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  1. somebody already said Chubba Kush, but i like that short, just Chubba... i can already hear it "pass me that chubba!" :-)
  2. bon

    FAO Casey Jones

    Yeh Casey Jones is pretty good. Had a nice pheno a couple years ago. plant pics: Good yielder, very nice taste but she's not the most potent one... Cheers!
  3. bon

    THC Farmer

    All of my orders worked out great at thcfarmer.com, no problem...
  4. bon

    KO Kush

    in my experience, the smaller yielding pheno's of the F1 were the best pheno's.... Just give them more grow time and you'll be ok... They have pretty short flowering times, so you can easily spend the saved time in grow. cheers
  5. that third pic is amazing! thats gonna be a huuuuge cola
  6. another round of my selected OG Kush BX1 pheno, nice and kushy cheers
  7. bon

    OG & Bubba

  8. bon

    The Mask

    whow, amazing trich production! cheers
  9. man, take it easy, evryone makes mistakes, sannie will clear that up for you... no need to take out the dirtys...
  10. looking good, looking good! That purple KO will be the bomb, i also had a puple pheno and that was the best one! Don't worry too much about the nanners, just pick 'em and you'll be good... i need to do another KO run Oh and are these the F2's? cheers!
  11. Very nice, the killing kush and star kush sound very good. I think i'll have to give those a try
  12. hey island420, good to hear i inspired you with the KO pics! It's an incredible strain, i really loved growing and smoking her. I'll keep on promoting the KO as much as i can In my experience the KO Kush can easily compete with the Bubba BX1 and OG BX1 if u need a good stone weed. The LA Confidential i grew was a little less potent but the taste was much better... Mind you, i'm comparing the BX1 seeds, not the clones! Cheers and thanks for dropping by!
  13. @tojocam: Thanks! @sannie: Thanks mate,! @JohnLocke: Thanks, i'm indeed a happy hippie gheghe, although this round wasn't my best one, lots of electricity problems and i used new very warm soil, which was hard to flush. Also these OG's are stretchy bitches, you can't imagine. So the buds were too close to the lamp... And i think that effected the taste... @Gargamel: Cheers buddy! Update, some dried shots: The first one: The second one: And some bubba: I'm doing a second run with clones from the first og, gonna see if i get it better this time! cheers everybody and thanks for dropping by
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