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  1. Can you tell me where to find more info on this process?
  2. Thanks Sannie. I hope you have a great 2016.
  3. This is really interesting. Thanks for sharing your system. I have a few questions: The size of rock you show from putting it in your shoe, how much raw material, more or less did it take to create that? Does it work well if you vape it? Been thinking about doing something like this to reduce the amount I have.
  4. Hey Sannie - didn't mean to pry. I was thinking you'd say something general like, I'm concentrating more on seeds and have given other projects to trust friends to handle those things. But if it came off like I was prying, I apologize. The things you do are exciting. And I love to hear about them. Glad to hear buffertablets will continue to be available.
  5. Hi Sannie, Would you mind sharing what business model changes you are making? I always like to stay in tune with what is happening. It helps me set me expectations and plan for the future. Where are you heading? Greetz
  6. Amazing photo. Thanks for the details of the equipment needed.
  7. These are just beautiful, Sannie. I love them. Would love to know what kind of equipment is needed for this.
  8. I really like what you posted and intend to give it a try. Will be watching for more details. But I think there's enough to give it a shot. Does the boiling and later cooking off the alcohol and water decarb the pot? If I start with good, high quality Sativa, like Sannies Jack, I don't want to cook it so much it changes to more of a body high. I like the mental, non physical high as much as I can keep it that way. Any thoughts about that?
  9. That is super helpful, J. I laughed when I read 2 hits of this ought to do me. I am a serious lightweight. 2 hits of any of Sannie's gear knocks me on my ass. I got a Magic Butter machine and have used it to make an oil with coconut oil. Then I cut it further and use a couple drops. LOL I've done alcohol extractions as well. RSO style. And you are right, it is always greasy. Unmanageably so. Have you tried eating a bit of your product? How did that work if you've tried it?
  10. This is very interesting. Thanks for sharing your system of doing this. One of the things I've been wanting to figure out, and maybe you have some insight, is this... I'd like to find a way of storing a quantity of this for significant periods of time. From what I read, the quality of the marijuana deteriorates over time with light and heat. I would like to find a system such as this that would enable me to reduce the raw product to something more manageable in size like this would do. Then, I could vacuum seal it and put it in the freezer, in the dark. Any thoughts to how long this might last? Also, how does the high change doing it the way you have posted, compared to vaping the product raw?
  11. I grew Sannies Jack, Shackzilla and Killing Fields - all from fem seeds. The easiest were Sannies Jack and Shack. I would recommend Sannies Jack. It was so easy and had a huge yield. And the taste, smell and high are fantastic. You could do the regular version of it if you don't want fem seeds.
  12. TopOPut

    Oaxacan IBL

    Thanks misterD. Kind of funny, but I don't drink. Never have. I've tasted Champagne but that's about it. But sounds like it would be social and maybe uplifting.
  13. TopOPut

    Oaxacan IBL

    Can anyone speak more about the high? I know it is supposed to be uppy, but can anymore be said about it? I have a bag of them that I'm dying to pop. Probably be another 90 days or so though, at least I'm hoping.
  14. I'm wondering if Sannie offers any high CBD strain. I'm fine with it being from him or any of the breeders on the site. It's time I experiment with a high CBD strain if I can find a good strain. Since I've only grown what Sannie offers, I'm hoping something like this is available here. Thanks
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