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  1. What up beach bud! Think it’s time you treat us with some more wonderful pic of your beautiful garden take it easy!
  2. Yes sir! I used to do wet trim but now I switch to dry trimming. Love it! And im not picky on the trimming job so leafs with lots of cristal get to stay on the buds. Now it takes me a FRACTION of the time it use to take with wet trimming. also appreciate that I can dry them at slower paste so smoother weed winwin!
  3. That was far from the biggest bud on it I shall post a group pic later
  4. Whats up guys! Strawberry blues was chop yesterday couple days shy from 11 weeks flowering hammerhead is the only one still standing In the tent looks like bubba kush x lemonthai male that came all over the room unexpectedly made more “damage” than expected oh well looks like I ll have a LOT of beans. Im not sur how mature these will come out cause the polination was done late in flower. I pull one out yesterday out of curiosity and to my surprise it came out dark enough that im confident that some of them will germinate on some lower bud we got a couple of beans from silverfields f2male those are fully mature strawberry blues yesterday
  5. Good morning everyone killaqueenxbluehammer was chopchop on friday tiny blushaze and tiny sanfune was also cut to be hanged up not much yield there but i dont really care. Cause the couple beans that they are pregnant with is what gets me excited
  6. lol apparently if you piss near your crop that will keep those groundhogs away. A biologist friend told me how often you might ask? once a month should do it to keep them abroad
  7. Man I wish I had an outdoor spot. Would be lovely to grow trees where im located the climate only allows strain that flower within 7- 8.5 ( big max 9) weeks flowering strains.... not 100% sure but I think today is the last day killaqueen x bluhammer will live she shall dry and be destroyed with Many small, very localized fires have a good day guys!
  8. I hear you! Got to come with a plan for these little fuckers too.... amazing how they destroy months of groing in seconds... you said it right BASTARDS take it easy
  9. Killaqueen x bluehammer will get chopped very shortly she is getting to look and smell prettttty good
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