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  1. Looking great up in here Barrie! Keep it up and great thread!
  2. Best of luck, got quite a nice lineup, Im in! Safe and happy growing to you.
  3. Good luck making through the storm brotha. Plant is looking good. Be safe and hunker down.
  4. I would rather hear stories about tripping or Meth binges..... Only politics I want to hear about is the legalization of our sacred plant.... But here i want to hear about all the grow styles, types of things to do with it and all the bud PORN.
  5. I did a trip to colorado for work in the past couple months and its easy bro. Any Uber driver will be able to get you where you want to go. There are tours, but I was there for work and just went out in the evening with some work homies. They got refined edibles. I bought some of their Gatorade style punches, went with the high dosage and drank a half bottle one night and tied it on pretty tight, then had a second bottle for the plane home, drank that with a bunch a GUmmies and a Jay. Needless to say the long flight home went by fast and smooth.... I did a few jays, didnt get to buy bunches of bud, but the edibles were good. enjoy yourself and have a blast. also if you want you can send yourself the leftovers in a care package. I recommend, getting to a boxes/etc and get a flat rate overnight box, and pack up what you have left and send to a safe addy, at least the edibles. I got some extra GUmmies my Uber driver sent me, didnt know if he was going to do it, but gave him 30 and they arrived.. He gift wrapped them too!
  6. Sounds like a great plant and nice to hear that the heri added in trics but not dominating the flavor spectrum, woulda been a shame to lose what strength is in that HolyP. thanks for sharing and great work!
  7. wish I had the space and patience to keep a plant going for 20 years....RESPECT. While conditions can play a part, I don't think that you alter the genetics from conditions, you can definitely influence how the come out but the genes are genes, aren't they? I have heard of genetic drift but my understanding was that it would be like a 20 year plant where you would be able to notice this. Anyone out there have a picture of 20year old plant? How bout a 10?
  8. in a "drug lab".....really.....?
  9. Bigun - all is looking great up in here and what a lot is going on too.....hope it all works out in your favor and whatever you do makes you happy. Be safe and keep em green. Your plants are looking really lovely, you do great work. keep it up and thanks for sharing.
  10. Glows in the dark! Keep it up Indi, rocking it hard! Sinister about to blow the lid off the sucka!
  11. Amazing looking flowers Baq, Selene is a very special girl.....enjoy.... ......relax and dream.
  12. DAYUM Builder, looking all sticky up in here. keep it up man, looks like some are getting closer. thanks for sharin
  13. Best of luck one this one, looking great. rev cracked me up! I would not like to be your neighbor......but then again, would be cool if my neighbors grew and we knew each other....
  14. Builder you are straight crushing it and motivating me hard to get deeper into organics. Your pics are immaculate. I have burned several buds since going bare bulb, classic burn. sucks but it happens. while you lost some, there will be some development around it, alls not lost. Trim the dead part to the hash pile and move on. lots to smoke. Keep doing what you do and thanks for all the sharing.
  15. What about putting circles of salt around the plants something so that the bugs don't like. and maybe kills them? just a thought....
  16. looking all tasty up in here ken. keep doing what you do and thanks for sharing. Be safe and keep em green.
  17. hope all is going well Stank. Be safe and hope the planning is going into implementation for yourself.
  18. Welcome back and aboard. Looking forward to seeing what takes place on this one. Not familiar with dance hall genetics in that 1, should be an interesting run. Beautiful pics and thanks for sharing, best of luck and hope she produces wildly for you and she makes it to finish.
  19. couldn't agree more with some of the consensus here. I started mixing mine about 2 years ago, not spending my $$ on water from somewhere else, I can use my boiled RO and save. I buy premixed powders, and they have produced over and over for me, no regrets on dumping all the marketing and water. Best of luck, don't take my word for it, check some logs and see they work great.
  20. Thanks for sharing all the porn. such great work!
  21. All is looking great up in here shoeless! I grew out those god smack, they were very nice golfballs covered in trics. Very indica kinda stone. I had two pheno one was what I considered a good hybrid while the other leaned a bit more to the god bud, as I have grown the heri before. Quick plants with some great coating and structure. Best of luck on yours. Keep'em green and thanks for sharing
  22. Doing some great work over here Bigun, keep it up and thanks for sharing.
  23. Bravo! That vertical is just crushing it. Buds look incredible. Keep it up and inspiring to see. Great replica. Thanks for sharing
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