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  1. Hey Mr Goodfellow ! I have been growing CQ on several occasion, i can tell you it's a good strain - not a GREAT one. Like other have said there are many phenos on this F2 and don't expect a straight cheese. It's a more complex cross of cream/skunk and exotic/sugary/fruit on each try. I was a bit dissapointed at first because of that - hoping for a much more cheesy smell/taste. But just like the "Chucky's bride" strain of Eskobar it's a very interesting plant - I would take Chucky's bride over Cheese quake though, unfortunately she's not aivalable anymore. Have a fun time growing her !
  2. That's a disapointment, i was seeing those guys as honnest dude with integrity and a business plan that wanted on keep things on the quality side... I'm delighted with the super soil recipe when home made but knowing that the TGA label might go down a dirt road - sorry about that - he was saying he didnt wanted to have someone endorse his name to avoid that kind of shit. Well... I'm still trying his new genetic after placing my next order at sannies, feeking like i have to start getting seeds from an other place - i say have cause paying the TGA price seems fucking rude now - or it might end up being GGG - if i'm paying that kind of money i'd rather spend a bit more to get the "best" stuff, altough i must say TGA has some gems when pheno hunting... Sorry for the rant Peace!
  3. If it can make up for it - a least a little - just know that growing wise, this was one of my best year, putting my hands on some of the best genetics i've ever grown aka Chucky's bride and Chocolate rain. I had the time to let them cure and i can say one thing without a doubt: you're a masterfull breeder man. Thanks a lot and all the ebst!
  4. You have reached your quota of positive votes for the day... Magnifique! Peace!
  5. Damn, how long did you veg that girl? Peace!
  6. Other than what has already been mentionned their Sour D has nothing to do with a diesel but it has a really nice pheno, old school "amsterdam" weed, incense type of smoke. Realy nice taste, light day time smoke. I've stopped growing their stuff ever since finding sannies tga ggg and such... Peace
  7. Beautifull stuff, love the way you handled that thai x skunk, old school growers got lots of cards up them sleeves, never thought about using a scrog this way around, very smart.... HP x Shiva : Why the hell did he never released that one!!! With the growing knowledge regarding hash making i hope breeder will go back to building up some good HP crosses, my graal is to make a black hash that taste just like Afghani someday, i'm making full melt bubble but it taste just like weed lol doesnt have that spicy, afghan taste even when you press is and let it cure Amazing grow keep them coming Peace!
  8. Once you start growing weed you dont wanna be smoking someone else's stuff lol Peace!
  9. Some beautifull stuff man, good to see so many old school european growers doing things "properly" on this site. For some reason it seems like grower in the US have the tendency to be more "scientific" when it comes to growing , this site show me otherwise. Peace!
  10. Sorry to hear you had a bad batch of Gardella. A few weeks back they had some of the nicest morrocan ever -a bargain considering the price. Peace!
  11. http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/wag_the_dog/ You guys need to watch this Peace!
  12. +1 If the cubes are to wet the roots wont "reach" for humidity...and try to keep the temp close to 28°c Peace!
  13. You're the reason why i say pics arent nescessary. Thank you Peace!
  14. That looks like a C-99 pheno to me I had two different phenos, smoking the first dried bud, amazing smoke, both exodus leaning, one has a litlle more pineapple to it though, splendid crosses, i was looking for a good exodus cross, i found my graal! Indica are a lot easier to judge - if you ask me - except for a few Kushes out there. I'd read that some cholate rain phenos could go up to 12.5 weeks and i'm all about the taste. If cutting to early means loosing the terpenes i'll never do it, if letting it go means adding weight while loosing terpens i'll cut early Peace!
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