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  1. if you have Netflix, and enjoy silly stoner stereotype comedy, disjointed and specifically anything to do with the grower or plants, is pretty funny stuff and.. Kathy Bates, need I say more? GO WATCH THE COCKADOODLE SHOW! db
  2. I sign my posts DB for darth budder, but privately I giggle every time because I specifically picked those initials because my sister and I used to call people DB for douche bag in regard to your pm, I won’t stop posting but there is always this: or you could smoke one and chill out a little we have all lost grows for one reason or another. Part of the game douche bag, I mean darth budder
  3. We chopped up the piano for firewood, but only got a chord *rimshot* sorry couldn’t help myself... db
  4. Hey San, that does look like its Only for you mods. I do not have any white box in the top corner of my gallery pics. At least not on mobile, I’ll check my desktop later but I think I would have found that. Here is a tip for everyone. If you are now or think you may be in the future worried about security because you post pics, don’t. It doesn’t matter if you delete your exif info, it doesn’t matter if you think there is nothing identifiable in the pic. Even if you were to delete a pic you uploaded here, it could be archived by a crawler, downloaded by someone else and re-uploaded to another site, recovered from an isp backup etc. Once something is on the net you have given up control, and it can almost always be traced back to you. db
  5. Ahh, no wonder the frostiness with those genes
  6. Ya no, I didn’t buy that it was just an example. I did buy the c99 and blue dream from the same folks. No way the blue dream had any Sativa in it, put me right to sleep. Which for me was useful. i don’t know if the c99 I got was c99 or not, but it was good peppery happy energetic weed, which I like. herijuana is, coincidentally, in the mail for me with my first Sannies jack. I’m hoping heri puts me to bed like the blue dream did db
  7. Yeah the Mass AG and cannabis commission cleared that “loophole” up and made it clear any exchange involving “marijuana” as defined as “any part of the plant, it seeds, clones or extracts” and money is illegal and you will be prosecuted for distribution of caught. But I think a garden store That sells clones makes a lot of sense for someone who doesn’t a lot of space or patients. Stop in every 10-13 weeks with a loved one or buddy, buy two six packs, take em home and plant em under 12/12, repeat.
  8. I really feel like this opens the door for “cannabis garden centers”, that sell clones and seeds as well as all the stuff the hydro stores do. they have that in the older legal states like California and Colorado? db
  9. Thats Beach, and take heart: Alot of folks are never really ready for the holidays And those Phuu's!!!... I can see why you never tire of growing/admiring her. Why is it called IPA? Is it "hoppy"? DB
  10. So I was poking at this too. @santero, as a mod may have a different interface then we plebs. I remember the site before the upgrade working something like this too but not in a while. Once I open the picture all I have access to is an “image tools” drop down button on the bottom right. But the tools are set as profile photo and download, no delete I have looked at this on my desktop as well with the same result db
  11. all part of the game. I didn’t try sns. I hear good things. What’s the active? Pymethrin? I hear that works depending on if that colony has developed immunity db
  12. They got me on my last grow a year ago. Nothing I tried killed em. bagged and tossed all my mothers, took my plants in flower to finish and let everything dry out for a 2 months with a no pest strip. Emptied, vaccumed, emptied the vaccume and bleached the fuck outta everything, including the shop vac. didn’t start growing again till this October. Shit myself when I saw a fungus gnat. But I know it was just a gnat because the spinosad knocked em down good luck dude! db
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