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  1. Well hello all, I have successfully cut and cured all the girls with out to much problem, i took half, then 5 days later took the other half, i should have started about one week earlier than i did. The reason being i like an up high and the first half are a little couch locky as for the second and final cut well wow i couldn't move. In my opinion that is bed time stuff..... To all who gave me all the wonderful info thank you all very much couldn't have done it with out you.. Thanks again.........jjg
  2. Well i made it back!! Dragon, tnks for the info on my last grow witch was the very first, i had a problem with my nuggs drying out but dealt with it thinking that adding any moisture would cause mold or a shitty taste. Big V tnks bro the info is always welcome here, i think this is what i will try this go round. Keep em coming, jjg
  3. Hello all, sorry it has taken me so long to reply. It is working my ass off having three stages of grows going on at one time but i believe it will pay off to have different smoke so that i don't get use to one strain rendering it ineffective. But any way thanks wpw for all the help, joker and big v thank you as well all this info will defanitly help in the what seem like endless process, but i took it on and by the horns i will grab it... P.s. Id like to know more about the curing process maybe you guys could help with that. Thanks again jjg
  4. Hello all, from the deep south. Well this is a question that i had asked in chat last night, i got some great answers and thought that posting it and reciving the answers would benefit all the newbies like myself. So here goes, i know that finishing is very much strain spacific, but i was wondering what all you fellow growers look for when your getting ready to chop and dry. My grow is weiard because the strain i am growing does not have a hole lot of tricomes, and i know to watch the advertised finish time but your input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, jjg.............

    I Love Msg

    WTF over.....yep its you bro...............a baby in a fucking pot ...wow maybe there is something wrong with the rest of us........?
  6. That was cool as hell, i wish that was possible. You tube rocks, see you all...............jjg
  7. Way to go sannie, they look great. Plant bondage i love it, i tied my bitches down a week ago. Keep up the great work!! Ps: How long do you veg for? and what light cycle ?

    My Very First Dro Grow !

    Hey Bro looks awesome!!!!!! You should look at my buddy's shamans thread she is kookoo for hydro... nice pics.........jjg


    Holy crap, dude i never knew this guy even existed..... Thank You sir i think this will help..........no to b an ass but is there proof that this guy is legit. Tnks...jjg
  10. Big V, No im not tom mabe but i heard it thereon his show, and when this asshole telemarketer called i put it into motion. You know it helps you b an ass when you dont have to think about what you r going to say.....lol PS I hope the above was not for me,if so,just thought it would give everyone a kick,didnt mean to piss you off.......... Tnks for the look anyway.....jjg
  11. Wow, Thanks Bro I thank you for your time, that should make for bigger and better buds, for i am in flower about 2-3 weeks now... thank god i dont have to use a bigger resv than a 5 5 gal is just what i was hoping for... The big prob you cleared up for me was the time i witch to set the timer..duhh...should have figured that one.... Didnt mean to rush you on this i just needed to get on it soon if i was going to make these babys buff once again tnks bro....jjg
  12. I agree with all of guys. The thing that chaps my ass is damn telemarketers, how could you in your right mind have a fucking job like that, constantly pestering people you dont fuckin have any idea who they are. All of them should be shot, in the face. But ill tell you a little story that will make you shit yourself,This story starts out when this asshole who i had asked not to cal,put me on you do not call list like four million fucking times calls on an afternoon when my day was in the shit can already. So my blood pressure was at like 400 and blood was coming out my fucking nose, i managed to keep it cool and fuck with this guy thiis how the conversation went...... asshole: Hello is ........ there(he always says my name wrong) Me:Who is this? Asshole:This is mark from the news paper to see.....(gets cut off by me) Me:Well mark let me ask you a question,did you know Mr. Doe? (for my safety) (im saying my own name as if it was not me Asshole:No Me: Are you sure? Asshole:Yes im sure Y Me:Well mark you have just called a crime seine,now my name is Sgt.Hurst and Mr.Doe was murdered last night... Me:IN THE BACKGROUND: Yall better get some finger prints off the door thats where they came in... asshole: MUMBLING UNDER HIS BREATH: O my god... Asshole:Well im sorry ill callback later... Me: O no mark you need to stay on the line for me I've got a few more questions.... Me:Now mark hoe long have you known Mr Doe? Asshole:just trying to explain himself... Me: Now mark,you and i both know that isnt the truth, your the only one who has called! Asshole:but,but,but, Me:Well let me ask you this where r u? Asshole:Uhh im at work. Me: Ok smart ass, say i was to Mail a letter to your ass, what would i put on it so it came strait to your ass? Asshole:Um 2345 w q street Canis City... Me:CALLING TO THE BACK GROUND:Someone get the Canis City Police Dept on the phone, tell them to pick up a one Mark Hurn tell them his is a person of interest in a homicide.... Asshole What i didnt, I didnt do,O my god, am i in some kinda trouble here? Me: O dont worry bout that, just got to cross the t's k... Asshole:O my god, O my god.... Me:Ok mark, now as you know Mr.Doe was a flaming homosexual... Asshole:What? Me: Now i know that its your business what you do but, where you Mr.Doe's lover? Asshole:What? no. Im not.....hold on this is ridiculous...... Me:Now did you two have a fight, maybe he was doing someone else and you caught em.... Asshole: No i di..........dile tone One up for the stoner's that will teach em to screw with me.... Hope you all got a laugh............jjg
  13. Haha, seems i met the person who brought me here at the hydro shop or garden supply.....lol Anyway good to have ya, so kick off you shoes and relax stay awhile. If ya need anything gimme a shout...............jjg
  14. JJGROW

    Hello All

    Well i hope that they do recover, i hate to see any grow in distress. Looking forward to the rest of your grow if i can do anything to help just give me a shout Happy growing......................jjg PS sorry your laws suck worse than ours............lol..down with the man
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