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  1. Not a lot to show lately. The ones in veg I almost killed by overwatering. Bad mistake and ends my use of air pots!! Repotted into square containers(ol faithfuls)! Once back I’ll clone and then start them at 12/12 going to 11/13 later in flower. Some of these my go 14weeks. We shall see. Still working on other tent, light etc. had our quarterly testing at work the other day so finally got to smoke some of my last harvest. I gotta day the old widow did not disappoint! Lol feels good like a long lost friend I’ve been missing. Pics soon as turn these around. Thanks, G
  2. Check out my buddy on Instagram @dirtybirdtradingco he does great work! Got me a journal and the gf a pecan wood custom tray!
  3. Tired of lugging water from store to house. Well water tds too high for my liking so in comes the APEC RO system. 90gpd gonna do me right!
  4. I have not ran cherry bomb or fed Hawaiian yet. They are in veg maturing. The vintage mexican is originally from 30yr old bag seeds of commercial mexican. Yes, my third eye is always open lol
  5. @Gardener this was a panoramic shot on phone. That’s a normal 2x4. Lazy Susan tent would be cool though! Lol
  6. Ran some old widow from old school genetics last run and love it. A bitch to grow and very finicky but worth it. Found another old widow for some future breeding plans.
  7. My light frame is the entire length of my tent and initially I ran tent with exhaust on outside including filter. I did not like it that way. Trying to figure out how I could get this big 6” can lite and acinfinity fan in tent and still be able to hang light properly. Well chains solved it!!
  8. Topped all the plants in veg tonight. They are getting big. Waiting on my mothers to clone so I can clone these and start already. Pic of 3 Hawaiian sisters from Federation!
  9. Out of 19 new starts I have confirmed 14 females, 3 males and 2 who knows what. Gonna be a hard choice as I think more than 8 in the tent will be pushing it. Gonna be fun!
  10. Not much to show atm, on 4 or 5 week veg. Trying to get them sexed so I can clone. Have some work to do to get the tent tip-top but things looking good. Constructing a new light for the second flower tent. Having fun! Pics soon! Thanks, G
  11. Finished off the grow and done drying calculating etc. finished the run with 1.10lbs of harvest and the herbsnow dryer works great. I think if you have the space and conditions to hang dry then that can’t be beat but this dryer does an excellent job although overpriced imo. Thanks to everyone for looking in on the grow. Take care, G
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