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  1. Day 50 of veg! damn that is a slow grower
  2. Heat mats really been a game changer for my germinating rates
  3. Pas beaucoup de personne vont te comprendre ici
  4. Silverfields coming along nicely smelling sweeeeet
  5. Don’t forget to change your t5 tubes or any bulbs once in a while!!! 4 days away to find these little guys. All silverfields from same batch one side is a recent t5 the other a 5 year old one Take it easy!!
  6. Good morning guys! things are starting to get smelly in there! The 3 silverfields are gaining mass very fast and far from been done! a polinated bud enjoy your day
  7. Lol im not sure. Forgot to take note of when I switched around 5 now I think
  8. Little update on the 3 silverfields Some lower buds been pollinated
  9. if I remember correctly (sorry I smoke a lot lol) about 9.5 weeks she had strond diesel smell. Paralyzing high it is so strong. Not my favorite high nor my favorite taste/smell silverfields is more like it for me!
  10. https://www.opengrow.com/uploads/gallery/album_4518/gallery_8972_4518_1109795.jpg like that one for example crazy strong
  11. Believe me there are some crazy strong sugarpunch phenos! Too strong at times lol
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