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  1. Griot

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    What durban is this?
  2. Griot

    Short winter grow

    What you mean you were wrong? Lol, damn couch lockers!
  3. Griot

    Short winter grow

    May I ask how the smoke was? High? Thank you
  4. Griot

    Short winter grow

    What is the smell coming off your durberella?
  5. Griot

    Short winter grow

    Fat cola!
  6. Griot

    Short winter grow

    That durberella is a fine specimen! From the looks of it that could turn out to be quite speedy lol.
  7. Griot

    Smoke report: Mexican Haze

    @smilestyle I tried to pm you
  8. Griot

    Old Grow Pics

    @Justcozz it worked really well but had to run a cooltube for heat control. Used 4” line and exhaust fan. Had plenty of headroom I just like midgets lol
  9. Griot

    Old Grow Pics

    A durban poison and a Santa Maria that came out of that 2 x 2 12/12 from seed
  10. Griot

    Old Grow Pics

    A little 2 x 2 cab with 7 midgets in it. 400 w hps. 12/12 from seed. Miss this
  11. Griot

    Paps 2018 run

    Yes yours and mine were f1’s so in theory the same phenos are possibly found in future gens.
  12. Griot

    Paps 2018 run

    @Papalag the grape earth you have going looks to be Heri/romulan dominate. I don’t see any of the blueberry traits in them. Hard to tell looking on my phone but the one I grew had that extended tip on the leaves that is telltale for blueberry. Mine was a real powerhouse and if too much was taken it would literally paralyze me lol. Great thread buddy——G ps a couple pics of the one I had
  13. Griot

    Black Afghani Smoke Report

    Welcome good sir i have to say those look very familiar lol welcome to opengrow
  14. Griot

    Colombian Gold 1972 Question

    Veg them until they are mature then take cuttings. After cuttings root, pop them in to 12/12. This helps with the height issues and helps with them reaching their potential. Personal preference but I like bonsai anyhow. —G—
  15. That c99/Santa Maria from me?

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    2. gardenartus


      I have been curious as well how you been doing :)

    3. shiskaberry savior

      shiskaberry savior

      Doing good gardenartus thanks for asking 

    4. shiskaberry savior

      shiskaberry savior

      Griot sent you a email