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  1. That is not good, got a big nice bush of silverfieldsx boudica x hum kush I was gonna put in flower but the fucker is now showing some balls.. im tempted to put it in flower anyways but I know I would regret down the line so no choice. Lets get the fiskars and take care of that shemale Confirmed females back left silverfields x boudica X humboltd kush and front right is honeybadgerhaze
  2. well that is unlucky, last round 6 out of 6 males for the silverfileds. this round out of 8 silverfieldsxboudica x humboldt kush I poped 6 were either dudes or hermi. I have one that is a female for sure and one that im unsure of for now. got 3 young seedlings of chuckys bride f3 and 3 sifiblaze starting hopefully i'm a little luckier on the female ratio. got a whole bunch of mix seeds starting to germinate now. won't get caught again! lol enjoy your day guys!
  3. Lol better late then never. I got those f2 gifted ages ago and gifted some to beachbud. From your pics looks like he did a great job. (The f2 were made with a stud of a male!!) those f2 are all long gone Thank you for making it to f3! @BeachBud got 6 of those chucky’s f3 sprouting and excited to see what comes of it happy new year to everyone!!
  4. thank you sir! I have no doubt I changed for the best! In summer temperatures were less then ideal... and they say 2 of those replaces a 1000 watts hps so big upgrade for me from the 600 hps.. not to turn my back on hps because it's been good to me for many years but I was fed up of cooking my tops. less energy consumption and much less heat. the color is really cool when working with growglasses you truly see the real colors, what a change!! ok now for the scary part, yes they are freaking expensive! 910 CAD $ or 700 usd$ per unit.they are called es300 by the greensunshine company. I know I'm a bit crazy. but growing is a hobby and a passion so gotta treat yourself! plug and play with nice dimmer to adjust to your needs at all stages as a matter of fact I'm so crazy I bought a 3rd unit to convert a 4x2 closet I got doing nothing can't wait to see what they do in flower!!! thank you for stopping in!
  5. I must admit , not even in flower yet and I can say im impressed with my new led units. 50%draw only at 30 inches from the top of thr plants. The big ones been topped once and are 5 weeks old from sprouting
  6. The 2 last silverfields are now in jars and starting to cure. The front right gave me 2 and a half jars while the long sativa beast harvest a nice 7 full jars of nice buds my christmas gift from myself is now installed and running!!! merry Christmas my friends!!!
  7. to answer your question on when to flip. It all depends on the headroom you have to move your light, and also the space between light and the plants. keep in mind you want to keep a certain distance between your plants and light at all time. Now taking all of this into consideration, your plants will double or triple in size when you induce 12/12. sugarpunch is an explosive one good luck!
  8. Lol it’s basil I like to smoke but also like to eat
  9. You rubbed your plant from all his solar captors
  10. 8 (silverfieldsx boudica )X humboldt kush plus 1 and a half honeybadger haze lol( one week younger then the others) in the veg tent
  11. Whats up guys the 2 last silverfields finally came down yesterday
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