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  1. Thank you guys so much for the kind words and advice. This was my first run of Sannies gear and I'd never seen foxtailing before so I wasn't sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing and it was really confusing me on when to harvest. I did a lot of new things this run so I thought I could have very well screwed up something. Learned a few new things this run but most importantly I'm getting familiar with Sannies genetics.
  2. Yea, she's really stretchy, and top heavy? I had to tie up the colas because they were falling over. I was totally unprepared for the stretch and I did the best i could to manage it. this cola here, streched into the light
  3. Not sure where to post this... but anyway. I have a question about foxtailing. I have a Sugar Punch, day 68 and she's been foxtailing like crazy the past couple of weeks. I know it's a genetic thing for haze's, right? So I'm ready to harvest this girl but I'm having second guesses because these foxtails are shooting out new white pistils everywhere. Making me think twice about harvesting. She's foxtailed so hard it's like little fingers everywhere on all the buds Anyone have any similar experience?
  4. What does the term geocasher mean?
  5. If you want quality LED's you go with Apache, Area 51 or Hans. Or you DiY, make your own CoB's.
  6. Worm shit tea is great for activating your microbes and great when used as an initial activator of the soil. I'll spray my soil with compost/ewc tea + aloe vera when I'm initially cooking a new batch of soil... which is not often since I use the same soil for years. I'll do another tea in early veg, but not much more after that. Enzymes are important. I wouldn't use drain cleaner personally. Instead I use barley seed tea to get enzymes to my plant in a more natural way. Coconut water and alfalfa / corn seed teas are great also. But these are great 'organic' ways of delivering enzymes to your soil. For my phototropic bacteria, I like to use some OKashi or GroKashi mixed in with my topdressing as a mulch. I'll topdress with some ewc/compost, neem meal and some Kashi. Water with a little bit of molasses at about 3 weeks flower and then around 6 weeks. I'll also make a Kashi tea and water using that in late veg / early flower.' But yeah, barley seed sprouted tea is great for enzymes.
  7. I feel you worm... I've been following this thread for a while and I should have taken the advice offered here. I'm growing SP for the first time and I've got a very sativa pheno, very stretched out, very tall, very spaced out nodes... It sucks (for me) because I'm running a scrog and well... lol it's pretty much not a scrog anymore. I vegged for 5 weeks while LSTing for my screen, filled screen about 2/3rd and then flipped. It has stretched so much it's insane, I've never grown a plant like this. I'm only running a 400w CMH, the penetration is not the greatest so I already know my yield will suffer, which sucks even more because this is my last grow for a very long time 2-3 years and I was trying to really hit the nail on the head this time and pull a big harvest. I flipped on July 9th and she is still streching today, the 22nd. I've never had a plant strech out this long, usually they don't stretch much at all for me. I can already tell my harvest will be weak because of the light I use, it won't penetrate that deep. I'm really bummed out about this because I feel it's something I could have prevented with more topping perhaps? I only topped once. Maybe it stretched so much because I'm using a 11/13 light cycle this time? Maybe there's nothing I could have done and it's just genetics (thats what i like to tell myself) I was very excited to pop SP, I've read nothing but good things, so man I am so anxious to smoke this girl. I want to see what the hype is all about. Woke up this morning and looked into the tent and she stretched so much last night I just can't believe it. *wall of text crits you for over 9000* But on the other hand, I've got another SP growing in a separate tent and she is very indica! But I'm not really a fan of indica, I like to enjoy my high not smoke, eat everything in the house and then go to sleep.. that's not my style. But yeah, she's very short and bushy, in week 3 of veg right now under LED's.. never used LED lighting before and I'm not sure if it's the pheno or what but I can see significant slower growth compared to my 400w CMH, but then again the LED is only a RW-75 from A51. So I guess for that little light, it's doing alright. Had to vent somewhere, this stretching has me stressed out! I'm the kind of person who is very finicky. I like my ducks all in a row and this stretching has thrown a monkey wrench in my plans. Shoulda listened to some of you in this thread, I didn't expect this much stretch. I will say tho, that this plant has grown with more vigor than I've ever seen before, it's just exploding.
  8. If you're truly growing organically, you don't need bottles of stuff. Worm shit (EWC/VC) and compost are your most important soil ingredients when growing organically. Using Comfrey, Chamomile, Yarrow, Valerian, Dandelion, Alfalfa, Horsetail, Stinging Nettle and Borage in FPE's and in your worm bin (yes you should have your own worm bin and you should be making your own castings unless you have a local source that is high quality) is all you need. Top dressing EWV/VC/compost with Comfrey, Stinging Nettle and maybe some Kelp meal a few times goes a long way. Alfalfa / Kelp / Aloe Vera teas/foliars with a couple AACTs to ensure your microherd is booming. Making seed sprout tea is a great way to introduce enzymes to the soil, I water with SST at least once a week. The only thing I use in bottles is Molasses, Ful-power (fulvic acid from BioAG), Protekt (silica), Neem oil and that's it.
  9. I've also been looking into mainlining recently. I run scrogs right now but I'm interested in trying mainlining, most likely my next cycle will be mainlined, just to try it out.
  10. Such a hassle.. such a mess. I'm glad Sannie has ended the Western Union option because it's nothing but headache. I was going to send cash in the mail but at the very last minute I decided against it and to try the new Western Union account Sannie had made (Bio Sannie). I was very paranoid about dropping $200 in an envelop and just hoping it crossed the pond without being stolen by some asshole postal worker. I had a similar experience with Western Union like corners did, I'll never use it again, ever. I wish I knew Sugar Punch was dropping on Cannazon, I would have just waited until Cannazon got the beans and used my credit card at Cannazon and avoided all of this hassle. Sannie has apparently shipped my order, but I'm confused. He emailed me and told me that there was still no payment showing on his bank account from me, but then 1 minute later I have an email from him saying my order is shipped. He never confirmed with me that he received payment... he just told me that it was shipped. So I'm still kinda unsure about what is going on with my order. I'm sure it's shipped like he says but I would just like to see the words from him saying " I have your payment " it would put my mind at rest after this horrible transaction.
  11. I'm more interested with what Sannie says. I know the terms & conditions to sending money with Western Union and there is no refunds in our situation, if you used Western Union then you agreed to the terms & conditions before transferring, Western Union will not refund your money. As far as Western Union is concerned the money has been sent successfully. I don't know how Xoom works, thank you Mojo for posting. This is showing a trend with bank transfers, perhaps there is a problem with using the bank transfer option. Since our transfers status is marked as "The money transfer has been picked up." we are up shits creek without a paddle, I'm afraid. Realistically, all we can do is wait and hope it posts on Sannies account. .
  12. I really hope so. Seeing that you and Tiger have the same problem makes me feel a bit better, I'm not the only one. It still has me worried though because there is no refunds with Western Union - that money is gone if Sannie doesn't get it and there's not a damn thing we can do about it, that's the joy of using Western Union.
  13. I'm having the exact same problem. Western Union is telling me that my money is in Sannies account but Sannie keeps telling me it's not.... Pretty pissed about the whole situation, that's $220 just seemingly gone, vanished into thin air apparently.
  14. I don't think you need to tell someone that lives paycheck to paycheck that life is not perfect, this is not a news flash for those who work 60 hours a week busting their ass just to survive with a roof over their head and food on the table. The fact that you find humor in something like that tells me much about your character and if you are insulted by being called an arrogant asshole then maybe I've "touched on a soft spot".
  15. So, you find it funny that people work hard for their money? You find it funny that some people live paycheck to paycheck? I previously thought you were just making a strange comment, now I think you're an arrogant asshole.
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