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  1. Time to take a holiday.
  2. Hi Sannie, When will these be about as I have to order in the next 5 weeks? Greets.
  3. Wow, thats a coincidence. A friend grew out a few fem Sannies Jack. One had pink buds, both grown under leds. I claimed that one and once cured it is stratospheric. Would love to post pics of the buds but I'm crop at that shit. Peace.
  4. Yeah Sannies right of course , 11 weeks from first sign will Def be good on virtually all phenos,thought that girl from the first pics was a different pheno. From my experience or lack of, that looks like more shiva shack side. There is a hazey pheno can go as long as you want, and a branchy beast of a thing that takes some time also. There's a runty pheno that I've only seen once but for the smaller yield it makes up in frost.. Sannies and Co done good with shackzilla, my favourite. Very few bad Shackzilla to honest.. Peace.
  5. Hi 7smokes, have had that pheno a few times and taken it to 14 weeks from the switch, could go even longer. Well worth it, Seems to have a propensity to format twin stems early on but that could be just my experience or lack off ll. Some phenom on the shack/shiva side can be done in 10weeks but the elite pheno ssh is worth taking out a long as possible = more and better imlo. Can't go wrong with shackzilla love that girl.
  6. Just had a brain fart, did Whazzup not have to scarifie some Anesthesia seeds to germ. Might be wrong, quite possible. Peace.
  7. Good news that's 6 out of 10 which is 7 cause there is a twin. Wow they are strong looking little seedlings, never seen such a thick taproot in my limited experience. The other four show no signs of cracking yet so they will be scarified slightly and soaked until they open. Doubt they want to share their secrets so quickly. There hard nuts fae 0uzbekistan.! Peace.
  8. I have this every time I Google Opengrow and then hit sannies site,have to click off then back on then it's fine. I'm Def no tech savvy individual! Wonder what it is, I'm an android user.
  9. Ones a twin, so if all 10 germ then I'll have 11 out of 10. I'm away to the shop to buy a lotto ticket. Peace.
  10. That's now 5 out of 10 showing themselves. Sannies right of course,cause I had to open pots up a bit before dropping them in. Good luck to everyone Peace
  11. Hi Overlord 10 seeds. Time will tell,can't wait. peace.
  12. Three putting down taproot as I type, 48 hour soak and three days later. In sannies spongepots Not all bad news, keep posted on progress. All black afghani 10/10 and looking excellent. Peace.
  13. Congrats on your shackzilla grow looks like you've green thumbs.
  14. Life's trialing error, oh oh now deed Jethro Tull minstrel, John martYn SOLID AIR
  15. The look chunky seeds maybe a longer soak or some fine emery will release the beast. Peace. All that is is the best.
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