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  1. Thank for the info mate, I was waiting for the regular seeds to come back to the shop but it seems like I will try my luck with the fems (not like I don't like fems, would just make some crosses with the males )
  2. Damn those purple buds look delicious Is that the regular or the feminized KF? I'm goon to buy some KF seeds in the next few months but I'm not sure if I want the fems because I really want some purple buds and I'm not sure about the frequency in the fems and since I'm poor I'm goin for only 1 pack so I wanna make sure I can get at last 1 or 2 purples lol BTW. How's the smell on this one?
  3. Heya Today is the 1st week of 12/12 Moved some of the taller plants to the back and to the sides not much happening in the bud department yet but in 1 or 2 weeks it will look better I guess Have a nice week and cya @ next update
  4. Looking nice so far Out of the 5 SPs I grew there was one very sativa dominant stretchy lady and it had one of the best smells I've ever smelled in weed. Was a mix of berries and something I would call metallic, it was great and to this day I'm sad the clones I took of her didn't root Today I got a mom/clone box + clonex so this propably won't happen again but back then everything was improvised Good luck mate and I'm sure you will like the SPs even if you don't find this pheno
  5. Yea took a while hehe For some time I had no Internet access (once again...) and when I got back online I was lacking the motivation to continue , but as the title says, it's never ending (let's hope all the best lol) Today is the first day of 12/12 btw
  6. Heya Once again, after a long break, I'm back Many grows later I decided its time to continue my grow report There's not much to see right now, but I guess I will flip them on 12/12 tomorrow so you can expect some buds in the near future hehe The Hardware is still the same but with some new strains The strains I've got are: S. A. D. S1 (2 phenos) Gorilla Glue S1 Gorilla Girl (2 phenos) Silverfields (2 phenos) White Star White Psycho (my own cross) Psycho Killer (own cross, white psychos dad) White Siberian Dansk Diesel Edit: Forgot to mention San Fernando Lemon Kush This grow will be a mess with so many different strains so lean back and enjoy The next update will be in 1 or 2 weeks as soon as some buds begin to form
  7. Hey Does anyone know when/if the regular killing fields will be back in stock again?
  8. Hemp

    hawaian weed

    I had once a Hawaiian Snow from greenhouse It was from a mix pack and only 1 seed, but the plant was very, very nice not a great yielder but nice dense buds with a fresh, sweet roasted onion smell (just like they describe it in the grow sessions video ) the power plant from my current grow has a similar smell, but less pronounced than the hawaiian snow, but overall the hawaiian smells better. And the hawaiian snow was also really potent stuff, very electric high which made me kinda paranoid haha sadly the clones i took didnt root (it was winter, guess the temps dropped too low), but i plan on gettin a pack of the hawaiian snow and try to find a worthy representative of the pheno i had. Granted it was like 5 or 6 years ago and i dont know if they changed anything,but if i find one, it will be grown every time i do a sativa grow i think greenhouse has pretty average seeds, but the hawaiian is a winner for sure (and i thinkit has won a cup here and there btw^^) edit: forgot to mention i harvested the hawaiian snow around week 10 if i remember right, so if you let it go a week or 2 longer the high will eventually mellow out a bit,i will test it if i get the chance
  9. Hemp

    Breeding Subforum

    I mean i wasnt going to start a topic on my own, but i see alot of people here make some seeds for their own use, and post that in their grow reports or by any other occasion, so im guessing there would be interest in a separate section^^ Anyways yesterday i realized heres a subforum called " Genetics" , so i think breeding projects could be a subforum of that section
  10. Hey while reading trough the forum i noticed there is no explicit subforum for user crosses/breeding projects, and i think it would be cool to see some pollen chucking threads where people can discuss crosses and strains they made without the need to read trough every grow report Or is there a breeding subforum and i just missed it? (and i dont mean the shop breeder subforums^^) greetings hemp
  11. Hemp

    Jedi Kush

    Yea man i get you about the tobacco I often started to smoke without tobacco and its a much better way of smokin weed but then when i ran low of weed i started to cut it with tobacco and boom youre hooked again haha btw. when i was 15 i began growin weed your jedi kush looks delicious, would love to smoke a bowl and i bet it would kick me in my face i still need a good kush, tried once pure kush from greenhouse but it was meh greetings hemp
  12. Hemp

    Durban Poison

    Who has a pure seedline then? I heard its the sensi seeds durban that was crossed to a skunk tho When i was in amsterdam a few years ago i bought a 5 pack of regular durban poison seeds but sadly when i opened the pack 3 of them were crushed and the 2 surviving seeds didnt germ i was going to use it in some crosses because i heard it has a high thcv content (but rather low thc) so i wanted to cross it with some high thc strain, but i never got the chance to do that
  13. Heya its the 8th week now so its time to harvest i took a few pics right before i cut them down all harvested at 58-60 days bloom The power plant was the 1st one to be harvested, she has a fresh smell mixed with a sweet onion note It reminds me of the hawaiian snow i once had, but the hawaiian had a more pronounced sweet roasted onios smell here some pics of the powerplant; And a harvested pp bud in the sun After i was done with the powerplants it was time to harvest the AKs Its one of my strongest strains and i could let her go for 9 weeks but she has a trippy high when harvsted earlier which i prefer on this one. Her smell is spicy and complex with a slight bubblegum sweetness in the background, not one of my favourite smells but strong weed^^ here we go with the Ak; Thats all for today but soon its time for sugar punch and silver fields greetings hemp
  14. I would say spraying neem oil on (fefore they start to flower) and especially around the plants is a good prevention outdoors you can still spray it around the plants to keep new bugs away
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