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  1. yeah.. actualy i have 3 strong PC fans above my cannopy blowing between lamp and tops, and one 100 mm PC fan at top of hood for venting heat from my bulb old pics...i remove glass between...no need, just waste of lumens.. i hung few PC fans to blow and my temp is ideal 25C only 15 cm space between lamp and buds Now im using 400w, and i raise about 25 cm temp is also 25-27C i will not flush them yet...just water with honey...flush next week
  2. 12/12 54 days pics are 3 days ago http://imgur.com/WXP...qozs8,zCIvCxp#0 I will flush them today, and last 1/2 gal of water ill add 1 tbs of honey to increase carbs in soil for maturing and taste
  3. 12/12 day 50 test popcorn http://i.imgur.com/znxcnlg.jpg trichomes are 80% milky 20% clear i will harvest at 12/12 day 68, because i have fuc.. guests in my house hope they will mature for 2 more weeks I give them full dose of nutes for last time...next week big flush with molasses, and then dry out the soil
  4. They start to grow buds rapidly... they grow so fast! each day more trichomes, and bigger buds. Growing indoors is so cool...each day i have new suprise (positive) when i open my tent. 12/12 day 37 http://imgur.com/Tonfhwe,NPP0DIz,MxtRBCg,4GfCu33,88dUeZH,nlS8B0a,KH2qn3s,ABaYIKd,jRrgPVb,bzM7Jdp,ifBVbxP#10
  5. http://www.putlocker...06C834AD141226# http://www.putlocker...427E8BFE8A199B# http://www.putlocker...B27F82385FF719#
  6. what you think about flushing plant? I think roots will got plenty of O2..., then dry it out, and start ferting full strenght nutes..now is on 2/3 dose of NPK 5-6-7 each 8-9 days
  7. something for smoke..uknown but highgrade day 20 of flowering..i think...better pics http://imgur.com/aKq...WdD1R,mErKRMM#0 12/12 day 30
  8. 2 weeks of flowering.. http://imgur.com/gIN...WZgq,tBVzwMy#12 im too high right now to post nice pics, here is the album temp close buds, like 6-8 inches from lamp without cool tube is 28C
  9. I agree..make it simple all my plants is tied down to make cannopy even as posible...all my branches is like 15 cm from bulb, and one good pc fan is blowing in the middle..they love it.. this bigger plant have like 20+ budsites....only 4 weeks of veg
  10. Because i use seed from friend...strain is senssi Northen Lights male x indica look like short big leafes, lot of crystals uknown strain. only polinated one branch manualy Plant are looking fenomenal..lot of branches, healty, plenty of buds Next few days ill upgarade to 400w HPS and 70w MH. my plan is to stuck small MH vertical between plants
  11. 12/12 23 days, second week flowering beast...you will see later..hehe indica 2 all plants include hermi in the middle.. hermi was killed later... and plants today on today day 12/12 27 day, beggining of 3. week of flower View My Video
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