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  1. Think I have it functionally sound. 6” carbon filter one side 8” intake other side. Fan top left corner over enough to hang light pulley with string straight. Blumat bucket about 3-4ft high. Time to start wiring lights and control panel!
  2. 6” acinfinity digital control going to 24” can filter. Gotta run it outside the tent for extra light travel. Anyone run carbon filters this way? I’ve read it’s fine to do but lots of challenges to that line of thinking on the net.
  3. All the clones took successfully. Just dipped in aloe leaf juice/gel and into rapid rooters. 12days later they are all in dirt. Thanks, G
  4. Down to the final eight. Struggling with life issues atm and have not made headway on flower tent. Have lots of soldering to do to get control board up for the lights. First attempt at cloning and I’m 19 for 20. Used just aloe gel and rapid rooters got the win. Blumats are in at the post office, lots to do still. The old widow in the pic is the only one showing yellow tips on new growth and yellow fringe around some leaves. She is picky or rootbound I believe. Any suggestions welcome, thanks, G oh I just watered, they were a little dry in the pics
  5. So it looks like I will have one of each in the flower tent, Blue Moon Magoo, Mother FireFly, Romulan S1, Old Widow S1, Santa Maria f8, Sensistar f3, Chuck D and a SSSC Pinetown Durban f3. I held on to a Grape Earth f2 and Blockhead f5 male. You never know lol. Also ordered medium deluxe blumat kit to keep me off my knees lol. —G
  6. Not sure this is ideal but it’s gonna happen anyhow. 8 -3.6gallon air pots in a 2x4x8 tent.
  7. Down to 11, blockhead still not showing! 8 of these will go into flower tent once it’s ready in 3.6gallon air pots. All were cloned including those I had double females of before culling. Some like the Santa Maria in the pic look like they are in flower but they have been under 18/6 since sprouting. I would say they are mature! Everything bouncing back great from root trim and reporting in new amended soil.
  8. I have not got the 6” out of the box yet but the 4” is working well. Just a little underpowered for my method of run. I should have got 2 sixes
  9. Down to 16 with the blockhead still holding out on me. Just don’t feel comfortable yet chunking due to the strong grapefruit smell present. Plants are rebounding, soil is much better and no ph probs. Best of all no gnats! These will all get cloned I believe and then best eight will go to flower. Still waiting on air pots to arrive and electrical work on light and control board. I’m impressed with these little hlg lights! I think the pucks and exotic boards are going to take them to a next level. Have a good evening—G
  10. Well plants are starting to rebound in new soil. Have not got to the flower tent yet. Life has other ideas for me atm. Gotta getbon it soon cant keep these in 5in pots forever. Pics of two Romulan S1’s and a weird sensistar sativa like pheno.
  11. Well I lost my shit on the little ones! Got tired of flies so I took all plants and shaved root mass, dunked and repotted into fox farms ocean forest amended with earthworm castings, light warrior and lime. The babies are recovering better than I expected. I culled down to 18 with 16 for sure females and still waiting on one chuck d and the Bubba kush to sex. Got rid of the pure gooey as it went herm on me! So now I’m in a rush to get flower tent together. Got my light built just need to wire and finish control board. Once this is done the veg specimens will be ready to clone then move mothers to flower tent after roots show on clones. I’m pleased with the light. 4 chilled pucks v2 red and blue along with growmau5 far red pucks and rapidled’s exotic boards. All of these will be controlled individually with sonoff controls. The 2x4 flower tent is a limited edition blue camo gorilla tent with an ACInfinity 6” exhaust with digital controls hooked up to a 6” Can carbon filter with the intake air being filtered through a phresh 8” intake filter and another 6” customized secret jardin passive intake baffle . I’m going to run I think 8 in the flower tent in 3 gallon grow bags. Gonna be fun—-G pics are of two tallest so far sensistar on left sssc pinetown durban right (that might be the rare sativa pheno of sensistar)
  12. You might want to look into chilled grow lights chilled pucks v3. I have the v2 and just finished building frame etc.
  13. Life is different for everyone, I don’t have the luxury of time to cook dirt. Appreciate the info though, thanks
  14. I will never use roots organic again. All freaking wood and fungus gnats. That’s what got me in this mess
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