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  1. I suggested this as well. Easy enough to create unique address every time and tell the person to let you know when they've made the payment. Bada bing. I think this takes away some of the troubles for Bitcoin newbies trying to add notes when they send Bitcoin. Makes sense to me.
  2. Really awesome to hear Sannie. Thanks for the effort and consideration. Hope it all goes smoothly.
  3. Been almost a year. Reconsider Sannie? Bitcoin been very stable the last year.
  4. Looks awesome. Your own little hideaway.
  5. Really sorry to hear about your wife Robo. Keep your chin up. Life won't be the same but change is something none of us can control. Sorry man.
  6. Like misterdirt said, as long as humidity is low should be ok. Air movement inside stops localized pockets of high humidity.
  7. Oh shit I was high and ate two of them rev.
  8. Silverfields x boudica. Lemon fruity skunk when I cut her. 85 days flowering. Cut her at 92 days
  9. I always love your descriptions of highs scone. Makes sense and reminds me of experiences I've had. Sugar punch sounds scary strong almost.
  10. Mojoduck

    Esko C99 F3

    He means freebies. I mainly grabbed them bc of the hype at the time. Glad I did at the moment. The lime scent seems to be getting stronger. Still very early though. Had a ms u that smelled like orange creamsicle during mid flower. End up more cherry / strawberry cheesecake. Heres a pic of eskobar c99 f3 I have going. 25 days into flower. 12/12 from seed. Not very stretchy. Maybe 2x stretch. Maybe less.
  11. Mojoduck

    Esko C99 F3

    I got one early in fliwer that smells like lime. Hope it sticks around I would love to have a solid lime tasting smoke.
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