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  1. I ain’t mad at ya lol sounds like a nice light. What size tent or room are you using it for?
  2. I have the bucket outside tent and blumats dialed so there is no drainage.
  3. @Sacred Plant Warrior I believe the blumats are not recommended for less than 1 gallon containers. I am using the regular tropf s. They are on a continuous loop from 5 bucket coming out of two spigots one going down each row of plants and meet up at end in a three way piece that leads to a on/off drain plug. Reservoir is 5 gallon bucket outside of tent about 4ft high off floor.
  4. Lol yeah just a little. Busted my behind on all this and finally paying off. I don’t seem to remember it being this much work. I guess 5 yrs older and fatter doesn’t help lol.
  5. Day 15 and last trim job. I know it’s not ideal to trim in flower but neither is running 8 different strains in a 2x4
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