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  1. Here in Mass we have a name for that weather pattern. Its called January. Although your -12 is more likely natural, whereas ours only gets that low with wind chill. Shit your wind chill must be... -25f or so at that altitude and temp? Frost bite in less than 10 minutes? DB.
  2. You can call your part-time unskilled workers what you like: hosts, bud tenders, herb doctors.. doesn’t change the fact they are just a cashier, and unskilled labor.
  3. Offer the company to do a YouTube review. Ask them to send you an eval product that you will return and you’ll do a side by side with a local lab.. hmmmmmmmm... I’d do it but I hate making vids lol ps. And if they refuse, we’ll.. lol that may be your answer right there. People are only afraid of science for one reason. Well, two of you count AI. db
  4. Bah, didn’t think or the federal implications of getting it here. Not that I think they are going to come after you for .05g going cross lines. More likely they’d go after the lab for receiving it. Deeper pockets and all. no wonder why they say come down and drop it off instead of ship It to us on the site lol!
  5. Place here in mass does cannabaniods for 50 and terps for 25 a sample. It’s the only place I’ve looked at so I don’t know how that compares but it seems reasonable. They want .03g for cannabinoids and .02g for terps https://mcrlabs.com/testing-with-mcr/potency-profiles/cannabinoids/ https://mcrlabs.com/testing-with-mcr/potency-profiles/terpenes/
  6. Coco search for “h3ad goes coco” and read everything by “gr3atful head” on that thread. He doesn’t quote so sometimes you have to go backwards to figure out the question he is answering but it’s well worth the time he uses general hydro, I use blue planet, same npk ratio been lookin for the easy (ie, lazy) way for a while. This has by far been the easiest time I’ve had keeping plants. db
  7. Yeah but won’t the finished buds smell, and taste, like neem if he does that at this point?
  8. Lol gardenartus, I was thinking you were being a wise ass and kept waiting for something to jump out at me
  9. Nice lookin "Bluebei"! (Hoping it catches on ) I was so impressed by the vigor of the two I got I had to get me some more, so I took advantage of Sannies black friday deal and have a pack waiting here for germination. The one I flowered was HUGE, like yours there, but i didn't get those colors. There is a pic of her over in the bud porn thread. The second of the two I had to discard, it was just too leggy for my setup and I was running out of room in veg. Plus#2, although also a bit leggy was less so and was thick with bud. With a pack on the way and 3 backups of #2, it was the least painful plant to discard. She lives on though (i hope, lol), i gave away 4 clones of her. DB
  10. Sorry dude you cleaned even crazier then I did!!! start the next run off with some Spinosad on the leaves and soil, save yourself a fungus gnat freak out db
  11. Pulling up a chair... I don’t think I’ve seen A grow from you for years! db
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