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  1. Not so lucky this time lemon kush project seed @douglasfurtrapper Turned out to be a hermi (on the left, right is silverfields) and in the small tent a nice smelling sanfune f2 male(back left) @santero and also in small tent 2 huckleberry kush f2 male @BeachBud take it easy guys!
  2. Harvest time left killaqueenxbluehammerX silverfields and right ipa x huck @BeachBud thank you brother!!
  3. Yes the plants get stressed from the led lights. It is so severe with those viparspectra it “bleached” the leafs after a while plus from bringing plants from the balcony to inside and back and forward, gardener probably brought spider mites in unintentionally unfortunately.
  4. Wish I could isolate too... been working overtime 6 days a week since this crap started... looking forward to getting a break. Even the grows been quite neglected
  5. That is a nice light you got yourself congrats!
  6. killaqueenxblhammerXsilverfields has been in 12/12 for 7 weeks and ipa x huck has been in 12/12 for 6 weeks
  7. Ipa x huck is starting to have nice buds Getting fatter by the day have good weekend everyone!
  8. Agreed! not to long left looking delicious
  9. Left is killaqueen x bluehammer X silverfields and right is ipa x huck
  10. See your plants did not like being called pigs better luck on your next grow
  11. Back left onyx fire, back right huck x destar f2 front left spiderbite and front right sanfune x silverfields
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