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    music,guitar,nature in general,fishing,hunting,snowboard,good home grown organic weed :D relax outside and enjoy life with my Girl. I love beer and would love to brew some one day.

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  1. oldschoolsg

    Oldschoolsg's Garden

    Little update of the flower tent down left then clockwise : strawberry blues, hammerhead, sanfune f2, blueshaze,killaqueen x bluehammer without then with flash cheers
  2. oldschoolsg

    Oldschoolsg's Garden

    Bubbalemon couple males couple females will wait to confirm 100%
  3. oldschoolsg

    Growing Just Cozz

    I think scrog is a smart approach looking good my friend!!
  4. oldschoolsg

    2019 octopot first run

    May the force be with you
  5. oldschoolsg

    Trapper's corner

    Wow beautiful plant!
  6. oldschoolsg

    Beach's Backroom

    Enjoy your hk my friend!!! take it easy!
  7. oldschoolsg

    Trapper's corner

    Hope you have good sheers looks like you’re gonna be busy!!
  8. oldschoolsg

    The Dog House Beer, Pizza, and Pot Emporium

    Hmmmm beer
  9. oldschoolsg

    Oldschoolsg's Garden

    Hey guys The new round is on its way! The girls were spreaded under the net. The long veg is paying off as the screen is already almost full. They have been switch to 12/12 on march 11 th. So its been 9 days already Strawberry blues hammerhead sanfune f2 clone blueshaze clone killaqueen x bluehammer the crew just chillin cheers guys have a great day! happy growing!!!!!!
  10. oldschoolsg

    DJS Newberry

    That hawaiian also got my attention wish i had her in my garden cheers
  11. oldschoolsg

    DJS Newberry

    Awesome tread! Thank you for sharing!
  12. oldschoolsg

    Oldschoolsg's Garden

    What’s up guys sanfune was harvested yesterday and is now in jars hmmmm yummy sooooo good. Smells and tastes soo good just like i remembered her had to buy some herb to get by for couple of weeks now. There is no question quality is 10000% better with good organic home grown with love cannabis taste and effects are not even comparable!! the new round is now on its way! Blueshaze is almost ready will have to make sure there is enough jars around the house lol thats a good problem
  13. oldschoolsg

    Drum roll, please...

    Yep sativa dom for the win!!!!! The only place I find a indica adequate is RIGHT before bed other wise just not as exciting than a good sativa dom have a good week end guys!
  14. oldschoolsg


    Couple months of veg would be great cheers! Take it easy buddy
  15. oldschoolsg


    What a smartass this misterdirt but thank you for the compliment lol. veg her for loooooooong time