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  1. If he needs more testers im down 130 watts led is plenty to give 2x4 a nice veg! Good luck!
  2. Anything is better than nothing! An exhaust fan is a must at all stages in a tent.. humidity on the walls like you say is no good news.. Focus on humidity and temps and your plants will thank you
  3. Those are some sad looking plants.. Maybe it will be better for you to start everything over if growing is still something you want to try again Lots of learning from our mistakes! Good luck
  4. Transparent cups are not recommended as roots are sensitive to light.
  5. 4 silverfields x sannies jack 6 weeks done in 12/12
  6. Congrats on your new set up day and night from before
  7. 4 sannies jack x silverfields
  8. Silverfields x sannies jack thanks to @Justcozz for the beans switched to 12/12 a month ago After that picture some light defoliation was done and the higher branches got bent
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