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  1. Spider mites....F' them too! When will I learn outside stays outside....

  2. Still fighting with PM, it sucks.

    1. madmaster420


      horsetail tea is your friend indeed...You can also use greencure almost all the way up until harvest (potassium bicarbonate) but rinse it well


    2. starinhazy


      THanks, been using the Horsetail tea and added in some powdered cinamon after our talk, smells nice, time will tell this round as to whether it is gone. Last time showed up late week 3/week 4ish. hoping to have turned the corner on this.

  3. I wish I had more headroom...

  4. got a blank space where my mind should be

  5. Thanks for letting me in!

  6. is there something else I need to do to be able to participate and post in this forum?

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