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    music,guitar,nature in general,fishing,hunting,snowboard,good home grown organic weed :D relax outside and enjoy life with my Girl. I love beer and would love to brew some one day.

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  1. The little ones today sifiblaze male getting chopped right now
  2. Man that is loooooot of weed
  3. You must be looking forward to put that hps up... I know I would
  4. Hey justcozz are you planing a run after that one or taking a break?
  5. All sounds excellent brother
  6. @gardenartus you never got interested in starting your own growreport so we see how you roll?
  7. Yes leafs were pretty wide but the smell seemed lemon all the way. Great vigor and awesome smells (better than some ladies hihi) it was a nice studd i would say pretty balanced but def had some lemon in him out of the 3 females found one that seem to produce much bigger than the others. One of them has much smaller buds but the frosting is intense(bubbaleaning) The third one seems like a balanced bubbalemon but producing much smaller buds than the big girl. they all got hit but im especially curious with the f2 from the big girl @santero you are the man!!!
  8. Lol I knew my stoner ass was forgetting something! Dope!!
  9. That sounds like the best way to introduce pest to your indoor setup... I would strongly suggest not to go down that road unless you like headaches
  10. man good thing you didn't wait any longer to flip to 12/12!!!
  11. Well damn... that beautiful great smelling sifi blaze is a dude not sure If I should get some pollen from him or let go and eventually pop a bunch of those and select the strongest male... hmmm decisions decisions..
  12. Did not fish once this year I feel so ashamed
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