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  1. Off to a new round got 3 silverfields x sannies jack in the tent and 2 sifiblaze in the closet. Thanks to @Justcozz for all of these have a good day guys
  2. I know switching everything is probably not an option but leds make for much denser buds than hps. If all the lower stuff is remove there is no larf my experience from switching from hps to leds
  3. All chopped except left silverfields f2 from tall girl and bluecookies x snowqueen right That makes 11 week for silverfields and bluecookiex snowqueen is on her 10 th week in flower
  4. On the tall silverfields f2 in the closet I had to break some necks for height reasons in the beginning of flower. It is quite interesting to see that the buds from bent/“broken” branches ended up 200-250% bigger than the others. heard in the past about the benefit of it but seeing first hand now im a believer lol have a good week end guys!
  5. What’s up guys starting to look and smell like fall in there bluecookies x snowqueen silverfields f2 honeybadgerhaze x bubbalemon honeybadgerhaze x silverfields closet left silverfields f2 from tall girl and right another bluecookies x snowqueen take it easy my friends!
  6. Not his first yes it is known that flowers shape faster with leds
  7. Congrats my friend looks excellent! Enjoy the fruit of your labor! your hammerhead x silverfields actually looks a lot like her hammerhead mama in structure
  8. Yep definitely how to not do it!
  9. Welcome aboard couldn’t agree more about veggie and Cannabis heirloom being so important and neglected sounds like we think a lot alike and very interested in the same strains!
  10. Nice! Make seeds if you can those are expensive as f***
  11. Use em if you got them ! Tried to germ my old original hammerhead too old
  12. Hello gardener hope you are doing well and your grow is not too challenging these days take care
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