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  1. Been having the same problem lately with my females showing trichs and hairs in veg. my theory is it either has to do with the light intensity or the temperature of the root mass at night. i say this because in my veg room i kept having bulbs pop on my( switching to MH) and the temperature of my root mas has suffered because all the water doesn't evaporate before night time and the night air shocks the roots
  2. I'm about to pick up on some space bombs from sub been reading about the 43 day pheno
  3. i would get the p75 with the snow lutus can't get a better mother than that
  4. Hey everybody sorry its been a while ben doing a lot of work lately anywho i think i'lll leave a couple of pics today heres some picture of my Chrissy Kush (Pre98 dom Jabba's stash (M) x Jesus Og (F)) elegant pheno then there's my sour pheno (has no herm rate) then here's a macro of my petroleum night mare i'll have picks of the hybrid i made between it and my jabba male in a day or so and here's some of my scotts og which i'll be breeding to my male lee roy. And here's my miss universe pheno that i'll be breeding with the lee roy male Hop you guys enjoyed and thank you for the patience
  5. personally i wouldn't trust apothecary. brett borgue is the guy who run's it and, from what i've read, most of his genetics are fake. plus he has terrible business practices
  6. for me it comes down to just a couple bodhi E$kobar Dynasty Gage green Alien genetic Rare dankness sin city seed soma seeds Archive 303 gentics (if you can find any) @desertgrown how was apothecary's gear i've always wanted to trust it but his reputation makes me sketchy
  7. Jabba's stash male x Jesus OG female
  8. those are each of my plants respectively and i must say i'm quite envious of the strains your packin up in there. also i can't figure out how to post timages straight on here if anyone has some pointers i'd be much abliged
  9. Datmoose

    a horses mouth

    one horse seeds first hybrid project
  10. Hello world of open grow datmoose here and i'm pleased to show you my first hybrid project/ precursor to Onehorse town seeds. so what i have is a pre 98 dom jabbas stash male that i've collected pollen from and a faster flowering snowlotus dom male that i've collected. my females are as follows: shiatsu kush (tokyo drift pheno), shiatsu kush (bushido pheno), Phantom cookies (cherry pie dom), cinderella 99 (pineapple holy grail), captain kush (purple vics pheno), Juicy nappa fruit (juicy fruit ibl x landrace napalese hashplant) (45 day pheno), Juicy nappa fruit (nepali afro pheno). i'll have some pictures uploaded tonight. Oh i forgot my indoor. i've also got a snowlotus and bubba kush dom jabbas stashs a petroleum nightmare a jesus og and 2 scotts ogs
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