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  1. Damn...! This is a dream come true i'd say.. Best wishes to you and your project!! I've always thought when your hobby becomes work it ain't fun anymore, but before a project like this gets borin you've got a few more grey hairs
  2. Who let the fox in the hen-house? Won't be around much MrD, but nice to see you're still in the game!
  3. Hey Mr B Curious to see how you've evolved over the years... Like the doc said, great topic Let's see an update
  4. Randude, hope all is well.. Hope you find the peace that's been kept from you too long Take care
  5. Personality goes a long way.. A handshake says a lot, actions and deeds too but only time can tell the true meaning of someones intentions.
  6. Komplett ├╝berschaut... Will have to start readin from post 1, but you have an awesome garden!
  7. Just caught up readin, and by the looks of it just in time to see a great show! Keep on keepin on!
  8. Hi Bill, Welcome to the boards. If you'd copy the BBCode (which is the top one on the right of your pic in your gallery) and paste it in your post they are shown like bigun demonstrated.. Good Luck! It looks nice green and well packed.. Lookin forward to see some nice buds on full screen pics!
  9. Yes, it has already started That's the cool part of these boards, you're your own student, and (if you listen to some helpful people) also your own teacher 1.3EC can be quite high to some strains, and why waste nutes if they don't need 'm? Also the nutes which aren't used could stay in your pito, buildin up and cause probs later. Your Hydroton babies are growin, your pito babies are faster Edit: EC =EC, measurement of amount of nutes is done in EC, TDS or PPM if your meter reads ppm=ec x 500, then 450-500 is .9-1.0ec, different readings same outcome.
  10. H├╝bsch und geil What a stretch on that KF... Keep up the good work! You're doin great!
  11. If you've planted just recently you could carefully dig m out and bury them a few inches deeper. If temps allow it move your lights closer to reduce stretch. You can lay your pito against the stem, but don't press it against it. You can also lay your stem onto a wall of pito you've built and then close the gap, everywhere your pito touches the stem roots will form. Edit: this is a quick fix, and yes it's some work.. And nope with the amount needed that won't suffice, but once done you won't have to look at your medium for the next few years. The extra height ain't a problem for your waterlevel as the rockwool easily absorbs water. If you can get agricultural rockwool (used from a greenhouse) you could chop it up and use that..
  12. Haven't been around much lately, so sorry for just droppin in.. Your plants look like they've beautifully recovered from a slow, dry start Could you tell me what the white stuff in your pito is?
  13. Been a while since I grew a few MH, all I recall is they tasted sweet, and with a well ripened mango all sweet weeds taste better Keep up the good work!
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