question I have just been sniffing on a couple of different NLX x Chucky. They al smell very strong like sweet pineapple, some a bit rotten some more sour. But there is a dark pungent oldskool "weed" smell on the background and some different notes of fruit. They smell very much like the original Chucky with a litlle blink to oldskool dutch indica's. But I find them easier to grow and they can handle a lot of nutes. Also I expect a higher yield by the looks of it, they are very productive maybe even suitable for commercial growing.
  13. Thanx for the kind words guy's. The Gorilla glue was gifted to me by another member, the company that sells the seeds is called "ellev8 seeds" Here is a picture of a average NLX6 x Chucky ( right ) next to a Gorilla glue ( left ). Next round I will attempt to find a good mother out of the NLX x Chucky crosses, my plan is to pollinate a clone of that with some Gorilla glue pollen. NLX6# x Chucky, she has a couple of weeks to go and it looks like all of the NLX x Chucky will yield very well, still a very fast bloomer but the gorilla glue is faster. Gorilla glue, insane crystal coverage and very dense. Strong smell also but I like the NLX x Chucky better. Here is the same NLX6# x Chucky ( right ) next to a Black betty ( left ), the Black betty is not a bad strain but compared to the Gorilla glue and the Chucky crosses it does not impress me. Close up of the Black betty, she smells a bit fruity/skunky.
  14. The room is filled with a deep sweet pungent rotten pineapple stentch from the NLX x Chucky crosses. All of the pheno's cary this. The buds from the NLX Chucky crosses already look very good and they still have a couple of weeks to go, the crystal coverage is very impressive. I really like this short and fat pheno, this is a very common pheno in both the stinky NLX x chucky, aswell as the NLX6# x Chucky. Closeup, also a very nice thing about the NLX x Chucky crosses is the very thin leaves and good leaf to bud ratio, it makes for great light penetration. very important with this pheno is to clip the lower branches because they tend to be less productive and take away a lot of the energy of the main bud. I bet a well selected cut of this pheno in a sea S.O.G setup wil make for some great yielding connaiseur grade 'erbs. This is another pheno she has more a sativa christmas type growth pattern. Looks and smells amazing, maybe a bit more sour tones but almost simulair to al the other NLX x Chucky crosses. closeup. The Gorilla glue ( elev8 seeds ) is very fast and has amazing crystal coverage. The buds are very dense and the smell is different to say the least. I guess it is what you American brothers call "dank"? Smells a bit like hash, slight dark fruit notes and something like meat jerky maybe. Ik like that she makes one long dense bud and is very compact and insanely white, she would make a good breeder for a sog strain I bet.
  15. Time for an update, this grow is going really fast all the way. Right side of the tent Left side Stinky NLX x Chucky Another pheno that stayed shorter but very fat. A small lollipop Black betty. Nice compact litlle bud Gorilla glue Two Stinky NLX x Chucky Left A Stinky NLX x Chucky right a NLX 6# x Chucky Very cool to see all the different pheno's
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