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  1. http://fshs.org/proc...122/253-257.pdf Read ^^ Swirskii Mites (and cucumeris) Natural predators...They work, especially in small grow areas. I have personally seen them eradicate severe broad mite infestations in numerous greenhouse situations, with everything from cannabis to citrus trees to vegetables.. Get them in during veg and you will have a successful harvest, if plants are already flowering its too late. You can purchase them in slow release packets that hang on the plants, and last 4-6 weeks. Worth every penny if you are dealing with broad mites. Don't use poison, please people
  2. Buddy of mine ran a few of Flash Seeds super autos(100-130 day), they were absolutely massive and very nice all around. Ive ran a bunch of different Sweet Seeds autos, and every one was exceptional in my humble opinion. Im a believer
  3. I got kicked out of a Fred Meyer grocery store last week because I was walking around blatently eating a bag of those Maui Sweet Onion potato chips(those things are amazing but they are like $5 a fn bag!). When the dude from the store asked me if I was going to pay for them, I told him fuck no and just put them back on the shelf. Security wasnt amused...I was very amused and high as a kite
  4. Thanks Ran The back of the property is basically a wind tunnel, so it looked like a tornado ripped through when it was all said and done. It was a sad scene to say the least. I really hope yours stood up to the wind, it was 50+ mph in my area not too far from Renton
  5. Good to see you back Ran. The huge old tree in my back yard came down during the storm the other day. It destroyed everything back there, hoophouse, garden beds, deck and part of the roof. I lost all but one small plant. My heart basically stopped beating when I ran out to see what happened, total devastation.. Im just thankful it didnt land on top of my bedroom, it only missed it by a couple feet. Mother nature kicked my ass
  6. Real quick snap of the beauty queen in the garden
  7. Lavender x Amnesia Haze
  8. https://www.opengrow...59493-img-6496/ Hope everyone is doing well, enjoy : )
  9. She smells like body odor and pink hubba bubba bubblegum atm, very odd yet intriguing combo. Gotcha Indi, she is a stout one, super thick stems
  10. Day Tripper Grapefruit Lemon Star
  11. Drizella x Caramel Cough on the left - Freshly Transplanted in 100+ gallons of soil She's was hiding in a 7 gallon tub in the corner of the yard most of the summer, decided she deserved a new home and this is what she got...
  12. Drizella x Caramel Cough from Indy on the left in 100+ Gallons of soil -Freshly Transplanted : ) shade girls Autos amongst the squash, strawberries, and tomatoes Back Porch Day Tripper - Tn Sweet Skunk x Caramelo Grapefruit Lemon Star Sunflower Mt Rainier last week
  13. Thanks Shoeless! I just point and click the camera : )
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