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    t122 c99e

    From the album: 2015-01

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    t122 c99d

    From the album: 2015-01

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    t122 c99c

    From the album: 2015-01

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    t122 c99b

    From the album: 2015-01

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    t122 c99a

    From the album: 2015-01

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    t122 All

    From the album: 2015-01

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    t122 a13d

    From the album: 2015-01

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    t122 a13b

    From the album: 2015-01

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    t122 a13a

    From the album: 2015-01

  10. Great grow and share, sorry to hear about the lil buggers. I have had my matches with them. Sulfur burns seemed to help and I think were my cure if you can manage/handle them. Best of luck.
  11. mmmmm....getting closer.......are you clownin' around? zeedz...which are these that got chopped, the BMR? you got so much going on in that room, its just BRILLIANT! Keep crushing and crossing
  12. thanks for all the insight fellas, same as I hear and read over the years.... John D - welcome and best of luck on your grow. take it easy on them babies, less is more at this point. don't love them too much The Genes from Sannie and the crew are all top notch. keep em green.
  13. bucha zombies all up in here looking for BRAAAAIIIIINNNS! Looking great indi, smashing as always. that brain sure is a bush, did you top her or is that natural? That Apollo 13 grows like in every direction once she gets going.....
  14. Looking really nice smiles, keep it up and keep'em happy! ill be lurking
  15. Thanks for checking it out Bigun! You right, ran the bags and bucket hard, processed all my trim from these past two grows. Got a fairly nice yield for just trim and leafs...... Your new space, I'm so jelly, looking great and you go so much room to spread out.
  16. Looking great! Plants are so lush and green! keep it up!
  17. that SPxHeri, came out nice. Really like what it did, controlled some of the stretch but still producing hard like SP. got some aromas of SP during the grow but it seems even on this second that you can't hide the heri in the smell on cure, she still cuts through, but there is sugar all over that stench.... Astro - Thanks and everything has been up..... been a long summer when your wife has back surgery, but fortunately she is on the backside and we are heading down recovery road. its a journey.....Other than that, hot summer, lots of rain, Tomatoes are blowing up, testing some more of the CutiePie x God Smack, and trying to find time to enjoy the pool while work tries its hardest to swallow me whole. Now I got some new beans I am cracking to change up the mix as I like to do.... So here is the next rounds, still got lots going, just never seems to fully stop, just keep the wheels spinning. Here is what its looking like in T2 for the next round. Probably flip in a week or less. Getting filled up but been waiting on the god smack to wakeup. Lots of babies all over in here, so this is what I got baking for the next rounds. Should have some nice things to sort through. Tried for (4) beans for each strain, some of the LT didnt crack so started new ones, others cracked and never came up out of the dirt. I do the paper towel method before wasting a cup, space, light, etc…. So these are the survivors and thrivers for the next round or few…. Durban Posion x Cinderella 99 - got three pheno of this one working. Thanks G! Pheno A Pheno B Pheno C Here are the Lemon Thai, so toothy! Smaller than the others as I had to regroup, then one of the originals popped!- Thanks S*! Pheno A Pheno B Pheno C (small possibility a seed from a previous run, just don’t remember double planting…) These are some specials from a friend I met through here. Thanks TO* They are BKxBBSD X Nuke x bbsd (i think) another friend told me these are now called Motown Kush, Whatever the name, they are supposed to be fire indica plants that will throw you down on the ground. Who doesn’t need some of that. Pheno A Pheno B Finally these are from a good buddy of mine, bagseed. They are Sour Diesel x (Choco Rain/Huk Kush / Silverfields), who knows or cares who the father is, I know these will be unbelievable, just can’t wait for these. thanks - M* Pheno A Pheno B If any of you all can share any insight into the leaners and hybrids, that would be nice. Ill post some along the way, but they will probably be fewer as life has me stretched out….. Danks for stopping by...
  18. looks like a nice specimen right there for 45 days. should be a good one. interesting smells i bet.....
  19. Good luck on your run, ill be lurking and chiming in on occasion. Great to see you expanding. RAGE IT!
  20. starinhazy

    t2v3 souall

    From the album: 2015-01

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    t2v3 sou3b

    From the album: 2015-01

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    t2v3 sou3a

    From the album: 2015-01

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    t2v3 sou2b

    From the album: 2015-01

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    t2v3 sou2a

    From the album: 2015-01

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