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  1. Man, it has been far too long since I been here. Great stuff Indi!
  2. looking great up in here bigun! Keep up the great work!
  3. Great thread and thanks for sharing. Looking great up in here and keep us posted! Relax and dream....
  4. hey welcome back and sad to hear of the end.....appreciate your thread and at least you got the tops. damn rippers. hope next season gets you some faster producing ladies....sucks about the russian doll.... relax and dream...
  5. Looks Phenomenal, cant wait to put some of those in the dirt. Hows the taste on that one?
  6. Great thread AGP, really great content and photos. Keep up the great work, your love for the plants shows through. Keep it up and be safe.
  7. Dayum good thread you got rolling here. You got some friends in high places, that is some mighty nice looking rosin and that Boudica looks outstanding. Keep up your great work, you are crushing it! Thanks for sharing!
  8. Happy New Year SFM! Man, you are killing it, that GG, WOW! Came out amazing. New round is looking great so lush, thanks for sharing so much! Keep doing what you do! b safe
  9. looking great up in here Ben, you keeping this thread or starting a new one?!?! Thought I just read that.... Either way, love your grows, working that space really well. Keep it up! Thanks for sharing!
  10. I am amazed that these bean containers are still around. limited and collectors and so SICKO! R u kidding me? Anyways, such a great thread and been a hot minute since I could check in. Wow, so much going on, 2017 is going to be one SINISTER year! Lets get EVIL!!!!
  11. Great thread, been too long since I been on here, happy new year Barrie! Things are sure looking great in your setup and pulling hard you land a winner Roadtrip. Keep it up and hope you have an extra green 2017. That Boudica F2, looking mighT nice. Keep it up and be safe.
  12. Like MrD and Stanky, I think there is more at play than THC. I am a big believer in the additional effect of different terpenes into the mix, and its the combination of all those ingredients that set the bar on the buzz. Personally I think the advantage to higher TCH strains/frostier strains is the concentrates. I assume the yield is higher, which for concentrates, thats a big bonus.
  13. Jet - Just crushing it, keep it up your garden is gorgeous!
  14. I got some vapes, Ascent and Pax, and for the most part they collect dust after running similar trials, nothing like that "burned" flavor to me. I use the vapes for stealth puffing but other than that a bit less for my taste buds. Its always been called smoking a bowl. Vape off.
  15. sounds delightful, need to try.... does anyone know how much straight kif to mix with coconut oil for a nice and proper dosage? Is 5Gm to a cup of oil good? Also, do I need to filter if straight kif or am I better off to leave unfiltered and mix up as it firms up?? thanks for sharing
  16. lol....i think they determined you cant overdose on weed other than just passing out due to the wide range and variety of cannabinoid receptors around the human body.... no wonder we crave it so....
  17. Man you are just straight crushing it in here DDB. Great work and thanks a ton for sharing. That Rainbow Rug, sounds amazing. Keep doing what you do.
  18. So I am just finishing up my last grow and gonna probably start up again on the threads. Work has been just killing me time wise and all the remaining time is going to the growing, not the logging. sorry guys, gotta find time as they say. Just had a horrible run of: Durban x Cinderella99 (Gr#), Motown Kush (TOO), Lemon Thai (SS). I am sorry guys, but had a really bad run (IMO) this time, buds came out ok, but I have done much better. I'll try to get around to posting a few pics. It was the fall run (kicked off late Oct-Dec. Started OK, then came a few mites, i think from recycled dirt in the mom chamber, then I started getting spots of PM throughout the grow. Tried fighting and managing the PM, and fortunately not all were as sussceptible to the PM, but some loved it. DurbxC99 - Bugs loved her, but was somewhat resistant to the PM, didnt patch up as much. Motown Kush - Somewhat resistent to Mites til the end, certain splochs of PM, but overall I think did the best considering my challenges Lemon Thai (A) - PM loved her, all the way to the stems. Mites also really attracted to her, or the mites just love Thai. LemonThai ( - PM Loved her, but not as aggressively as Pheno A. Mites also really tore into her week 7-8, such devastation. think she is the origin of the mite issue Just did my second "bud washing", to try to clean up this stuff and its all drying and onto the cleanup and next round. hoping to can rid myself of these pests, fighting in the MOM chamber and they may have to complete clean in 2017, well see. Hope all is well for you all. @agp - I will need to run DLAF, I see a lot of high reviews, however, right now this Motown Kush has grabbed my attention, and if I can get a clean Mom, she is moving in for a spell. Once I get a chance to burn her, that will solidifiy this decision. Pics will come. She is such a gorgeous beast.....woo hoo.
  19. Looking great up in here leRat! Got some different phenos of that maury working. Hope you were able to rid yourself of them bugs. got myself a lil round I am dealing with this time. f'mites. thanks for sharing....relax and dream
  20. @Balza, such a great thread. Thanks for sharing your diary of your passions. You are just killing it. Love the added aspects of the fungus, never tried growing them and finding myself inspired by your thread to learn more and try my hand there. Keep it up man, you got some great skills on working in tight constraints. Its not easy. That grin spoon, cant even imagine trying to tame a beast like that in those quarters. you did well, my hats off to you. one love. relax and dream.
  21. strapping in for the ride, nice sized plants to get started and everything looks so lush! Keep it up!
  22. Man, MM420, you are crushing it. Been a bit since I could check in on the site, real life is taking over ATM. Plants are looking amazing, the growpito is doing amazing things for you, keeping a close eye here, just wishing I had more head room to play like you, one of these days.... Kee it up brother, hope life is treating you guys well and continue on with the fight for our freedoms. love and light mm. ill be bak.
  23. Plants are loving what you are doing to them, keep it up and thanks for sharing. You are doing a fantastic job and hope things work out for you and your significant other one. F*ck cancer. luv and light
  24. WOW, look almost too good to eat! Would love to learn that technique you got right there... Refridgerator magnets, ill take a couple of those Great works and as always, thanks so much for sharing. Sharing is caring.
  25. Wow, great work in here S&J, been a bit since I hopped on your thread. Caught up now. Great work, nice show and AMAZING Pics. You can never have enough pics to drool over and you got a really swell mix. Plants seem to love your handling them, much better than my current round, but thats what makes this so fun, having challenges and getting things back on track. I have had a few plants go albino, mostly just the tops. Had it happen a lot more with an LED, than I do with HID. I have had quite a few tops with the LED get all pale like that, but admittedly, haven't had it happen midway down the flower with everything surrounding being green. If you bare bulb I could see how that could happen, it becomes a space from the light game, IMO. That Oldschool looks quite delishous and the 24K looks like a powerhouse. Keep doing what you do, and really appreciated the sharing.
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