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  1. What a busy life! It is off to a new round! in the big tent got 3 silverfields females and one studd of a male transplanted everyone a week ago and installed the net over them 2 days ago. Gave them a nice organic tea yesterday and they sure seem to appreciate it! Pics to come shortly take it easy friends!!
  2. The day the bubbalemons and (front right) blushaze got chop unfortunately some spidermites made their way in the tent . Daily vaccum of the tip of thebranches got the number down dramatically had to clean eveyrhing from a to z and now im ready again to rock and roll in the “veg” tent im doing a round of flowering. Too curious to see how just with leds would turn out. Got a jc haze scrogging in there with an onyx fire and a bubbalemon clone. No pics for now to come soon for the big tent we got some silverfields on the way!
  3. Organic power! Feeding the soil life should be our priority why complicate things?
  4. By the looks of it, i did not want to say anything but yes that ttf seem to be producing a butload of leafs in the buds
  5. Time to upgrade to these samsung led bars
  6. Ish once it happens that would make me nervous to run that light
  7. Do you know what light you want to get?
  8. the 3 bubbalemon and blueshaze are now all hanging to dry, smelling delicious and looking very crystally good sadly uncovered what you don't want to see............especially at harvest times. f***ing spidermites. happy f***ing birthday to me lol... oh well could be worse roll with the punches!
  9. Confirmed females Jc haze Onyx fire
  10. Any news on how that grow finished
  11. 30-40 amber don't let her go too long or you will get the sleepy buds!
  12. End of week 9 flowering for the 3 bubbalemon and the blueshaze. I though for sure by now they would be done but the buds are still building up and about 5-10% amber trichs so far so I will wait a bit more.. Just a reminder that you can't only harvest by time frame, got to listen what the plant is telling you. Isnt it a privilege to be a grower pics to come shortly
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