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  1. Darth Budder

    Sugar Punch

    Lol @Justcozz, you fell victim to one of the classic blunders, best know of which are not to get into a land war in Asia and don't go up against a sicillian when death is on the line. But recently added to the list is "don't get between OG users and the sugar punch!" db ps. How about those sannies jack fems?!
  2. Have you looked at htgsupply? Thier own label stuff is fairly well priced and good quality. Db
  3. Darth Budder

    pretty projects in progress

    LOL, I can imagine myself trying to take this shot, stoned, using my good hand so I can control the brush and fumbling with my other trying to get a steady shot with my iphone cuz i cant be bothered to go down 2 flights for my camera! DB
  4. Darth Budder

    So when did you start smoking Cannabis?

    1995-6ish? First smoke was nothing special. Second time i smoked was the first time I really tasted and felt marijuana. It was quite literally a life changing experience. First bag I bought on my own was about a month later, was an ounce. At the time, all my friends were in college and poor so they were buying dime bags and quaters so i thought i was pretty kRad as it was. But that weed.... it was fucking purple and sticky and the one and only time I ever "tripped". DB
  5. Darth Budder

    Dinafem seeds

    Hmm could be a mistake or it could be "here is what the lawyers make us say, here is what we do off the books" they been around a while, there must be a reason db
  6. Darth Budder

    Do they seem ready? (pics inside)

    @gardenartus I do not know if you were intentionally ignored.Some Folks read this stuff from top down, they may reply before they see your reply. DB
  7. So @webeblzr, so you have a theory as to why this started happening in the first place and why CO2 fixed it? Do the mother plants for some reason not have enough c02 and so you have to supplement? Did the environment change? DB
  8. Darth Budder

    HELP too many issues but nearly finished..

    I would think this is the last thing you want ATM. Stick with plain, neutral-ish, water. Also, I think P2O5 is an inorganic salt? I mean, im not a purist but just sayin.... and Water Soluble Potassium Oxide? I thought K20 + H20 = *BOOM* & KOH? - Not a chemist. Balanced and basic formulation to help remove excess nutrients Suitable for hydroponic growers EC fertiliser: NPK fertiliser solution Total Nitrogen (N) 3.8% Nitric Nitrogen 3.8% Water-soluble phosphorous pentoxide (P2O5) 4.1% Water-soluble potassium oxide (K2O) 7.1% N: 3.8 P: 4.1 K: 7.1
  9. Darth Budder

    HELP too many issues but nearly finished..

    Didn't you say you were organic? A "flushing" as you seem to be talking about is to remove built up salts from the medium. Using organic amendments, you should not have an abundance of salt in your media. DB
  10. Darth Budder

    Do they seem ready? (pics inside)

    I think the important part of @webeblzr's post, if I may sir, is: good job @iGrow420710
  11. Darth Budder

    HELP too many issues but nearly finished..

    i would wait for someone to chime in. Flushing will just exasperate a deficiency.
  12. Darth Budder

    HELP too many issues but nearly finished..

    hmm well those are big plants, i can see them maybe taking a half gallon at this point and even being actually deficient vs ph problem... Gonna have to punt on this one dude, i am sorry. Will have to let my betters jump in on this one, i am not recognizing that leaf problem off the bat. But i think the "let it be, and fix the soil for next time" may still be the way to go? DB
  13. Darth Budder

    Art Created Under the Influence of Weed

    LOL is that an anvil?! with the piece left on the bottom it looks like an old school Mjolnir. DB
  14. Darth Budder

    HELP too many issues but nearly finished..

    Hard to say without pics, but what you are describing to me sounds like either a calcium or phosphorus def. I am having a similar issue now, and for me I feel like my soil PH is off. Watering almost a half gallon a day in a 6 gallon pot? Seems like a bit much for me, but again I have no idea what size your plants are. Calcium and Phosphorus def. are typically caused by a PH problem. With a week or two left, im not sure its worth trying to fix maybe just amend with 1/3 cup of dolomite lime before your next run? https://www.growweedeasy.com/calcium-deficiency-cannabis https://www.growweedeasy.com/phosphorus-deficiency-cannabis DB
  15. Darth Budder

    Organic Madberry Grow

    nice, did you mix your own soil before re-cycle or amended organic bag soil? DB