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  1. Hello OG, I've been growing in a 5x5 space scrog style. I just moved into a new apartment and I have dedicated a 2.5x2.5x5ft closet to growing. I'm rocking some quantum LEDS but Im tied in a dilemma with my space. What would be the best approach for yield here? One plant SCroG'd in a 5gal. or many plants in a SoG style. If you were to chose the SoG style what size pots would you go with. I have a plant limit of 12 going on including the mother.
  2. psyisk


    Money was of concern, so the soil was borrowed from a phamily members local greenhouse that supplies flowers. Not going to get too personal into them, but they are a very large exporter of flowers and highly reputable. Soil is shipped from B.C, combined with ~1/2 peat moss that has been liimed to counter the acidity, and a wee bit of perlite!. Utilization of activated aerated compost teas have been going on as-well.
  3. psyisk


    Love the venture bros reference, great show! If I recall they are 4 liter pots. Bad news bears for chocolope though, inspectors came for the house, and I had to move everything out. Chocolope died from light deprivation on 1/27/2014. My other ladies survived the terrible aftermath, but its okay because this is just for fun, until outdoor season starts. :] Really bummed because I was excited.
  4. psyisk


    I certainly will say the original pic I said a week or so. I truly didn't remember but its been a couple weeks now. It's a supposed verified chocolope, although I could have switched the seeds in different bags on accident, we'll have to see later on. (But isn't that fun and exciting in a grow journal?!). As for my soil mixture I will fully assure you it's not miraclegrow, there's one thing about me, I always keep it supasekret. I've been a lurker of opengrow for years and I recently made an account awhile back. How about you stop being a keyboard warrior, sit back and watch this grow log. Also, I didn't start this little journal to bluff my way into anything. Here is the current progress, the weather has been cold here lately so I've expected some stunted growth.
  5. psyisk


    My soil is a supasukret mixture bred from the finest greenhouses in the USA. Anyways heres some updates to the chocolope, shes been coming along nicely.
  6. psyisk


    Coming along nicely, I'd say its been about a week so far. Will Post continued progress. Soil based. veg - 250watt CMH Flowering will be on 2000watt hps
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