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  1. hi 91day from seeds 61days 12/12
  2. hi there when you wish to add led for flo , try to add this light before you go for flowering few days ,plants dont like stress ,with changing light friend of my ,try to replace 1000 hps 800 watt led cob cree, and after 6 day all plants show bananas , in this same tent on other side was this same strain under 1000hps he did not have even one , in my tent i just mix plants this girls which been grow before under hps went to strong led and 4 plants shows so many bananas so i have to remove then from tent 4 gone
  3. uho667


    hi there ,i was over there in april when was spannabis very good cannabis club is in backyard very tasty and staff is very friendly have a good time over there
  4. byla przerwa ostatnio kolo roku zapasy sie pokonczyly ,wiec wystartowalem calkiem nie dawno u ciebie tez tlusto he pozdro i had a little break over 1 year so ,i finish almost my supplies,so i need to get good quality smoke for treat my self
  5. hello OG growers few pick to share with you
  6. wlell boy , still doing Gk ? what are you getting yield per pot?
  7. i have kapton tape at home as well ,but i like to make good looks panels as well like good working led, tape dosnt look like profiesional for me is good for use for home diy ,not for customers
  8. my cob diy 4 x 208 watt total power heat sink 110 cm x 19 cm x 5 cm weight around 9 kg 16 cob 3590 36 v 4 drivers 200 mean well hgl 185h 1400mA
  9. 2 panel each has (4 modules ) , each module 104 led diode 210 watt , at the moment im keep them speparatly but next grow i will do hydro nft and i will connect them together for 2 boxes 1,2 x 2,4 m, each panel size 100 cm x 210 cm so for one tent is 880 watt in power together for 2 boxes is 1760 watt all the best cree led , newest bin, everything make alone , and is work so fucking strong almost blind hehe 72 each led drivers 9 per module how do you like ? 2 weeks for building
  10. hi hello few pic from my diy led panels this is 17 days from seeds seeds few automatic variety dna -60 day lemon dna - 60 day wonder dna - el fuego speeds seeds -blueberry dinafem -og auto kush
  11. 56 days from 12/12 pic from yesterday
  12. hi everybody today we have 51 days since 12/12 few plant little overfeed but gave them b.a.c final solution should be better
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