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  1. 14 hours dumping and in excess of 2000 pictures wiped I give you.
  2. Sorry to dump the thread esko, needs must. A picture paints a thousand words
  3. Indican USED to be a mod, some here dont trust him either. Anyone remember El Tiberon? Naming names is grassing in many of our books. The drama is always around indican. As for mob mentality many of us who have been members in many guises and names have witnessed it. Santero is far from blameless and Ive no wish to defend his back stabbing. This place is far from the OG it was at one time and indican has a lot to do with that. Im going to start dismantling my account here and wish those that matter or those that have helped me a big thank you.
  4. ken erbis

    God Bud Fem

  5. eh bibini, the obroni is all good madase pah.They are fat girls for sure. Im just about to start trimming, should be done by the morning
  6. Cheers Mr Goodfellow, as I say the futures unwritten so will see how things pan out. These girls are all at day 57 12/12. Unfortunately or more appropriately fortunately I noticed botrytis developing on the big chocolate rain girl. This is one of the benefits of running a diary and photographing them weekly, things dont develop without going unnoticed. I will chop her tonight. I was going for a 10 oz dried plant with that one, will be interesting to see if I came close. I have managed to get an extra week to grow these so they will all get chopped on 25/26th march and have 1 week to dry. That will mean they all will get 10 weeks 12/12. Maury P Maury P Pineapple diesel Chocolate rain Chocolate rain, big girl
  7. unless your growing under a candle I would have said for 5 weeks flower they are well behind and it doesnt look like its down to your growing skills..
  8. Many thanks, now Ive seen the conversion chart Im a lot less hesitant. Decarb it is.
  9. Thanks very much to both of you. Maury P pron
  10. ken erbis

    Diary Dates

    Riri, Iru
  11. no room at the inn there Barny, full to the brim. Lovely
  12. Just had some good advice elsewhere to decarb at 110 degrees for 110 minutes which equates to what you said Gardenartus so big thanks to you and chew.
  13. Cheers Gardenartus, heres where Im at so far. The return from 14g of weed was about 3g so Im guessing the weeds pretty potent, that was just the popcorn at the bottom of the plants. I have got it into a ball and put it in the freezer to drive off more of the iso. I tasted a bit and its like a super concentrated weed taste. I have added a shallow wash of iso to the glass dish to clean the last out. I wont be putting it in capsules, he wants to just eat it, so no need to make it more fluid. I may try decarbing in an oven but my instinct is screaming at me dont do it. I will sleep on that one. Gardenartus, do you think if I rosin pressed this would it decarb it too?
  14. Big thanks Chew for popping in Thanks both, Ive now evaporated most of the iso off. It does resemble more a hash run than an oil run but it maybe it was because I used immature popcorn buds. Thank especially Gardenatus, I will scrape this goo up and stick it in the freezer. As for decarbing I dint. I dehydrated at 70 degrees. Is there a way to retro decarb? Anyways this is the goo so far. I figure is a pale colour due to the immature trichomes.
  15. Cheers madmaster420, I put it in a food dehydrator and then into the freezer this morning. I used a 100% pharmaceutical grade iso wash and just evaporating that off now. Its looking a bit green, which I expected but should be fine. I also gave him some buds so he can try the rosin method for quick extraction.Thanks
  16. Hi all, quick question. Is it ok to use freshly cut bud, undried to make oil?
  17. Full frontals this week. Unfortunately real life has intervened with this grow. I have 3 weeks exactly to get this grow finished, dried and the growroom broken down and everything stashed. This also means the drizella x MsUniverse and the boudicas are soon to be worm food. Not ideal but when life gives you lemons extract the juices and brew an alcoholic concoction. This may be my last ever grow or it may just be my I will be reestablished in a year or so.The future is unwritten. Maury P Pineapple diesel Choc rain
  18. Cheers both. I think the pineapple diesel is just about to show its sativa foxtails. The other drizella x MsUniverse has shown its preflower sex. Again on first look it may have been either but moving to the other side of the stem shows female. Just goes to show its best to wait before making snap decisions on possible males. One side Other side
  19. Maury P Chocolate Rain
  20. DAY 50 12/12 bud shots Pineapple diesel Maury P
  21. One of the Drizella x MsUniverse has shown preflower sex. Initially I thought it may have been a male but closer inspection shows female. This plant will be completely topped to provide an vigorous little cutting. The second plant has not yet shown any indications of sex. Going by the generalisation that males show first my money would be on it eventually sexing as a female.
  22. Cheers Papalag. I know what you mean with heat issues. Come summer time I will switch down the hps to 400w and probably put my bigger LED in there. When I was using a tent the LEDs made a 5 degree difference. Too many words, more pictures.
  23. Hi again Mr Goodfellow. I find the t5s great for vegging and I remember a member called Tortsi who slung in some red t5s and used to flower under them with great results. I find adding the LEDs ramps up trichome production which is why I use 1 for complimentary lighting. If I had to choose just one type I would pick HPS as you can veg, flower with great results. I find LED on their own just doesnt cut the mustard.
  24. Hi Mr Goodfellow I use t5s in veg. In flower I use a mix of hps and led
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