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  1. I have been using the BL soil ph pen for both soil ph and liquid ph for over 2 years now and no problems. Love it
  2. Griot


    Smorgasbord grow including NL#1 Princess 88 Sour Bubble 1974 Punta Cometa NASA Brickweed Blue Mountain Jamaican x Orange Hill Jamaican Motor Oil Og Megafauna
  3. Left to right- Old KaliMist Federation Hawaiian Sativa Ace Of Haze(‘82 Durban x Viet Black x Nevils Haze)
  4. Left to right— Huixtepec”bleeder”(Mexico) Sour Bubble Federation Hawaiian Sativa day 7-8 of flower
  5. Devil’s Poison finished at 10 weeks
  6. Mango Haze done at 10 weeks
  7. Final shots of fall colors and fade. Everything coming down to be hung.
  8. GG4 bx3 done at day 66.
  9. Cherry AK cut and hung at day 66, smell is on point
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