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  1. Happy Belated Birthday!!!

  2. It is best if you are able to have a sub panel in your grow room. It saves from running numerous individual circuits from your main panel.
  3. Have your electrician take a look at what you have and tell him what your plans are. Tell him to write down what he proposes to do and what equipment he plans to use to accomplish it. Then bring it back here and then we can better discuss what your alternatives are. It would be nice to see some pictures of what you have now.
  4. IMPO I wouldn't even use any peat if someone loaded it up for me for free and mixed it in the dirt for me. That is my opinion of it.
  5. I kept this open so SPW could have his say since he has been accused of something that personally I had never seen in him and since The Joker has added a little bit more of his sharp tongue to a subject. I will give you credit Joker you did realize when your patients were up and that it was time to retire. Thread Closed
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