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  1. Darth Budder

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    Baq these are very nice. The composition reminds me of this guys work I saw the other night: https://www.starsandlighthouses.com/
  2. Darth Budder

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    I am using 3 of their nute products and the Pot O' Gold soil for my current grows. I also, so far, am pleased with the results. Started with root zone, added some tomato and veg at up pot, and now 1/4 cup every 2 weeks of flower girl until week 4-6 of flower. Provided all goes well and I dont flake half way through flower as usual Ill post a complete journal when done DB
  3. Darth Budder

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Nice, I am adding the first dose of that tomorrow. Love confirmation from people I follow on here!
  4. Darth Budder

    Reduction of Green Dragon

    Lol, darth need to learn lingo I guess, off to google! i bought some 500mg cbd made with mct oil for my wife., baced on another of your posts @gardenartus. She has major digestive issues and cannot taken any nsaids. She is still hesitant, I keep telling her the mct tincture will skip the dijextive system but she's reasonably worried db
  5. Darth Budder

    Reduction of Green Dragon

    Wow, even the stuff at the beginning? I only listed to albums 1-3 (from the very early 60s) of thier box set twice I think lol. Maybe it's just 1 and 2, been a long time. Fun to hear riffs on albulms 1 and 2 that became whole songs by the wall lol db
  6. Darth Budder

    Reduction of Green Dragon

    So, I have not heard of green dragon till now: you drink this like a liquor or use as tincture? Seems like a shot would put you in space for a week
  7. Darth Budder

    DB's Garden

    Well I felt like showing off my sunflowers so I resurected this old topic of my "gardens". I have a jackberry fem run going right now but because I have abandon so many grow threads midway I am keeping notes offline until I can post a complete grow log
  8. Darth Budder

    Alaska Pure Kelp plant food = a better ph down?

    Actually I am just buying ozonated RO water by the 5 gallon jug. Its working very well so far. DB
  9. Darth Budder

    Old Grow Pics

    Live and learn right? From that point on I started buying good genetics to start with.
  10. Darth Budder

    Old Grow Pics

    One of my first, a bagseed plant and my first attempt at low stress training. She looks nice, but the weed turned out brown and tasted AWFUL and just gave you a headache. LOL DB
  11. Darth Budder

    Needing help, advice about sodium level in patient

    and this: https://www.420magazine.com/community/threads/chronic-kidney-disease-ckd-marijuana.241344/ but i am not as confident in the source.
  12. Darth Budder

    Needing help, advice about sodium level in patient

    i found this? : Robledo P, Berrendero F, Ozaita A, et al. Advances in the field of cannabinoid–opioid cross-talk. Addict Biol. 2008;13:213–224. it apparently has a discussion on cannabinoid receptor activation effect on sodium and potassium channels DB PS. i have no idea what that means, just good with google.
  13. Darth Budder

    A spot for your pet and animal pics.

    It is all part of the process. In my view we all things are mass and energy. The universe generally speaking follows the law of conservation of energy an so while there is some loss and for sure grief with that loss, everything and everyone is still here in one form or another. Once the big crunch comes, we will all really be "together" I wont call no one crazy for their beliefs. Just as long as they dont push em on me. Evangelism is fine, just take no for an answer DB
  14. Darth Budder

    A spot for your pet and animal pics.

    Whacha give him and how? My guy wants some! An And I won't say no to 10 more years... DB
  15. Darth Budder

    A spot for your pet and animal pics.

    That is the thing about pets.. They are joy and love, but it always ends badly.