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  1. Some pics of the big tent yesterday before a massive defoliation and uncovering that sifiblaze back right is a dude after all. Hes been chopped now a peak at the veg tent and a little look at a nice chucky f3 male
  2. actually led do create less heat that hid but still some. I've heard ideal temps for led is 25 that would save you a lot of money in the long run keeping in mind the cost to operate vs much less cooling. led is the future of growing indoors
  3. Really impressed with my new led units the closet is the first to be put in flower with those led and its surprising how fast the flowers swell and the quantity of crystals that are stacking at an impressive rhythm. Im in the 5th week of 12/12, you truly see a daily evolution would highly recommend them to people wondering if its worth the jump from hid to led.... IT IS
  4. Lol now you can officially say you smoked a whole plant in a day!
  5. 4 weeks since timer switched to 12/12 left sifixboudicaXhum kush and right honey badger haze. Closet about 4x2 and 7 high cheers
  6. What’ Up guys @BeachBud look at your babies brother ipax huck take it easy
  7. Little update on the closet grow left a bit more advanced sifixboudicaX hum kush and right honey badger haze went a bit heavy on defoliation last week but im sure all will be just fine! Take it easy guys!
  8. Why do you call your lovely plants pigs lol
  9. no offence to hyrdo but seeing that kind of room and that kind of power really makes me dream of what that would look with organic soil under these girls!!!
  10. What’s up guys 2 front are chucky’s bride f3 and 2 back are sifiblaze 4 females The closet grow left sifixboudica x hum kush and right is honey badger haze. Been switched to 12/12 18 days ago. Still stretching starting to show small flowers and a little look at the veg tent ( big right one is unsexed sifiblaze) Take it easy my friends!!
  11. Little update on the closet left silverfields x boudica x hum kush and right honey badger haze one week since turned the clock to 12/12 take it easy!
  12. Good to get news I was wondering!
  13. Closet grow finally installed not finished but almost there put the silverfields x boudica x humboltd kush and honey badger haze in there! Turning the xlock to 12/12 today hope you guys are having a good day!
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