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  1. The Shackzilla flower buds were just balls of white hair nearly towards the end when they swelled quite a bit. Not leafy at all, very attractive flower. Super fun to grow. Good organic soil in a 10 gallon pot, Biocanna Veg/Bloom light feed once every 2 weeks, done. Could’ve been better; first time using the Biocanna (seemed to like it) but I underfed them a little and I goofed the lights at first and forgot to adjust them from being way too far away. I definitely fell in love with Shackzilla this time. Smell is out of this world.
  2. Thanks Malarkykee! Here’s Shackzilla entering into week 10. Is she ready, is she ready?
  3. Anybody have a preferred time/phase to chop the Shackzilla down? I grew Shackzilla once about 5 years ago. I don’t remember exactly when I pulled her down but I recall even though it looked and smelled beautiful, the high suggested she came down too early. I want to be sure this matures properly so at a minimum, I’m going with Sannie’s 10-11 week minimum. Anybody here let it go 12-13 weeks? Or, with Shackzilla are you looking more through the microscope for some % mix of colored trichomes? What’s your recipe? Trying to squeeze some intel from Shackzilla fans. Thanks!
  4. Hi, I’ve got one Sannie’s Jack and one Shackzilla going into week 8 of flowering (thanks Sannie!). It’s an all organic soil grow and I’ve been happy with the grow so far. Just figured I would share. Any repeat growers out there? Any tips and tricks for these 2 Sannie strains as they get into their final weeks? Any observations? Shackzilla (at least mine) looks like it’ll easily go 11 weeks. Interestingly, the Jack “looks” like it’s finishing sooner (not according to the microscope though). Do they like the molasses treatment? Do they like the 48 hour darkness treatment at the end? Would be interested in hearing your experience with these 2 neat strains. By the way, Shackzilla smells Wow! Going into week 8, first pic is Jack, second is Shack.
  5. I am about 2-3 weeks out. I could not resist a taste test from one of the lower, smallish flowers. I'll refrain from an official smoke report since it's obviously premature. That said, the taste test sent me into an unplanned evening of yoga and guitar playing. Pretty darn cool. Can't wait for the finished product.
  6. Awesome! Thanks for the feedback. Can't wait.
  7. I think Sannie rates this as a 10-11 week plant. Does that rating indicate 10-11 weeks from 12/12 or from the first signs of sex? Getting close... gettin anxious Thanks for all the help so far!
  8. What would you say is a good target for a Shackzilla harvest? 75% red hairs, 75% cloudy trichs?
  9. Thanks for the input so far - keep it coming!
  10. Hi All, I've searched through the archives and while it seems Shack is very popular, I couldn't dig up a definitive guide to harvesting this strain. Any advice in when to chop in order to get the most out of this neat plant? Do you use the trichomes as a guide? Can you influence Shack's high by chopping a little early or a little later and would you have a preference? I chose Shack for it's Sativa lineage. As a sidebar, I'd be interested to hear what to expect from it. Creative? Energetic? Racy? None of the above? Thanks fellas - love the site. Greets to Sannie.
  11. Awesome! Thanks for the background on the KillaQueen x Blue Hammer. I'm very impressed with it.
  12. Hi all, I've spent some time tracking down details on this strain/cross and have come up mostly empty apart from a couple grow threads around the net. I'd love to hear more about this plant. Bushy/tall, Indica/Sativa leaning, cerebral/coch, fast/slow grower... any known attributes would be interesting. The little I have read and seen appears very promising. My first post. Thanks, I'm glad to be here. I'll sit back and listen. Peace.
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